Cassandra’s Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's strategy guide and walkthrough for the second installment of Cassandra's Journey. Cassandra's Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus puts you in the role of Cassandra, who is a young mystic following in her grandmother's footsteps.  WHAT IS THE FIFTH SUN?The Mayan culture (their calendar began in 3114 BC) called an era a "sun" but the exact time span isn't clear.  The book of Mayan creation mythology said there were 3 unsuccessful attempts to…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide and walkthrough for the second installment of Cassandra’s Journey. Cassandra’s Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus puts you in the role of Cassandra, who is a young mystic following in her grandmother’s footsteps. 


The Mayan culture (their calendar began in 3114 BC) called an era a "sun" but the exact time span isn’t clear.  The book of Mayan creation mythology said there were 3 unsuccessful attempts to create humans and that the gods were successful on the 4th attempt, therefore we are currently living in the "fourth sun".  As this era draws to a close, we enter the "fifth sun" and a new age or creation begins.  Many believe this will happen on December 21, 2012.  The Mayan Fifth Sun is thought to be an age of expanded consciousness in which a new human emerges, one who is able to live in harmony with the earth, the environment, all creatures, and the greater cosmic order.

In Astrology the Fifth Sun corresponds to completion of one full zodiac cycle.  Astrologers say we have entered the Age of Aquarius which will last roughly 2100 years and that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, brings peace and harmony to earth. 

One of Nostradamus’ quatrains coincides with the same prediction as the Mayans and mentions the same date.


  • From the Main Screen you can choose one of 8 profiles or access the Fortune Telling Room and the Mini Games once they are unlocked.
  • Extras will lead you to BFG options and Exit is available from here.
  • You can move some items in a scene to find other items by clicking on them. By clicking on some doors and drawers you can open them.
  • If you need help, there is a help button in the lower right corner that will show you around the screen and tell you what is available for help.
  • You can access the Main Menu by clicking the Menu button in the low right corner of the scenes.
  • If you exit to the Main Menu in the middle of a level, your information will not be saved and you will have to start the level over again.
  • During conversations you will need to click on the screen to make it advance or you can skip it by using the "Skip Dialog" button in the upper right corner.
  • If you wish to skip a puzzle, you can click on the "Skip Puzzle" button once it loads.


  • Options include Music and Sound volume – full screen versus windowed with widescreen support available.
  • You can have a custom cursor and tips available as you play but it is suggested that if you have a slow computer that you turn off the Enhanced Effects.


  • Each time you play the game, you will be taken to the Journal while the next scene loads. It will show your total gameplay time and then give you the option to resume the game.
  • The journal will be updated as you play and you will be taken there at the end of a level to read what took place.
  • To access the journal during the game, click on the small journal in the lower right corner.


  • The Taskbar at the lower portion of the scene has 3 Tabs: Items – Inventory – Objectives.
  • Click on the "Items" tab to see the list of objects and tasks.
  • Items to find are always the same but are randomly presented – new items turn over when you find the first presentation.
  • Items shown in blue require an Inventory item to help collect them.
  • Click on the "Inventory" tab to see all the items you have available for the current scene.
  • Click on the "Objectives" tab to review what you are suppose to do for that level.


  • As a psychic you can use your magic powers to get unlimited hints – pictures of your available hint system items are shown above.
  • Your 5 Magic Spells and the "Hint Vessel" are located on the left side of the screen.
  • The Hint Vessel stores your hints and slowly recharges but each time you find an object or complete a task, it fills up faster.
  • Hint #1 is the Pointer Spell – it is the most powerful spell and shows you an object from your list. Cost = 90% of your Hint Vessel.
  • Hint #2 is the Area Spell – it shows you the area where an object is located. Cost = 50% hint.
  • Hint #3 is the Magic Wand Spell – it turns the crystal ball to the left of your item list into a magic compass by glowing brighter when your cursor gets closer to an object on the list. Cost = 80% hint.
  • Hint #4 is the Object’s Photo Spell – it shows the object inside the crystal ball exactly like it is in the scene. Cost = 70% hint.
  • Hint #5 is the Slideshow Spell – it displays a slideshow of the outlines of the items you need to find. Cost = 60% hint.
  • Aside from its assistance with some of the hints, the Crystal Ball shows you the total number of tasks as well as how many you them you have completed. Place your cursor over the Crystal Ball to see your progress.


