Castaway Cove Tips, Cheats and Strategies


So you want to build the finest village in Castaway Cove? Well that’s a noble task. After all you’re basically building houses for people who have fallen off ships. You’re alright you are, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But while the game may look simple, there’s a myriad of things going on in Castaway Cove that you might not have noticed. Don’t worry though, because we’ve noticed them. Noticing things is basically what we do here at Gamezebo.

And we’ve gone right ahead and collated all of the things we’ve noticed into this really rather pleasant Castaway Cove guide. It’s full of hints and tips, as well as some advanced strategies that are going to ensure that your village is the envy of all of your friends, shipwrecked or not.

The Basics

  • Build, build, build – It’s tempting to rest on your laurels after you’ve got a few structures, but don’t do it. Keep building up the infrastructure of your island. After all, a lot of the progression of the game comes from completing objectives, and building things is often one of them.
  • What are you supposed to do? – If you’re unsure what direction you should be moving your village in, tap the board in the top right corner of the screen. This will give you a list of the objectives that you’re currently chasing and set you in good stead to earn more.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade – Levelling up your buildings is one thing, but you should always upgrade them when you get the chance. You’ll need resources to do that, but it’s well worth spending them since it’s going to double up the amount of money each object makes.

Hints and Tips

  • Auto assign your castaways – You’ll see a button in the castaway screen that will auto-assign your new recruits. It’s a lot quicker than doing it yourself, and the game is always going to put them in the places they’re going to work the hardest.
  • Which to tap? – Sometimes you’re newest buildings aren’t going to earn you the most money when you tap on them. Instead find the ones that you’ve upgraded the most. You’ll usually have a couple next to each other and can tap them in sync.
  • Keep coming back – Make sure you pop into the game every day. Even if you don’t feel like playing you’ll have a huge stock pile of coins and resources to use. Spending them will only take a few minutes, and it means the next time you come back you’re going to have even more.

Advanced Strategies

  • Watch the videos – Often you’ll be able to increase your yield by watching videos. The best of these is in the top right corner and will double your output for a few hours. The same goes for when you come back to the game – watching a video will double everything you’ve earned while you’re away.
  • Spend your gems on castaways – You’ll get a lot of gems, and while you’ll get free castaways every few hours, the best ones are in chests you’re going to have to fork out for. While the time boosts will give you more coins, it’s more important to build up a decent pool of helpers to get resources for you.
  • Look at the tabs – When you select a building you’ll see a tab in the top right of the menu that pops up. Tap this and you’ll be able to choose how many levels you go up with each tap. Set it to max and you’ll spend all the money you have toughening it up.

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