Card Thief Tips, Cheats and Strategies


There’s a lot going on in new solitaire/stealth mash-up, Card Thief. Sneaking isn’t as easy as you’d think, requiring plenty of careful thought and planning. While the game’s tutorial might teach you the very basics, there’s still plenty of other things to learn.

Gamezebo’s Card Thief Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with the basic necessities meaning you’ll be dodging enemies and swiping treasure in no time.

The Basics

  • Take your time to make a move. There’s no rush and you want to get things right.
  • It’s important to know what each card means.
  • Barrels are going to be your favorite card. Land on one of these and your stealth is refreshed to 10. It’s perfect for giving you a substantial boost as you survive pursuing your stealthy path.
  • Besides that, feet give you a mini stealth boost so land on those when you can too.
  • Always focus on extinguishing the torches. Torches illuminate the area which means enemies end up even stronger. You should prioritize clearing them.
  • Work on keeping your stealth points as high as possible. It’s better to take out guards than simply swap places with them, after all.


  • Guards can only see you if they’re looking in your direction. Keep an eye on the direction they’re facing and plan accordingly.
  • See that eye icon up top? That means you’re being watched. It’s as vital as it sounds!
  • If you’re in the light with 0 or less stealth, and a guard sees you, it’s game over.
  • In a similar way, if you have more than 0 but the guard you sneak past reduces you to below 0, you’re still captured.
  • The best form of attack is defense sometimes.
  • You don’t actually have to take out all the guards. Most of the time, you want to focus on extinguishing the torches and picking up treasure. Clearing cards is everything rather than specifically dealing with the guards.
  • Guards will follow you if they get suspicious but they only ever move one space so it’s not the end of the world. Just be aware of how they react to you and respond accordingly.


  • Don’t pick up the treasure chest straight away. Each turn that you don’t pick it up, the loot gets better. Wait it out and then pick it up at the last moment for maximum gains.
  • Don’t forget to use the treasure chest after a session. Hit the relevant icon and switch to the equipment page. Early on, you won’t actually have any equipment but you can open up the treasure chests and hopefully gain some loot.
  • Each chest holds either insignias or trash loot. Insignias go towards unlocking equipment but don’t expect to get too many.
  • There’s going to be a fair amount of playing before you unlock anything.
  • Save using your bonus extra stealth card until you really have to. It can get you out of a bind later on in your session, and can make all the difference.
  • Look forward to eventually unlocking equipment like the arrow that distracts the guards. The game opens up a lot more once you unlock new stuff like that.

Technical Tip

  • Is your iPhone battery being drained like crazy while you play? Switch card animations off. It makes a huge difference to your battery life.

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