  • There are 4 divination card games in the Fortune Telling Room.
  • Mahjong Like – find out how prosperous your life is through this ancient Asian divination.
  • Mary Stewart – how is your career going? Is it spiraling upwards or are you at the peak and expecting troubles soon?
  • 2 x 2 Like – a direct question can only be answered by YES or NO. If you win the solitaire game, the answer is YES.
  • Fairway Like – this is a wealth divination.


  • As you go through the game you will encounter the above 12 tricks and mini games that will be unlocked once you solve them so that you can go back and play them again if you wish.


To begin helping Violet find her brother Michael we must prepare the room for divination.

  • Collect the key which will go into your Inventory – use it to open the chest at the back of the scene.
  • The chest will open as in the insert so that you can collect the crystal ball which will go into your inventory – place it in its proper place as indicated by the blue arrow.
  • When you put your cursor over the suitcase marked in pink it will sparkle – move it to see what is behind it.
  • I have added the additional 4 items to the taskbar items which are marked in yellow, except for the candles and books.
  • The 5 old books are marked in blue and the 10 candles in pink – they will go into your Inventory as will the matches.
  • From you Inventory place the 5 books on the bookshelf and the 10 candles in the candlesticks marked in yellow.
  • You now have 4 tasks that will be presented to you in the order they are numbered on the taskbar.
  • Take the matches from your Inventory and light all 10 candles that are glowing by touching the matches to them.
  • The matches will go back into your Inventory so take them and light the fireplace.
  • Close the curtains by clicking on the tassel that is circled.
  • Click on the switch on the wall to turn off the light.


Cassandra tells Violet to stare into the crystal ball while she calls upon the power of the ring to show them what Michael now looks like.

  • The crystal ball looking like the insert appears so you need to use your cursor hand and rag to clean it up.
  • Once it is clean a picture of Michael appears and a sequence of many other pictures of the future.
  • You can now play this game again by going to Tricks and Mini Games on the Main Menu.
  • An evil spirit appears who overpowers Cassandra and cracks the crystal ball.
  • Cassandra passes out and is spiritually teleported to Nostradamus who says he must teach her something important.


  • Pick and object from one of the 3 cabinets – I marked the one I picked.
  • Click on the pillow above it to tell Nostradamus which cabinet.
  • The object has been moved to the cabinet on the right – click on the pillow above that cabinet.
  • The object has been moved back to the center cabinet so click that pillow.
  • Nostradamus shows you the object you have chosen.
  • The lesson is the power of numbers and no matter which item you choose, it will always be the one shown in Nostradamus’ hand.


  • Check around the room to see the drawers and cabinets that will need to be opened to find all of the ingredients – I’ve numbered them to help you.
  • Find the first set of ingredients – I’ve added a few more on the taskbar since there are so many.
  • The rest of the ingredients are listed here including a few more additions that you will find as you continue your selection.
  • The ones marked in red are in the refrigerator.
  • Now that you have found all the ingredients, you need to make a shrimp salad, a pizza, and pumpkin soup.
  • The recipes are marked and you will find the necessary ingredients in your Inventory.
  • You can shut the cabinets, drawer and refrigerator door or not.
  • For the shrimp salad, choose the marked ingredients as listed in the recipe and place them in the blue bowl on the table.
  • Place the marked ingredients for the pizza on the tray – the recipe is shown in the insert.
  • Turn the water on in the sink and place the potatoes marked in pink in the sink to wash them.
  • Once they are washed they will go back into your Inventory to be placed in the pot on the stove along with the onion and pumpkin.
  • You won’t be asked to cut them up as shown in the recipe in the insert – just place them in the pot from your Inventory.
  • Don’t forget to heat the pizza. When it is hot click on it to return it to the table.
  • You have now prepared Cassandra’s grandmother’s favorite foods that she always made after a particularly hard reading.
  • Now that you have had what Violet called "power food", you are ready to continue on your search for Michael.


  • This is actually a variation of a solitaire game called "Golf".
  • Click on a card in the layout that is higher or lower than the one shown face up in the stack.
  • In this game Aces can be used with a King – you can go from King to Ace or Ace to King.
  • If there is no card to play in the layout, you can draw one from the stack.
  • You can play the card game again by going to the Fortune Telling Room on the Main Menu.
  • When you use the second to the last card, the last card will be turned over and saved until you have 4 magical numbers which are random.
  • Violet is amazed because she says the numbers turn out to be the numbers to Michael’s address.
  • Even though he hasn’t been there in a long time, Cassandra suggests there might be something that was overlooked.


