Cate West – The Vanishing Files Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Cate West – The Vanishing Files.


  • Each chapter of the game is divided into 5 levels. You must complete all levels in order to advance in the game. The ending of the game depends on your score, so you need to make as many points as you can. Certain actions will earn you extra points while others will take away points.
  • Using hints can be costly, the more of them  you use in a level, the more it’s going to cost you. Clicking too many incorrect items will cost you 30 seconds off the clock each time.
  • You can earn "Speed Bonus" points by finding items from the list quickly.The only thing is that you must wait for an object to go into inventory before you can click on another item. When you click on several items consecutively  you will receive 200 bonus points for each one. Also time is a factor as well when it comes to earning bonuses, the less time you spend  on any given level, the higher your score will be.
  • In order to make the most points, it is better for you to wait and locate several items before clicking on any of them. I would never click on items as I found them, I would locate at least six items first and then click them in a row. That is an easy 1,000 extra points for doing so (you don’t get bonus points for clicking the first item).
  • If you do not use any hints  in a level you will automatically earn 1,000 bonus points, this applies to all levels except for the arrest the criminal section. In the arrest the criminal section you will earn 5,000 points if you guess the correct criminal on the first attempt. For each incorrect attempt that you make, you will earn less and less points.
  • In the hidden object part of the game if you need to use a hint, just click on it and it will show you where an item is. Typically a random item will pulsate from your list and the corresponding item will pulsate on the screen as well. If it’s the "Match both scenes" level a random picture will pulsate at the bottom and then the area that it belongs to will pulsate as well. You cannot use a hint in the "Arrest the Criminal" section.
  • In the find the evidence levels, you will have pictures of fragmented items that you must find on the screen. Make sure to look at the pictures carefully because all the pieces below will look just like that in the scene. Items will sometimes blend with items of the same color, others will be very faint so look closely.
  • My favorite section of this game is when you have to match both scenes.Take items from inventory and place them on either side of the page so that both sides are identical. Pay attention to where things are when you are playing the game in general because at times some of those items will be the same ones you will need to recreate later.
  • There is a section in which you need to read clues and figure out who the criminal is. Some clues may not make sense to you at first but if you think about it long enough they will. Do not always assume that when clues mention initials that those initials always pertain to the criminal’s name. The initials could be related to a business or some kind of group or association.
  • The sections in which you must find the differences between 2 pictures can be tricky. The differences can be quite subtle, It could be something as simple as an item having a different color. At times a pole can be slightly longer than the other. A number could be inverted or an item is facing left instead of right. Even the shadow of an item could be different, so do not take any possibilities for granted.
  • Some words can have a variety of meanings when looking for an item, others can be tricky. In one instance they asked for the  "opposite of win", the answer is lose but they put the word in between another one (CLOSED). At another time they asked for the word "OIL", it was in between the word "TOILET".

The following section is a walkthrough for all the levels in the game except for the "Find the Differences" section. In it you will find screenshots of all the "Find the Evidence" sections. A written section is provided for all the "Match both Scenes" sections and all The "Arrest the Criminal" levels.




  • Match both scenes.
  • Butterfly-Lower left side, on the small orange card that is on the typewriter.
  • Wrench-On the edge of the typewriter, by the keys.
  • Stopwatch-Right side, on the telephone dial.
  • Salt & pepper shakers-Top right side
  • Last butterfly-Right side, on the microscope.
  • Harmonica-Top of the typewriter, close to paper.
  • Wooden lion-Top left side.
  • Baseball-Right side, by the telephone.
  • Grapes-Top right side, on top of carrots.
  • Tarantula-Right side of typewriter, on the keys.
  • Steak-Left side, on the back of the chair.
  • Clarinet-Left side of the typewriter.

