Castaway Home Designer Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Stolen Couch Games’s Castaway Home Designer is an interesting home design game for mobile devices. It has you living on a tropical island in which interior design is key to everyone’s happiness. Your job is to complete various objectives as you create unique and stylish designs for all your people. There’s a lot to take in here, meaning you might need some advice.

That’s why Gamezebo’s Castaway Home Designer Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand to give you some useful guidance when it comes to how best to keep the people happy.

The Basics

  • Each house has its own simple objectives. Starting out, it’s really easy stuff. For instance, your first home has you learning how to move objects around or rotate them.
  • Most rooms are relatively small for what’s expected of you. You want to plan things out carefully rather than just place items in a haphazard fashion. In a way, Castaway Home Designer almost works like a puzzle game, requiring you to think through your strategies before just going nuts with furniture and wallpaper placements.
  • Keep an eye on the objectives and follow them to the letter.

  • Once you’ve completed an objective though, take the furniture out. You can use it for other houses. It’s a great way of getting the most out of a potentially costly way of living.
  • Don’t forget to aim for some optional objectives as well as the main ones. Yes, they’re not essential but it’s worth pursuing them for additional bonuses.
  • Checked out the objective list and not convinced you can complete it? Don’t worry about it. Move onto another house. You can always return later to complete your customer’s bidding.

Learning the Ropes

  • The only way you can find out if certain items are disliked is by placing them down and seeing what happens. See how things go. You’ll be informed quickly if the customer doesn’t like yellow items, for instance, or certain types of furniture. It’s a form of trial and error at times but it works.
  • Check out the ratings part of the house description. It’ll tell you where you’re earning valuable points, as well as where you’re losing points. Plan around this accordingly to keep the customer happy.
  • Alongside that is the rewards section. It tells you what booster card packs you can earn and how. Usually, you need to reach a certain score to unlock a new pack, so always be working towards this.
  • When you unlock a new card pack, head over to the catalogue and open it up. All your new items go to the inventory for you to dish out however you want.

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

  • Additional card packs can be earned through completing bonus objectives, as well as through buying them with in-game coins.
  • Try to resist purchasing them with real money. A better method is through earning them through regular play.
  • Sometimes though, you’re going to be stuck needing a very specific item that just isn’t showing. This is your cue to try a different house and different set of objectives.
  • Want to unlock a new house or area? This is done through using gems. Gems are earned via your existing houses meaning there’s a steady supply of gems coming in at all times. If you’re low on them, leave the game for a while and come back later. You’ll probably have earned enough.

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