Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Card Wars Kingdom might look like a pretty simple card game at first glance, but the deeper you get into the game, the more you’ll find yourself being taken apart by the AI. That’s okay though, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, this is a pretty tough experience after all. So we thought we’d bash out some hints and tips to make sure you’re using all of your cards and skills to the utmost of their abilities. After all, if you’re going to put hours into a game, the least we can do is put some time into making sure you’re not wasting that time.

With Gamezebo’s Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies at your side, you should be ruling the Card Wars Kingdom in no time at all. And yes, we’d love to accept a knighthood for our services to the crown. It’d be our honor.

The Basics

Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Read your cards – It’s important to know what your cards do, and what benefits they’ll give you. Don’t just throw attacks in on the off chance you’ll get extra boosts. Read the text and figure out the best time to chuck them into play.
  • Read your opponent – The further you get into the game the more you need to understand what moves your opponent is likely to make. Pay attention from fight one and you’ll be able to work out the strategies and attacks that your foes are likely to be using.
  • What’s that? – It’s important to learn about the various mechanics that happen outside of play as well. The game walks you through them when you unlock them, so pay attention, and when you get a chance experiment to see just how they work.

Advanced Tips

Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Pick your enemy’s targets – Quite often you can distract your enemy from the creatures you’re actually going to use to attack by buffing up a different creature first. Choose a card from your deck that’s able to take a beating and you can quite often use them as a diversion.
  • Double up – Some cards have two buffs on them. One that occurs when you play the card, and one that has its own stipulations. Make sure you do your best to use both of these, as it’ll give you a huge advantage. One buff is good, two buffs for the cost of one is a masterstroke of tactical genius.
  • Focus fire – Who’s giving you the most hassle? Who’s dealing the most damage? Learn to focus your attacks on the strongest foes to start with, and you should be able to turn the tide of battle once you’ve cleared them from the board.


Card Wars Kingdom Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • What did they do? – For the first few moves in a match keep a close eye on your opponent. Are they throwing out creatures or buffing up their first monster? Try and match them for the first few turns to keep the playing field level for longer.
  • Upgrade – When you’ve got some cake, make sure you use it to toughen up your monsters. It’ll be obvious after a few rounds which ones you’re likely to keep when you make it deeper into the game, so use most of your cake to strengthen them, and save some for the weaker creatures you’re likely to discard just to keep them competitive.
  • Play around – There’s not a huge scope for experimentation here, but when you’re fighting weaker enemies make sure you try out new things. Working out which tactics work best for the deck that you’re building is key to grabbing that crown.

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