Chapter 1 "Initiation"

  • 1-2 Find the evidence: camera and shoes
  • 1-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Glasses/ brunette/ flowers/wings and bowling.
  • Answer: Tom Szacmicki  is 33 year old Gardener (flowers) who enjoys making model airplanes (wings). He won the New Haven bowling tournament 12 years ago.(bowling).
  • 1-5 match the scenes (file room)
  • Nail clipper-by the cabinet.
  • Red strip-On the wall behind the file cabinet.
  • Wrench-Far left side by papers
  • Black cup-Left side of file cabinet on the floor.
  • Tea pot-In the back
  • Compass-On the floor, bottom right.
  • Shrimp-On the lower file cabinet in the back.
  • Black piece ?- On the ground, by the shelves.
  • Tea bag-on top of the open file cabinet drawer.
  • Walking stick-On the back left side of the scene, leaning against shelves.
  • Small piece of paper-Lower cabinet that is on the right side.
  • Dog Tags- On the floor, right side.
  • Butterfly-Against the back wall.
  • Lock and key-On the open file cabinet drawer.
  • Crescent moon-On the top left side of the file cabinet in the back.
  • Red tape-On the ground, in front of the file cabinet in the back.

Chapter 2 "Western Dawn"

  • 2-2  Find the evidence: clock and butterflies
  • 2-4  Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Woman/ the number 19/ healthy/ animals and fire.
  • Answer: Ellen Jensens is a 25 years old veterinarian(animals) who lives on 19 S. Finney St.(19). She likes jogging, long walks on the beach (healthy) and camping(fire)
  • 2-5 match both scenes skeleton
  • Bow tie-Lower left side, on the skeleton’s neck.
  • Black and brown piece-Top left
  • Letter "N”-Left side, above skeleton’s head.
  • Starfish-Lower right side, on the skull.
  • Spark plug-On top of the skull.
  • Wooden figure-Top right side
  • Fire hydrant-On the large skeleton’s left arm.
  • Baseball glove-Against the back wall, behind the large skeleton.
  • Domino-By the left leg of the large skeleton.
  • Keyhole-Right side, on the large backbone along the back wall.
  • Red flowers-On the right leg of the large skeleton.
  • Pretzel-On the wall, behind the large skeleton.
  • Key-Inside the nose cavity of the skull.
  • Peanut-On the chest of the large skeleton.
  • Brass Key- On the stairwell, behind the large skeleton.
  • Number 1-Lower left side, on the chest of the small skeleton.

Chapter 3 "Contact"

  • 3-2 Find the evidence: tea pot and toy rocket.
  • 3-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Beard/worms/hat/papers/cards
  • Answer: Graham Segel is a poker player (cards) that is into gardening (worms). He previously worked as a copy machine salesman (papers).
  • Match both scenes
  • Gold pot-Lower left side.
  • Spatula-On the side of the desk, at the bottom.
  • Ring- Around the round silver bell on the floor, by desk.
  • Silver Spoon-On the desk, in between the 2 cups.
  • Baseball and glove-On the ground, by the desk.
  • Key-By the door.
  • Paper plane-On the back window.
  • Dice-On the floor, close to the desk.
  • Outlet-Under the left side of the desk.
  • Propeller-Top right side.
  • Maple leaf-Top right side of the wall.
  • Butterfly-On the side of the desk, on the word "Vegas"
  • Pig-Lower right side, on the wall, behind desk.
  • Corkscrew-Lower left side, on the ground.
  • Bullet-On the side of the desk, top left side.

Chapter 4 "In the name of the father"

  • 4-2 Find the evidence: gramophone and nutcrackers
  • 4-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Brunette/feather/someone in their 30’s/ tomatoes/coffee.
  • Answer:Sean Talbert is a 31 year old (in his thirties) Barista (coffee) who enjoys pasta (tomatoes)
  • 4-5 Match both scenes.
  • Coin-Top left side
  • Domino-Bottom left side.
  • Turtle-Lower right side, inside tank.
  • Pig-top right side.
  • Compass-Left side, in between the column and the tank.
  • Pencil-Lower right side, of the tank.
  • Pharaoh-Top left side.
  • Key-Top left side.
  • Stack of coins-Lower left side, inside tank.
  • Gold bowling trophy-Lower left side, inside tank.
  • Backbone-Lower left side,on the column.
  • Sand dollar-At the top.
  • Folded dollar bill-Lower right side.
  • Siren-Lower left side, inside tank.
  • Apple-Left side, top  of the column.
  • Dog bone-Top right side.

