Cars: Fast as Lightning Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Surprised to see a Cars game in 2014? Any time is a good one to visit Radiator Springs, particularly for younger gamers who want to revisit some of their favorite characters from both movies. They can do that in Cars: Fast as Lightning, which asks players to build custom tracks and construct their own versions of Radiator Springs. Then they can take a succession of vehicles and race them on those tracks, all with controls that make it simple for anyone to go for the checkered flag. Though it’s a fairly simple and straightforward game, Gamezebo’s Cars: Fast as Lightning Tips, Cheats and Strategies can still help you race and build with the best of them.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Driving isn’t very difficult, but you can’t just hold the gas down the whole time you’re on the track. Ease off the gas pedal going into turns, then hit it again when you’re through most of the curve. And don’t forget to tap the gas right on the blue circle in turns that have one, as that will give you a speed boost.
  • Before you start a race, a meter will pop up telling you how difficult it will be for you to win. If it looks too hard, return to town and upgrade your car at the garage. All it takes is some coins and either patience (or gems), and you’ll be faster and able to take on more difficult challenges on the track.
  • See those other cars driving around on the tracks before you race? You can challenge them to win stickers that will unlock additional paint jobs for your car. These practice races won’t get you any closer to advancing to the next track, but switching up the paint is a nice way to change things up while you wait to earn more cars.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You might want to wait before you add too many tricks and decorations to each track. Some races have a specific number of elements you need to build before you can start them, and you don’t want to waste coins or gems on things that aren’t essential. Let the race requirements guide you, and don’t forget that there are always things you can add for coins alone, as long as the lack of variety doesn’t bother you.
  • The missions that Lightning McQueen and Mater give you are great ways to rack up extra coins and experience. Just be sure to activate them by tapping on those characters when they have an exclamation point showing, as you won’t be able to collect (or even know what you’re supposed to be accomplishing) until you do. Lightning’s missions are always related to racing, while Mater asks you to do things around Radiator Springs.
  • The thought bubbles over the heads of cars in town tell you where they want to go, and sending them there will get you some extra coins. One nice thing is that even if you can’t figure it out from the image alone, the game will spell out for you exactly where you need to direct them.

Cars: Fast as Lightning Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Wake up those sleepy cars! If you’ve been away from the game for a while, you might see some vehicles sleeping in their pits. Tap on them to wake them up so they can start doing useful things again — you’ll also get a few free experience points for playing human alarm clock.
  • You can expand Radiator Springs by tapping on one of the arrow signs at the end of any road. That will give you more room to build, but since each expansion takes an increasingly large amount of coins, you’ll need to save some up before you can spread out. Plus you’ll get to see Lightning’s good friend Bessie in action!
  • If you decide you want to buy some gems for real money (and kids, get your parents’ permission before you even think about doing this), wait until they go on sale. Like many games with in-app purchases, Cars: Fast as Lightning offers a bunch of “limited time only” deals. And maybe they really are, but you’re almost guaranteed to see another similar one in the future. Never pay full retail price.

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