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Game Introduction – Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is a tower defense game from Adult Swim Games. You play as a villain who lays down traps and pitfalls to keep meddling heroes from rescuing the princess he has locked up in his tower. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to make the good guys suffer for their foolish delusions of heroism.

Quick Start Guide

Castle Doombad

Getting Started

  • Castle Doombad is free to play. You can download it by using the “Available On” option at the top of this page.
  • The first few levels of Castle Doombad serve as a tutorial. You learn about the various kinds of traps, how to place them, and how to operate them, when applicable.
  • When the tutorial is over, the game begins in earnest. It’s up to you to keep the tower hero-free.

How to Play

Castle Doombad

  • Objective – You play through Castle Doombad as a minion of the nefarious Dr. Lord Evilstein. The good doctor has a captive princess in his possession, and it’s your job to make sure the heroes swarming in the tower don’t retrieve her. You can deter them by laying down traps that are fitting of an over-the-top cartoon villain.
  • Options – You can access Castle Doombad‘s options through the “Extras” button on the main menu. From here, you can turn sound on and off, rate the game, access Adult Swim news, restore purchases, and reset game data.
  • Gather Crowns, Unlock Towers – If the heroes never reach the princess in a level, you earn a crown for that particular level. Crowns are necessary for unlocking new towers, so place a heavy guard around the princess and gather as many crowns as possible.
  • Doom-Shekels – Doom-shekels are in-game currency that you earn as you play. They’re used to unlock and upgrade traps and minions.

Princess in Peril

Castle Doombad

  • Keep the Heroes Away – Each level has the princess contained in a glass prison. If a hero reaches this prison, he picks her up, slings her over his shoulder, and begins a slow retreat out of the tower.
  • Get Her Back! – If the princess is nabbed by the heroes, all is not lost. If you can dispose of the good guy before he exits the tower, the game will go on. If, however, the hero gets away with the princess, you lose.
  • Final Wave – Like most tower defense games, each level of Castle Doombad features an intense “final wave” that throws many fighters at you within a short time. When a final wave begins, a winged monkey carries the princess to a higher level, allowing you a little extra time to adjust your hero-slaying strategy accordingly.

Tons of Traps

Castle Doombad

  • Auto Traps – Once they’re laid down, auto traps spring into action without the player’s input. Examples of auto traps include spiked floors, arrow-shooters, and ceiling traps like tentacles and acid-drippers.
  • Manual Traps – Manual traps like the Stomper and “Da Boot” pack a wallop, but must be activated by the player. They also require a substantial cool-down time before they can be used again. Neither auto traps nor manual traps can be placed on top of one another.
  • Minions – Minions are “pets” that can be placed anywhere, even on top of other traps. When a hero is nearby, they spring into action of their own accord and attack.
  • Scream Generators – Traps are bought with “screams,” which can be produced at regular intervals by scream generators. The princess also generates screams every few seconds.


Castle Doombad

  • Lay Down Scream Generators Early – When a level begins, you have a few precious moments to gather your wits before the heroes break down the gate. This is a great time to lay down a few scream generators to keep you supplied through the attack.
  • Put Scream Generators Up High – When heroes reach a scream generator, they may attack it. If you put them up on higher levels, the heroes’ forces should be thinned out by traps before they can reach the generators – though heroes can come in through windows, so be careful.
  • Minions Are Awesome – When the action gets heated and the good guys are carving up your weapons, place minions instead. They can go anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about placing them property amongst all the traffic.
  • Replay Previous Levels – Replaying levels is a good way to earn Doom-shekels. You earn extra Doom-shekels if the princess is never captured by the heroes.
  • Ceiling Traps Are Lethal – Ceiling traps are powerful, and they’re an especially effective choice when things are a bit crowded at ground-level. Acid-drippers work especially well when placed above a ladder.
  • Guard Windows – The heroes usually come knocking at the front door first, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the windows. Sooner or later, a ladder might plop on a windowsill. If there’s nothing there to greet the invaders, you may find yourself in trouble.
  • Upgrade Before You Unlock – Unlocking new traps and minions is expensive, plus every new device/recruit starts at level one and is weak as a result. Sometimes it’s better to focus your resources on upgrading the traps you have, especially the ones you find best-suited for your play style.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Castle Doombad. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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