Chapter 5 "The Gates of Paradise"

  • 5-2 Find the evidence: gun and postcard
  • 5-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues:Someone with a scar/rocks/saw/ needles and the initials H.S.
  • Answer: Hector Silas is a lumberjack (saw) likes drinking getting tattoos(needles) has more than 30 so far and has many scars on his face.
  • 5-5 match both scenes
  • Letter "B’- Top right side.
  • Wheel-Left side, on the spot for the headlight.
  • Small green bat-Lower left side, under fender.
  • Fork-Right side, on leaves by the car.
  • Black and yellow with a number -Lower left side, under fender.
  • Lifesaver-On the fender of the car, around the orange piece.
  • Dinosaur-Top left side
  • Bottle opener-Top left side, above car.
  • Hook-top left side.
  • Door handle-On the car, middle part.
  • Artichoke-Lower left side, under fender.
  • Revolver-top left side of the car.
  • Turtle-In between the fender and the hood.
  • Grapes-Lower right side.
  • Faucet-Left side of the car, above fender.

Chapter 6 "My name is"

  • 6-2 Find the evidence: trumpet and a toy plane
  • 6-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Plane/wheels/ moustache/ man in his 20’s /trumpet/talks to celebrities/a net
  • Answer: Colin Romano 23(man in his 20’s) Reporter (talks to celebrities) likes going to jazz clubs (trumpet). Was a lacrosse player in college (a net)
  • 6-5 Match Both Scenes  steps
  • Sword-On the railing.
  • Green Origami-Top right side, against green and red wall.
  • Wooden figure-Lower left side.
  • Lock-Left side, on fence.
  • Whip-Left side, on the fence.
  • Belt-On the steps, on the large snake.
  • Computer mouse-Lower left side of the steps.
  • Postcard piece-Top right side, inside frame.
  • Lobster-Top left side, against red part of the wall.
  • Pen- On right railing.
  • Blue wrench-On the left railing.
  • "HELP"-Lower right side of the ground.
  • Spider-On the left side of the steps.
  • "April"-Top of the steps.
  • Green part-Top right side, against the green part of the wall.

Chapter 7 "The Star of Caspar"

  • 7-2 Find the evidence: maracas and Russian dolls.
  • 7-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Blonde/ball/computer/tooth/colors.
  • Answer: Dennis Keller has blonde hair (blonde), likes programming video games (computers). Likes to play water polo (ball). He is an Orthodontist (tooth) and just had his house painted (colors)
  • 7-5 Match the Scenes
  • Brain, top right side.
  • Binoculars-In the middle, on the Eiffel Tower.
  • Pretzel-Lower left side.
  • Pharaoh-Top right side.
  • Clock-Top right side.
  • Owl-Right edge of the scene.
  • Small rounded figure-Lower right side.  
  • Armor-Top right side.
  • Butterfly-Lower left side, on wooden box.
  • Shell-In the middle of the scene.
  • Meat tenderizer-Lower right side.
  • Brass knuckles-Lower right side.
  • Rooster-top left side.
  • Bird-Lower left side.
  • Skull and crossbones-Top left side.