  • The 14 parts of a note are marked in yellow.
  • The 5 Pictures are marked in blue.
  • The 7 Discs are marked in red. You will need to select the remote which will go into your Inventory and place it on the DVD player in order to get the last Disc.
  • Move the objects marked in white so you can find the remaining items and open the two right cabinet doors in the bookcase.
  • I have added an item to the taskbar because you will then be asked to get a Map which you will find marked in pink in the open cabinet in the back.


  • This is a jigsaw puzzle to put the note back together. When you are done, click "continue in the upper right corner.


  • Things are a mess so they have to clean up – you will need to match 2 similar type of items listed in the taskbar.
  • There are a total of 16 items and they do not have to be an exact match, just two similar things such as the footwear is a boot and a sandal.
  • I have added extra items to the task bar – the 8 matches in this screen shot are color coded.
  • There are 4 more sets of matches here which are also color coded.
  • Find the 4 last matches from the taskbar.
  • Click on the cabinet door marked in yellow to open it.
  • It will zoom in and sparkle so click on it to find the Wooden Box.
  • The box will appear as in the insert so you can collect Nostradamus’ quatrain from it.


  • There are differences between Michael’s note and the old Nostradamus published quatrain.
  • Compare Michael’s note on the left with Cassandra’s copy of the book shown on the right.
  • Click on the words in the book that you also find in the note such as the one I’ve marked – the words in the note will then be highlighted.
  • Once you find a word all of the same words in the book will turn blue.
  • When you find 22 of the total number of words in the book, the page on the right changes its words for you to be able to find the rest of the words you need in the note.
  • Now that you have all of the newly available words, click on them to complete the note versus book comparison – I marked one from the new page that is now different and available.


  • Click on two like cards – there are 2 Jacks marked on the board. If you don’t have a matching card, you can click on the deck to give you a couple of new cards.
  • You cannot match two cards from the turned up deck – you must match one of those cards to a card in the layout.
  • You can play this card game again by going to the Fortune Telling Room on the Main Menu.
  • Once you have completed your task you will receive 4 cards for your divination.
  • The numbers are familiar to Cassandra – they point to a museum down the street from her and could be where they can find Nostradamus’ printing press.


  • Find the Mayan elements hidden around the city. I have shown 11 of the 14 in the taskbar because the other 3 are hidden at the moment.
  • Click on the bus at the left of the screen to bring up a mini game.


  • This is a slider game using cars. Once you clear the way for the orange car, it will drive out the exit on its own.
  • Move the cars as far as you can in numerical order. Car #1 will need to be moved again to clear the path.


  • Your goal is go get the orange car to the exit so that the car on the street will move.
  • This is one solution to the game – move the cars as far as you can in numerical order.
  • Continue moving the cars as far as you can in numerical order.
  • One last set of moves and the orange car and the street car will drive off.
  • You can now play this game again by going to Tricks and Mini Games on the Main Menu – it’s called "Traffic Jam".
  • Pick up the 2 Mayan elements that were covered by the car and bus and move the telephone booth to collect the last one.


  • Match 3 like coins or stones. If you match 4, you get an extra turn.
  • Every time you match the coins you will get a stripe on the counter marked in yellow on Cassandra’s side.
  • I seriously think Mick cheats to let Cassandra win by not making moves he could since we are told they will meet again.
  • You can now play this game once again by going to Tricks and Mini Games on the Main Menu – it’s called Match 3 Game.
  • Cassandra’s prize for winning is a piece of paper with Mayan symbols on it.


  • There are of 19 riddles to be solved at the museum.
  • Solve the 2 riddles in this room plus the extra 2 I added at the top so that you can collect the objects.
  • There are 3 riddles and objects to collect in this location.
  • Solve the 2 riddles plus the 2 added riddles and collect the 4 objects for this location.
  • Solve all 4 riddles and collect the objects at this location.
  • Solve these 4 riddles and pick up the objects remaining.


