Carrie the Caregiver 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Help Carrie care for her preschool class with these tips and tricks for Carrie the Caregiver 2.


  • Chaining is the key to attaining higher scores. Try to assign toddlers to tables in such a way that you can chain as many actions as possible.
  • Take advantage of the “speedy-service” bonus points! You need to treat a baby within one second (that’s fast!).
  • Speedy-service points can be chained up to 4 times.
  • Don’t forget to eat! Carrie slows down as she expends energy. Eating or drinking will help to give you a boost.
  • Play a tune on your guitar for kids who are waiting to be seated. You can play a little faster in each new activity.
  • The teddy bear is one of the most powerful tools available to you. Swap it between needy toddlers to prevent them from losing hearts.
  • The teddy bear can be given to kids at the tables and those still waiting in line.
  • You get as many as two books in a room. They can be given to seated kids or kids waiting in line. It’s a great way to keep them from losing hearts for a short while.
  • You get up to two waiting chairs in a room. They can be given to kids waiting in line to keep them from losing hearts for a short while.
  • Keep an eye on your satisfaction meter. Positive actions steadily increase it and the bonus heart you get when the meter fills up is a very powerful tool.
  • Make sure to give the bonus hearts to the kids with the lowest heart points… it completely restores them.
  • When (if!) you find yourself just standing around, see if you can grab a bonus heart, or prepare some materials, or play your guitar. Always keep busy and on top of all of your tasks.
  • Here’s a great opening move for any level: alternate between pacifying the line with your guitar, the chairs, the books, and the teddy bear and preparing any needed materials for the current activity.
  • Try seating the first few kids closer to the top of the room. It will be a shorter walk to bring them what they need.
  • Try seating the toddlers close to each other. It will be a shorter walk to bring them what they need.
  • Clumsy toddlers provide an opportunity for longer chains. Bringing a dropped object to a toddler is still a chained action, so get to know the clumsy kids!
  • Avoid throwing things in the garbage because you lose points (recycle them instead).
  • Taking the extra time to walk across the room to pick up the skates is generally well worth it. This is especially true for the pink super-skates.

  • When you’re not busy, prepare some paint – you’re sure to need it.
  • Try to seat toddlers near a clip that matches their shirt color. It will be a short walk to hang their art after they leave.
  • All toddlers paint a happy face. A quick glance at their easel should tell you how long they have left before they’ll ask for your help.

  • Keep the shape dispenser loaded at all times.
  • Here’s a power move…always double-click the dispenser when you grab a shape. It refills it right away.
  • Chaining in the shapes activity is tricky, but since you can tell what shapes the kids will need by looking at their tables you can plan ahead.

  • Try to heat up lunches in advance. As soon as toddlers line up, get their lunches in the microwaves.
  • If you watch a toddler eat you can tell how long it will be before they ask for a drink. Be ready with that drink to score speedy service bonus points.

  • If you watch a toddler write or decorate you can tell how long it will be before they ask for help. Be ready!

  • If you watch a toddler add sprinkles you can tell how long it will be before they ask for help.
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