Chapter 8 "The men from the East"

  • 8-2 Find the evidence: flashlight and handgun
  • 8-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Wax/hot/looks angry/ink/dice.
  • Answer: Aaron Simms is an auto detailer (wax) likes camping (hot). He was fired from his job at a printing press (ink) and likes playing craps (dice)
  • 8-5 Match the Scenes
  • Butterfly-Top left side, under skull.
  • Wooden dragon-Lower left side, on the wooden door that is in the back.
  • Domino-In he back, middle of the scene, close to doors.
  • Door chain-Left side, by the doors in the back,
  • Turtle-Right side, by the mannequin’s head.
  • Gas mask-Lower right side, by the mannequin.
  • Buddha-Lower side, against the red box.
  • Ruler-Top right side.
  • Bottle-Above the red box.
  • Compass-Top right side.
  • Bat-Lower left side, by the red wheel.
  • Coin-Lower right side, on the watering can.
  • Boomerang-Right side, on the left arm of the chair.
  • Rubber ducky-Left side, on the wooden door.
  • Symbol of a man-Lower right side corner.
  • Moth-Lower left side.
  • Funnel-On the front wheel.
  • Safety pin-On top of the front wheel, by the red piece.
  • Fish-Lower right corner.

Chapter 9 "Forgotten Sign"

  • 9-2 Find the evidence: a watch and liquor bottles
  • 9-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Mole on face/water/cars/hammer/paper.
  • Answer: Albert Clarke nearly drowned as a little boy (water)/ Worked as a valet while in college (cars). Is a Geologist (hammer) and likes collecting vintage newspapers (paper)
  • 9-5 Match both Scenes
  • Light bulb-Top of the screen, on the lantern,
  • Lock-Top right side of bicycle.
  • Folded dollar-On the top of the back wheel.
  • Socket wrench-Left side, lower part of the back wheel.
  • Bells-Lower left side.
  • Iron-Lower right side.
  • Bottle-At the bottom of the front wheel.
  • Hammer-On the wires of the front wheel.
  • Screw-Lower right side.
  • Cell phone-Left side, on the back wheel.
  • Scale-On the top, by the handlebars.
  • Tooth-On the white fender of the front wheel.

Chapter 10 "Lady of the Shroud"

  • 10-2 Find the evidence: a clock’s gear and a telephone.
  • 10-4 Pick out the criminal
  • Cate’s Clues: Music/ person is fit/ ropes/bottles/ has freckles.
  • Answer: Debra Lombard is a Violinist (music) who likes yoga (fit) and sailing (ropes). She stores her wine collection in her house (bottles).
  • 10-5 Match both scenes
  • Vent-Top right side.
  • Chinese takeout container-Top left side.
  • Egg-Lower left side corner.
  • Worm-Top left side, on the small drawers.
  • Shoe-Lower right side corner.
  • Clock-Left side, center of the scene.
  • Walking cane-Top left side.
  • Drink-Lower right side.
  • VHS tape-Above the chair, lower middle side.
  • California roll-Left side, inside the slim open drawer.
  • Belt-Top left side, by the manuals.
  • Folded dollar-Top right side.
  • Stapler-Left side, center of the scene.
  • Ice cream cone-Right side, inside the open drawer,
  • Pipe-Top left side, on top of manuals.
  • Turtle-Left side, center of the scene.

Chapter 11 "Gifts of the Magi"
11-2 Find the evidence: an old iron and an ice skate.

11-4 Pick out the criminal

  • Cate’s Clues: Makeup/ring/blood/wooden/money.
  • Answer: Victor Micallef is a Ringmaster (ring) who worked as a clown for 20 years (makeup). He enjoys watching horror films (blood) and carpentry (wood). He just signed a 1 million dollar insurance policy (money).

11-5 Match the Scenes

  • Whistle-Lower right side.
  • Fish-Right side edge.
  • Bone-Top right side, close to the window.
  • Hook-Top right side.
  • Calculator-Top right side.
  • Gloves-Lower right side.
  • Headlamp-Top right side, on top of the truck.
  • Axe-Lower right side.
  • Teeth-Left side edge.
  • Outlet-Top left corner.
  • Arrow-Top right side, on the red "fire exit" sign.
  • Rubber ducky-Right side, on the front of the truck, by the yellow stripes.
  • TNT-Lower right side, on the red part of the truck.
  • Globe-Right side edge.
  • Wine opener-Top right side, on the windshield.
  • Bird-Top right side.
  • Megaphone-Lower right side of the truck.