  • Collect the books marked in yellow and the pages marked in pink.
  • Move the objects marked in white.
  • Collect the pink pages and yellow marked books.
  • Click on the drawer marked in blue and it will zoom in so you can pick up the brush.
  • Click on the cabinet at the left marked in green to bring up the insert.
  • Open your Inventory and get the brush to clean the panel.
  • Click on the cleaned wheels with the numbers to discover the code to open the hidden compartment. The numbers are 5 and 3 as shown in the insert.
  • You can skip the puzzle if you wait for the "Skip" button to fill up.
  • The bookcase moves and the secret compartment appears – it is covered in cobwebs.
  • Grab your brush from the Inventory and clean it up so you can collect the books shown in the insert.


The museum director wants some of the auction items bid on so the museum can keep them.

  • Each of the items in the scene belongs to one or more categories. If you place your cursor over an item, the categories in the list will turn blue.
  • Left click on an object to buy it and right click on it to sell it back. Each time you buy or sell, it with be reflected in your budget.
  • You must buy at least 3 items in each category and stay within your budget.
  • There is no right solution – the one shown above is what I chose and the results are shown on the list.
  • You can skip the puzzle once the "Skip" button fills up.


The director wants the ladies to hand out magazines to the people as they leave.  The magazines have the Mayan symbols on them that Mick gave to Cassandra.

  • There are 10 symbols and you will be finding 2 of each one.
  • Each of the 10 pages has 2 symbols on it.
  • The symbols are marked in blue on the list and yellow on the magazine.
  • Notice how the owl symbol on the list is starting to get a little color at its outline – that means you found one.
  • Collect the next two symbols.
  • Some of the other symbols are collecting some color now.
  • Collect the two on this page.
  • Once you find 2 of the same symbol the outline gets much darker.
  • Two more symbols to collect on this page but if you are getting tired of the puzzle, you can click on the skip button if it is full.
  • Quite a few symbols now have dark outlines.
  • Just a couple more to go.
  • You did it – you now have all 20 symbols.


  • There are more riddles to be solved for the next auction – collect the objects described in the riddles at this scene.
  • On to another area with a couple of riddles to solve.
  • Solve a couple more riddles for more auction items.
  • Solve more riddles for more auction items.
  • 3 more items and the girls are done at the museum but it turns out that the printing press is out for repair and won’t return until tomorrow.


  • Time to once again turn to the cards for help – match 2 cards of the same suit until there are once again 4 cards left.
  • The 4 magic cards that are left turn out to be the paddle number of the person who was bidding against them during the auction.



  • Click on the sparkling alarm to bring up a mini game to disable the alarm in the smaller insert.
  • There are a lot of different solutions to get from the left side of the board to the green light on the right – one of my solutions is shown in the left insert.
  • If you wish to play the Alarm Puzzle again, you will find it in Tricks and Mini Games on the Main Menu.
  • I’ve lightened the picture for you so you can better see the items.
  • Even though there will be other cabinets that sparkle, you only need to open those marked in white.
  • All of the items you will need to collect are marked in yellow and are added to the taskbar.
  • I lightened the scene again but you will need to use your flashlight.
  • Click on the painting marked in white to move it and find the safe.
  • You only need one key to open the safe but you need to locate 6 keys in the scene.
  • The keys will go into your Inventory which I’ve shown on the right in the taskbar – I tried it twice and the same key worked so I’ve marked it. It’s the diagonal one that goes from left to right,
  • Collect the Clay Tablet and Sun from the safe and click on the Alarm to reset it.


  • Cassandra accidentally broke the Clay Tablet so needs to reassemble it.
  • Put the jigsaw puzzle shown on the left back together so that it looks like the insert on the right.
  • She asks Mrs. Cutsworth what is so special about the tablet and learns that it depicts Nostradamus’ original printing press which was then modified over the years.


  • The printing press is back at the museum but the ladies need to find out why there are differences between the tablet with the original drawing the present printing press – find the 15 differences between the tablet and the press.


  • Modifications need to be made to the type in the printing press.
  • I flipped the type in the yellow insert so you can see what the original says.
  • Swap out letters in the words marked in black so that it reads like the ntout at the bottom of the scene.
  • Hit "Print" to check your progress.
  • You can skip the puzzle once the "Skip" button is full but if you finish, you will need to click on "Continue" to complete the level.
  • You can play this puzzle again in Tricks and Mini Games – it is called "Inword Swap".


