Castle & Co Walkthrough

Castle & Co – Game Introduction

Castle & Co. is new Facebook game application developed by Ubisoft. This one is a medieval inspired cartoon game wherein players can build their own kingdom and live happily ever after. This guide can help you with playing Castle & Co.

The Kingdom

Players are given a wide kingdom and a castle at the beginning. With a wide kingdom, you can build workshops as much as you want and have a lot of workers to give you coins.

Castle & Co

Building Workshop

To start your own kingdom, you first need to build workshops. Start first by building a Farmhouse so your citizens can earn coins. To do this, click the “Shop” button located at the left side of your game screen. Under the “Workshop” tab drag the Farmhouse to your kingdom. You now have one citizen working for you.

Castle & Co

You can add up another when you upgrade your workshop. To upgrade, simple click your workshop and choose upgrade from the menu. Upgrading your workshops will let your citizens earn more coins. By the way, upgrading workshops have cost and it also has building time that usually take minutes or hours depending on what kind of workshop you are upgrading. A cute fairy will do the job of upgrading and a golden cloud will appear after the upgrading is done. When done, just click your workshop and you’ll have another citizen working for you.

Castle & Co

Your castle is not upgradable. You can upgrade your workshop up to three times. Add more workshops so you can earn more coins. Upgrade each workshop to add more to your earnings.

Inspiring Your Citizens

The next thing to do is to cheer your citizens. If they are bored they will not give you coins so cheer them up. To do this, click your citizen and click the “Click” button until you full the bar. You can know the mood status of your citizens when you mouse over your cursor to them.

Castle & Co

Blue face means they are bored. Orange means they are happy and yellow means they are excited. Their mood should be excited so they can collect coins fast. Visit your citizens time to time so that they will not get bored.

Castle & Co

Decorating Your Kingdom

Decoration is necessary in your kingdom because it adds happiness to your citizens and more coins to your kingdom. To buy decoration, click the “Shop” button and click the “Decoration” tab. Your decorations should match the likes of your citizens.

Castle & Co

To know the likes of your citizen, simply click your citizen and look at the left side of the box. You can also know their likes by knowing the workshop where they are working. For example, a citizen working in Apple grove needs apple tree so she can harvest fruits and woods. Same as citizen who’s working in Toolmaker shed that needs metal and stone. Buy only necessary decorations, the ones that your citizens need the most.

By the way, workshops are movable but not the decorations. Once you place them in your kingdom, there’s no other way you can rearrange them so make sure to place them right. Anyway, you have a big kingdom so don’t worry much. You can always make your kingdom as good as you want.

Collecting Coins

There’s no specific time when can you collect your coins. If your citizens are always excited they will be fast in gathering coins but if they are not it will take time for them to gather coins. Once the pot of coins is full, you can now collect it by just clicking the pot. Upon buying a workshop, your citizen can gather 500 coins and it goes up when you do upgrades.

Castle & Co

Adding Neighbors

As always, you need neighbors so you can earn more coins. You can help your neighbors in their kingdom by visiting them regularly. You zoom out your game screen and you’ll find bush fire. Click it and you’ll earn 20 coins.

Sending Gifts to Your Friends

Sending gift to your friends is a one way of inviting them to join the fun. You can send decorations to them like apple tree, stone paths and fig tree.

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