Sols RNG Celestial Aura Guide – Let Me Roll Among The Stars!

Ready to make the stars your destination? Then dive into our Sols RNG Celestial Aura guide for some truly stellar tips.

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The Auras of Sols RNG come in many shapes and sizes, with some truly out-there creations at the higher rarities. That said, they don’t come much more out-there than Celestial: a Sols RNG Aura that lets you swaddle yourself in the stars themselves.

Sols RNG is a gacha game on the Roblox platform. It represents a gacha in its purest form, with no real gameplay loop beyond rolling for ever-rarer Auras. Despite this simplicity, it remains a maddeningly compelling experience. In this guide, we’ll go over the coveted Celestial Aura, and how you can become the talk of the server by claiming one as your own.

You can check out Sols RNG for yourself on Roblox right now. If you want to uncover more of the game’s mysteries, our Sols RNG Starfall guide and Sols RNG Quests guide have you covered.

Sols RNG Celestial Aura Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover what the Celestial Aura is, and a strategy you can use to get one for yourself.

What Is The Celestial Aura?

Celestial is a rare Aura in Sols RNG. It was created by Jaxelos, or Jax, one of the game’s Developers. Visually, it adds a large halo of light round your character’s head, with two curving arcs of light on either side that run up to smaller halos up above.

It’s certainly striking, particularly at night. While you have this Aura equipped, the song ‘Cycle to the Stars’ will play in the background. Outside of its aesthetic beauty, Celestial has no other gameplay functionality, and is not required to craft any Items or complete any Quests at present.

How Can I Get The Celestial Aura?

As with the majority of Auras in Sols RNG, you can get Celestial simply by rolling for it. You have a 1 in 350,000 chance of rolling Celestial at a base level. While some Auras have higher chances of appearing at certain times of day, or in certain Biomes, Celestial’s roll chance remains consistent regardless of outside conditions.

This means that the only way to increase your chances of grabbing Celestial is to boost your Luck. There are a few ways you can go about doing this:

  • Use A Lucky Potion – You can find these lying on the ground at random intervals. When used, they increase your Luck by 100% for 60 seconds.
  • Equip The Luck Glove – This is an Item you can craft at Jake’s Workshop. When equipped, it increases your Luck by 25%.
  • Complete The Platforming Challenge – At the edge of the map, you’ll find a short platforming section leading up to a green light on an island. If you complete this, and touch the green light, you’ll receive a buff called Basic Blessing. This increases your Luck by 30% for 60 seconds.

To maximise your chances of getting Celestial, you’ll want to stack all three of the above at once. This will increase your Luck by a sizeable 155%. If you can combine this with a Speed Potion, which lowers your roll cooldown and lets you get more rolls in before the buffs run out, you’ll raise your chances even higher.

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