Captain Space Bunny Walkthrough

Welcome the Captain Space Bunny walkthrough on Gamezebo. Captain Space Bunny is a time management/tycoon game played on PC created by Vast Studios. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to complete Captain Space Bunny.

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Introduction / Main Window

Welcome the Captain Space Bunny walkthrough on Gamezebo. Captain Space Bunny is a time management/tycoon game played on PC created by Vast Studios. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to complete Captain Space Bunny.

Help Captain Space Bunny find the bunny home planet of Carrotin Beta. To do this, you need to help the citizens on various planets rebuild their villages. Each planet holds new clues on where to go next in your quest to find Carrotin Beta.

Gameplay follows a fairly traditional village building/SIM format. You need to build residential buildings to attract villagers and generate income, and achieve specific objectives such as generating a certain amount of income or increasing your over-all happiness.

Main Window

In the top left of the main window you will find all your essential information.

Captain Space Bunny

From left to right:

  • Time left to complete expert mode. Once this time runs out, the timer will start adding up from the original time you were given for expert mode, showing you the total time you’ve spent on this level. Expert mode gives you a gold badge and additional captain energy points to take to your next levels.
  • Energy bar to show you how much time until the next income is generated
  • Total income you’re currently generating per round
  • Your total available energy cells
  • Your total available minerals
  • Total number of bunnies in your employment and how many are currently active. 0/5 means that you own 5 bunnies and none of them are currently active
  • Total happiness

In the top right corner of the window you find a list of your objectives for that level. Objectives completed will be crossed out. Note that the criteria of all objectives must be met at the end of the level. For example, one of the objectives may be to have 5 gifts in your base. Whenever you have 5 gifts in the base, the objective will be crossed out. However, if you drop below this number again by using any of the gifts for other purposes, the objective becomes active again and you will have to collect more gifts to complete the objective.

Building / Upgrading / Buying and Selling


Click on an empty platform and the build menu comes up. You can build residential, entertainment, energy and support buildings. New buildings will be unlocked in higher levels.

Building requires minerals and bunnies. If you hover your cursor over the options in the building menus, you will get a pop-up window telling you how many minerals and bunnies you need to build that building. If you don’t have all resources for a certain building, it will be grayed out and the pop-up window will tell you what resources you’re short of.

Each building has a sale value and an income value, which you can find next to the captain energy bar after you’ve clicked on a building. A building will only generate income when it is not broken or being worked on in any way.


Upgrading a residential building increases its value and the income it generates. To quickly increase your income it is often cheaper to upgrade existing buildings than to build new ones. You can upgrade each building three times, and each upgrade is shown by a little gold star on the edge of the building platform.

To upgrade, click on the building of your choice and hover your cursor over the button with the star on it. This will give you a pop-up window that shows you the resources required for the upgrade, how much the building will be worth after upgrading and how much income it will generate. Note that it does not show the increase in income from its current state, only the total income after you’ve upgraded.

Buying and Selling

When a platform or building comes up for sale, a for sale sign with a price on it will pop up. Click on the building to go to the sales menu. You can choose to buy at market value, which is the fastest, go below market value, which takes a bit longer but is cheaper, or make a really low offer, which takes even longer to negotiate and sometimes the offer falls through completely.

Selling a building will give you an instant increase in your total energy cells. To sell a building, click on it and click on the sale button. As with buying, you get three options. You can sell high, which gives you a better deal but it will take some time to negotiate a price. You can sell at market value, which doesn’t take as long but also gives you a lower price. Or you can liquidate at a bottom end price, which is very fast and never fails. A building’s current market value is shown in the bottom left corner of the main window, next to the captain points, after you click on it. Market value is strongly influenced by the number of upgrades and a building’s happiness rating.


Houses with a positive happiness rating will add to your village’s total happiness. To increase the happiness rating of a house, build an entertainment building next to it. Clicking on an entertainment building will show you which platforms it can reach. Empty platforms are not affected by the happiness bonus cast by an entertainment building, but houses you don’t own are, and will add to your village’s total happiness. Higher level entertainment buildings give higher happiness ratings and happiness points from more than one entertainment building are cumulative.

In addition, you can buy upgrades for your houses that each give an additional happiness rating of +5. These upgrades are solar energy, wind energy, bio energy and paint.

Energy buildings give a negative happiness rating to houses in their vicinity. As with entertainment buildings, higher level energy buildings give higher happiness deductions, and these are also cumulative.

Occasionally citizens will walk into your village and request an item or a service. Click on the villager’s speech bubble to help the villager. This gives you an additional happiness bonus of +5.

Finally, you can send groups of 4 bunnies to festivals held in your entertainment buildings to get an additional +10 happiness per festival.