Chapter 12 "Eden Undone"
12-2 Find the evidence: Scissors, fire truck and a pipe.

12-4 Pick out the criminal

  • Cate’s Clues: Something sharp/helmet/ heavy/lion/bones
  • Answer: Wayne Hanson likes fencing (sharp) and going to the zoo(lion). He is a pro football player (helmet) and can lift more than 300 pounds (heavy). He also sustained a broken arm in the playoffs (bone)

12-5 Match the Scenes

  • Nuclear symbol-Top right side, on the black sign.
  • Pipe wrench-Top left side.
  • Pineapple-Lower right side, by the crates.
  • Gas mask-Lower right side.
  • Hammer-top right side
  • Paper clip-right side edge, against the yellow part.
  • Mushrooms-Lower right side.
  • Pliers-Top right side.
  • Wings-Top right side.
  • Payphone-Left side, by the black door with the red light.
  • Bell-Lower right corner.
  • Coin-Top left side,on the black sign.
  • Carrots-Lower left side.
  • Potatoes-Lower left side edge.
  • Frying pan-Lower right side, by the mannequin’s head.
  • Road sign-Top right
  • Bottle-Lower right side.

Chapter 13 " Gaze of the Abyss"
13-2 Find the evidence: A compass, a mask and a stopwatch.

13-4 Pick out the criminal

  • Cate’s Clues: Person is skinny/ sky/vegetables/numbers/radiation.
  • Answer: Simon Lynch weighs 122 pounds (skinny) is into astronomy (sky) and likes to cook organic foods (vegetables). He is into cryptography (numbers) and is a Radiographer (radiation) by trade.

13-5 Match the Scenes

  • Bamboo piece-lower right side.
  • Ladybug-top right side.
  • Lantern- lower right side, inside the compartment.
  • Small red and green symbol-Lower left side.
  • Steak-Low part of the train.
  • Wheel-Left side of the train.
  • Clock-Inside the train, lower part.
  • TNT-Lower left side of the train.
  • Broccoli-Lower right side, on the grass.
  • Small red heart-Top right side.
  • Fire alarm-top left side of the train.
  • Red chili pepper-Top left side.

Chapter 14 "Visions and Vanishings"
14-2 Find the evidence: Mask, roller skates and  binoculars.


14-4 Pick out the criminal

  • Cate’s Clues: Sweet/ flour/ camera/ maps/ initials "MT"
  • Answer: Vince Osterman is a Meteorologist (maps)who is learning the Muay Thai martial art (initials "MT"). He had a bad cavity last month (sweet) likes making short films (camera,) and enjoys Mexican food (flour).

14-5 Match scenes

  • Bicycle horn-top right side.
  • Gold disc- Top right side, where the headlight is supposed to be.
  • Fan-Top right side, on the red vehicle.
  • Large red clamp-On the front of the car.
  • Small red clamp-lower right side, on the front of the car.
  • Grapes-On the front of the car, right side.
  • Dollar bill-Top right side of the car.
  • Steak-Top left side, close to the windshield.
  • Clover-Lower right side, under fender.
  • letter "R"-Lower right side of the fender.
  • Stethoscope-Left side, above headlight.
  • Wrench-Top left side.
  • Welding mask-Top left side, on windshield.
  • Red dart-On the front of the car.
  • Sunglasses-On the front of the car, center of the scene.
  • Red bow-Right side, on the car, close to the long pole. 

Chapter 15 "Revelations"
15-2 Find the evidence: teeth, old radio,shoe and a handgun.

15-4 Pick out the criminal

  • Cate’s Clues: Holes/tuxedo/fishes/ 3/AP/squares.
  • Answer: Spencer Veidt is a Conductor (tuxedo) who recently accepted a position at the famous Arcadia Philharmonic (AP). He enjoys playing golf (holes), solving crossword puzzles (squares) and eating sushi (fishes). He lives on 333 Babylon Rd.(3).


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