  • Nostradamus says that the power of numbers is the power of the future because they let you see things that will come to be.
  • Choose a number between 1 and 6 and click on the pillow – follow Nostradamus’ instructions by moving the ring the number of times in either direction as shown in the yellow marked box.
  • He will systematically remove the pillows so that no matter what number you choose, the ring will end up on the 5th pillow.
  • If you wish to play the trick again, you can access it from Tricks and Mini Games on the Main Menu – "Trick with Pillows".


  • Cassandra has misplaced her Tarot Cards – help find the 8 cards and gambling dice as well as the other items on the extended taskbar list.
  • Move the 3 items marked in white in order to get the items behind them.
  • Place all the ingredients from your inventory in the flask, except the matches which will come in handy in a moment.
  • Place the flask on the burner and light it with the matches in order to make an elixir – click on the flask to complete the level.


  • You played this card game earlier – match the card turned up in the stack with a higher or lower card from the layout – if you have no cards in the layout that work, turn one over from the stack.
  • The 4 magic cards match Mrs. Cutsworth’ address – she admits she’s been lying and that Michael is at her estate. She says she somehow released the evil spirit and Michael has him trapped in a room.


  • Mick challenges Cassandra to another Match 3 game and promises another prize if she wins.
  • Notice the blue markings on the upper part of the screen – this is what you get when you match sufficient coins.
  • Cassandra does win and Mick gives her a Magic Glass to help her in her search.


When they all get back to the Cutsworth residence, Cassandra decides to try the Magic Glass she got from Mick.

  • Everywhere they looked using the glass, the symbols were there.
  • Place the glass as shown in the screen shot and collect the symbols marked in red.
  • There are 4 symbols in each screen shot with a total of 20 so collect these 4.
  • 4 more Magic Glass symbols to collect.
  • Find the 4 symbols listed here.
  • Collect the last 4 symbols.


  • Your task is to stare at the red dot in the middle of his face for at least 10 seconds and then stare at something white – the white screen that comes on or your ceiling and blink your eyes so that you visualize the face – it actually works.
  • Turn on the projector by clicking on the red button circled in red on the box at the left.
  • Place each of the face components in the projector – hair, eyes, nose, ears, and lips from the marked stacks.
  • Click on the box marked in orange on the right of the screen to advance the face parts and choose the following:
  • Hair = 3
  • Eyes = 1
  • Ears = 3
  • Nose = 4
  • Lips = 3
  • Mrs. Cutsworth recognizes the face as a Mayan Priest she says is evil.


  • Before you go back to Michael’s apartment you need to collect his equipment by matching two of everything in the taskbar which is color coded.


  • Place the symbols in the taskbar on the map where marked and they will turn light blue.
  • Once you place the symbols the map will move and give you more symbols to place – I’m not going to show you a play by play because I’m sure you can handle it from the solution below.
  • The map will move to the right and then down and to the left and then down and to the right.
  • This is the completed map – you can skip the puzzle once the button is available if you want to move on.
  • I’ve placed all 19 symbols on the taskbar and numbered them – their corresponding numbers are shown on your map in the order they will be presented to you.
  • Michael says that the glyphs point to some ruins where the spirit of the evil priest might be headed.


  • Open the cabinet doors marked in white.
  • The 5 cameras are marked in pink and the 3 footwear in red.
  • Collect the rest of the items Michael wants for the trip.
  • Before you can collect the last few items, you will need to take the net from your Inventory and use it to move the boxes on top of the cabinet to collect the bicycle helmet.
  • The jeans need to be washed before the can go so use and soap from your Inventory and then pour the bottle of water on them – click on them when you are done.
  • Mrs. Cutsworth plane is now waiting to take you on your journey.


Cassandra encounters a man at the airport who knows her and challenges her to a Match 3 game.  She asks how he knows her name and he says they have met before and he wears many faces according to the time and place – we get a flash image of Mick.

  • The main object is to collect the gold coins – if you match more than 3 coins or stones, you get an extra turn.
  • When Cassandra wins the man gives her some Mayan numbers and tells her that numbers are the one true constant in the universe.


Cassandra tells everybody to spread out and look around for clues – Mrs. Cutsworth is off to bribe a few of the locals.

  • Collect the grapes and feed the parrot – he moves revealing the Bank Card – pick it up and it will go into your Inventory.
  • Move the mortar and pestle – pick up the purse and a coin will go into your Inventory.
  • Collect the two other coins marked in red.
  • Use the Bank Card at the ATM and get 20 more coins.
  • Cassandra had suggested buying rather than bribing so when you find the items in the taskbar you will have to go to your Inventory and use the coins you collected to buy them.
  • Click on the coins and place them on the items and the proper number of coins will be used.

