Catlife: Bitlife Cat Game Ribbons Guide – How to Unlock Every Ribbon in the Game

By Harry Slater |

We’ve already covered all of the achievements that you can get in Catlife: Bitlife Cat Game, the new title in the Bitlife series. Now it’s time to look at the ribbons that you can unlock as you play the game. 

They’re a little different from the achievements, in that they don’t have specific totals when it comes to unlocking them. Instead you’re just going to have to keep playing until you receive them.

We’ve broken them down below – there are 23 in total – and shown you how you can get all of them. Come back next week for more guides to Catlife: Bitlife Cat Game. 

Every ribbon in Catlife: Bitlife Cat Game

  • Alley Cat – Live a long life on the streets
  • Alpha – Be a pack leader for life
  • Aristocat – Die in a really wealthy family
  • Bad Kitty – Spend a life getting reprimanded
  • Cat-astrophy – Die young and unfortunately
  • Fertile – Spawn a lot of offspring
  • Garfield – Live an idle life
  • Grimalkin – Live for a very long time
  • Hero – Save a life
  • Killer Cat – Be responsible for many deaths
  • Nomad – Live with many families
  • Omega – Pass a life without respect
  • Ordinary – Be completely ordinary
  • Purrfect – Live a happy and beloved life
  • Reject – Spend a life unwanted
  • Sewer Rat – Spend a lot of time in the sewer
  • Sheltered – Have several stints in the shelter
  • Sneaky – Be a true escape artist
  • Territorial – Set foot in many countries
  • Trickster – Be a trick master
  • Wandered – Roam many streets
  • Wasteful – Waste an opportunity at life
  • Wildcat – Have a lot of mates

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