Cart Ride Around Nothing Secret Badge – All Badge Locations Listed!

A definitive guide to the Cart Round Around Nothing secret badge, including a step-by-step walkthrough, and all of the other badges.

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Wondering where to find the Cart Ride Around Nothing secret badge? In fact, are you trying to find all of the badges? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ve detailed the location of every single badge in the game, including a step-by-step guide. That way, you can follow it exactly to grab the badges. The best part? If you’re good, you can grab all of the badges in a single run.

Cart Ride Around Nothing is… well it’s sort of in the name. Your goal is to stay on the tracks while navigating speed limits, traffic lights, loop-the-loops, and people shooting at you.

If you want to play the game yourself, check it out on Roblox. Fancy checking out more cart riding games? Check out our Create A Cart Ride codes guide.

Cart Ride Around Nothing Secret Badge

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to unlock every single badge, including the infamous Cart Ride Around Nothing secret badge!

Suffering badge

The first badge you can receive in Cart Ride Around Nothing is called the Suffering badge. To get it, you need to spawn a single cart, and stick with it until the very end (otherwise you’ll miss out on another badge). Interact with it to switch on the generator. Once the button turns from red to green – you’re ready to go!

Keep driving straight and when you reach the traffic light, wait for it to turn red and then back to green. Move before it turns green and the tracks start to shake, providing an extra risk.

When reaching the first set of cross roads, I recommend going left as it’ll take a lot less time. Going straight will also make a lot more cars spawn and there are more traffic lights, so choose wisely!

At signs that tell you the speed limit is ten, stick to it! Otherwise more cars will spawn and they will try to shoot at you.

You know you’re close when you reach an entry point with ‘dehumidifier 250968’ written above. Go through those doors but make sure not to hit them as your car can derail. Once inside, make sure to stay inside your cart.

Once you make it to this part, green smoke should appear. Congratulations, you have unlocked the Sufferingbadge.

Cart Ride Around Nothing Secret Badge

For the secret badge, drive under the ‘no accelerating/braking’ sign. Go through the first loop but make sure to brake before going through the second. Pull the ‘switch’ lever and take the left track.

Go straight until you reach the ‘scarrrryy!11 tunnel entranc. Drive into the tunnel and watch out for speed bumps. Once you reach the green sign that says ‘door’, there is a small opening in the wall to your right. Once you get inside, interact with the brick to receive the Secret badge.

Rode A Cart Around Nothing Badge

You really can get a badge for riding a cart around nothing! To do this, wait for the doors to open and then go. Once you reach a slope make sure to decelerate, as you can easily fall off the tracks. You will then encounter a traffic light but, just like before, wait for it to turn red and then back to green before going.

When you reach the doors withdehumidifier 250968 written on them, make sure to stay in your cart. Green smoke will appear, and after that you get the Rode A Cart Around Nothing badge

Single Try Badge

If you made it here while sticking to the same cart and not dying, congratulations! You get the Single Try badge.

And that is how to get all of the badges! Good luck and have fun riding!

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