1.    Grab the guitar for 3 coins

2.    Llama will take away 2 coins

3.    3 coins for the flute

4.    2 coins will get you the armadillo

5.    2 coins and the poncho is yours

6.    A lizard for 3 coins – whoa

7.    For 2 coins you get the hen

8.    One knitted cap is 1 coin

9.    The second knitted cap is also 1 coin

10.   The first smoking pipe will cost you 2 coins

11.   The second smoking pipe will also be 2 coins

  • You are now all out of coins so can no longer shop but you completed your mission because one of the locals gave Michael some information – he couldn’t find a guide because nobody wanted to go there but Mrs. Cutsworth found them a van which looks suspiciously like the one we saw in the crystal ball.


They all arrive at what is suppose to be a temple but Violet isn’t sure.

  • Some things in the scene need to be moved – they are marked in white.
  • Match 2 of the items in the taskbar – they are color coded.


They found a parchment with grids at the temple so Cassandra suggests using the Mayan numbers that Mick gave her.

  • This is a classic Mahjong game where you match 2 tiles that are alike.
  • There are 3 layouts that you will need to complete.
  • You can only match those that are free (the lighter colored tiles), and if you run out of moves, it will shuffle and you will have to start over – you can skip the puzzle if you wish once the button is availale.


  • There is an accident so the party is going to have to continue on foot – help them find what to take with them.
  • The two suitcases marked in white will need to be opened to find the rest of the items.
  • Move everything around until you find the 5 items you need.
  • Move everything around here to collect the 4 items.


  • There are 2 phases to this puzzle – place the marked pieces in their proper places for this phase.
  • You can skip the puzzle once the skip button is ready.
  • This is phase 2 of the repair – once it is working everybody is on their way on foot with the GPS.


Now that they are on foot through the forest, they come upon a whole bunch of parrots.  Michael says this is good because they symbolize a new beginning so they decide to capture the parrots.

  • Collect the 3 fruit marked in blue – they will go into your Inventory.
  • Pick up the first 24 parrots marked in yellow.
  • The 3 parrots marked in red expect to be fed before you can gather them so feed them the fruit you gathered that is now in your Inventory
  • One of the parrots takes off with Cassandra’s Magic Ring.


  • No matter which parrot you pick you will be right and Cassandra will recover her ring.
  • Pick a bird and click on the stone below it – follow the instructions to complete the trick.
  • You can play this trick again by choosing Tricks and Mini Games from the Main Menu.


  • Collect the keys and coins that are available before using the machete.
  • Click on the machete which will go into your Inventory and use it on the plants marked in blue.
  • Now that the plants are gone, collect the fruit and vegetables marked in pink and the remaining key and coin as marked.
  • You need to assemble the mechanism at the left in order to open the gate.
  • The parts are numbered to show where they go.
  • Number 8 needs to be hung on the lever to open the gate – see the blue markings.


  • You can now see how the gears fit at the left of the scene just in case you missed something.
  • The gate will now open and Michael and Cassandra go in to find a maze – click on the direction you want them to go……you can click way ahead since you know where they should go.
  • Your progress will be shown on the map at the upper left of the lower insert.
  • The solution to the maze is shown in the upper insert.
  • Find the 17 traps they now find in their path.
  • Find the 13 torches to light their way..
  • The torches need to be lighted so help them by swapping the torches in the scene so that each stone is lit by 2 torches – the solution is shown in the insert.
  • Move #1 to position 2 – move #3 to position 4 – move #5 to position 6 and then to position 7.
  • Find the items on the taskbar – the coins are in pink and the bags in green and I’ve extended the items to be found.
  • Find the remaining items on the taskbar.
  • Michael and Cassandra decide there is nothing there but junk but the gate opens and the Mayan priest appears and tells Cassandra it is too late because the is going to end anyway and there is nothing she can do.
  • Nostradamus appears – he had been Mick all along. He tells Cassandra it is time for the final challenge and she needs to move the stones into their proper place.
  • Cassandra says she cannot do it but listens to Nostradamus’ instructions.
  • This is the solution to the puzzle but you must now open the portal.
  • Click on the stones in the order they are numbered.
  • The portal to the other world opens but it must be closed to save the world – watch the ending movie to see what happens.