Cat Fantasy Tier List – All Characters Ranked

On the hunt for a Cat Fantasy tier list? Not sure which cat girl is the best for you? Well, take a look at the rankings down below to determine…

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On the hunt for a Cat Fantasy tier list? Not sure which cat girl is the best for you? Well, take a look at the rankings down below to determine which characters you want to focus on.

Cat Fantasy is a gacha RPG all about saving the world with cat girls. This may sound like heaven for some, but it’s not all fun and games! They’ve got to fight against evil to save humanity, all the while working at a cosy cat cafe. You play as the manager of the ‘Cat of Baker Street’, a popular cafe where cat girl maids roam and serve customers. Unwind with a coffee before heading out into battle, offering up a nice change of pace if you like playing for an extended period of time.

For more information about Cat Fantasy, you can visit the game’s official website where you can also pre-register. We’ve also got tons of additional gacha game goodness, such as our Reverse 1999 Plan of Escape Route guide, our Dr. Stone Battle Craft tier list, and our Ezetta Prophecy tier list.

Cat Fantasy Tier List

Time to rank the cat girls! Listen, we can all agree that they’re adorable. But, that doesn’t mean they’re good on the battlefield. It’s important to remember that all tier lists are subjective though, so if you enjoy using a certain character, carry on using them! Even if they’ve been placed in C-tier or D-tier.

S Tier

The best cat girls around!

  • This is where the best characters are supposed to go! But, there aren’t any at the moment…

A Tier

The second-best cat girls in town – just not as strong as the S-tier characters.

  • The characters that are going to be placed in this tier are almost as good as S-tier, but they’re not quite there yet.

B Tier

These cat girls are average, but there’s no shame in using them if you like them (or build them properly!).

  • Sorry in advance for all of the characters that are going to be classed as ‘average’.

C Tier

We’re starting to get into the weak ones now. I wouldn’t exactly say that C-tier characters are worth upgrading or using…

  • The characters that are below average will be in this tier! They’re not awful to the point where they’re in D-tier, but they’re still pretty much unusable.

D Tier

The worst cat girls in Cat Fantasy (sorry).

  • If a character ends up in this tier, don’t use them at all. Basically, pretend they don’t exist (unless you really like them).

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