Car MakeUp Strategy Guide – Pimp Your Rides With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Car MakeUp isn’t, unfortunately, a game about repairing the broken relationships between vehicles that have fallen out. Instead, it’s a game about taking a rust bucket and turning it into a pimped-out, four-wheeled work of art, then selling it.

To do that you’re driving down a stretch of road peppered with cash gates, accessory stations and muddy puddles. You need to hit some, avoid the others and make sure you’re getting the most cash you can come the end. 

In order to help you out with that, we’ve written this here strategy guide. Use these suggestions and you’ll be selling vehicular masterpieces in no time flat. After all, these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Car MakeUp.

Hit the blue gates

The blue gates are the ones that are going to add value to your car. The red ones are going to take it away, which is the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for. Always be on the lookout for the gate that’s going to add the most value to your vehicle, because it’ll get you the best score at the end of the level.

Get the most expensive accessories

You’re not paying for the accessories you pick up while you’re driving, so always try and get the most expensive ones attached to your car. They’ll add up to a higher score when you get to the end of the level, even if you end up with an aesthetic nightmare.

Upgrade when you can

When you’ve got the cash to upgrade, you should always do it. Add more to the earnings stat and you’ll get to the new decals and styles quicker. These will add more value to your car at the end of a level, letting you upgrade your earnings even further. That’s the basic cycle of the game.

Avoid the gloop if possible

There’s plenty of gloopy mud, goo and other gross stuff on the road ahead of you. Sometimes you’re going to have to drive through it, but if you can avoid it, you definitely should. Dirty cars don’t make as much money as clean ones, so you can end up losing a lot if you don’t manage to clean the filth off.

Increase your cash?

The game lets you watch a video at the end of every drive to get the best offer for your car. This will get you some extra cash, but it’s not really worth the effort. You’ll earn enough as you play to unlock everything gradually, and there’ll never be a point where you’ll feel like you don’t have enough in the coffers.

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