There are three types of items you can collect and store in your space base: food, gifts and energy cubes. Clicking on your space base will show you how many of each item you have in storage. Click on an item to send an available bunny to collect it and store it in your space base. Later on in the game you will be able to build a trade center and employ collector bunnies that will automatically collect any available item.

Items stored in the space base can be used to replenish some of your resources. Click on the space base and click on the button for the item you want to use. Occasionally a citizen will walk into your village and ask for one of the items. Click on the villager and a bunny will be dispatched with the requested item.

  • Food items will appear in your village at set time intervals for a few seconds. Clicking on the food in your space base will replenish some of your captain energy points.
  • Gifts are generated by your entertainment buildings. Click on the entertainment building to see how much time until the next gift is generated. Using gifts from your space base will give you some extra minerals.
  • Energy cubes are generated by your energy buildings. Click on the energy building to see how much time before the next cube is generated. Using an energy cube from your space base will add to your total energy cells.

Captain Skills

As the game progresses you will unlock several “captain skills” to help you with your mission. These skills require captain energy, the amount of which you own is shown in the colored bar in the bottom left corner of the main window. Destroying pests also uses up some of your captain energy points.

The energy points you have used will slowly replenish over time, but you can replenish them faster by using the food stored in your space base. Each time you finish a level in expert mode, you will gain some more captain energy points to take with you to the next level.

Captain skills are:

  • Swap Buildings – select 2 platforms you own to have them swap places. Buildings can’t be moved while they’re being repaired or upgraded, and entertainment buildings can’t be moved during festivals. Costs 50 points.
  • Frenzy – make your bunnies move and work faster. Level 1 costs 100 points and lasts 1 minute. Level 2 costs 120 points and lasts 2 minutes.
  • Bunny Army – temporarily receive additional bunnies for 1 minute. Level 1 costs 100 points and gives you 3 additional bunnies. Level 2 costs 120 points and gives you 6 additional bunnies.
  • Slow All Pests – slow down all incoming pests for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Costs 80 points. I recommend using this skill continually as soon as the red crabs arrive.
  • Force Building for Sale – click on this skill and on a platform you want to buy but is not currently for sale to force it to go on sale immediately. Costs 100 points.
  • Clone Building – Clone any building, including all its upgrades, onto an empty platform. Costs 300 points but doesn’t require any bunnies or minerals.


Terra zone 1.1

Build 3 houses
Clear the debris from 2 platforms

You will be guided through building your first two houses and clearing one platform. To complete the level, clear the second platform on your own and build your third house.

Terra zone 1.2

Buy 1 building
Own 1 building with 3 stars
Total income of 1000 energy cells

You are guided through the first two objectives with the tutorial. To complete the third objective, upgrade the other hut and the duplex to 2 stars.

Terra zone 1.3

Build 2 buildings
Sell 2 buildings
Total energy cells of 20,000
Help 2 citizens
Total happiness of 10

The tutorial guides you through building your 2 residential buildings and buying the minerals to complete this. It will then show you how to sell a building and how to help a citizen. Sell another building and help one more citizen to complete all objectives.

Terra zone 1.4

Get rid of 1 pest
Repair 1 building
Two apples in the base

A crab will walk into one of your buildings and damage it. The tutorial will guide you through destroying the next crab (click on it twice) and repairing the building. It will then tell you about captain skills and energy and collecting fruit before showing you how to train extra bunnies.

Islendia Zone

Islendia zone 2.1

Own 2 duplexes
Paint 4 houses blue
Total income of 2,500 energy cells
Clear debris from all platforms
Total happiness of 30

To complete this level I bought 1 duplex, built 2 duplexes and built 1 hut. Then I fully upgraded all 3 duplexes and 1 of the huts to get the required income. Your happiness is increased by painting the houses and helping a few citizens.

Islendia zone 2.2

Total happiness of 40
Total income of 2,500 energy cells
Help 3 citizens
2 gifts in the base
Own 1 museum

To get the required income you need 3 fully upgraded duplexes, of which at least 2 near the museum and 1 fully upgraded hut. You have ample time and resources to finish this objective, so it doesn’t really matter if you buy the houses or build them.

Islendia zone 2.3

Own 1 furtonic energy plant
Total happiness of 50
Total income of 2,500 energy cells
Total energy cells of 50,000
3 gifts in the base

To complete this level you need to build a museum. Generating gifts is quite slow, so build a museum quite soon and don’t forget to collect the gifts. Also don’t help citizens when they’re asking for a gift until you have more than 3 gifts in the base.

Additionally, you need to build a furtonic energy plant. The plant has a negative effect on the happiness of surrounding buildings, so try and build it away from your houses. However, the penalty is only -5 happiness per house, which can be cancelled out by helping another citizen.

Get 3 fully upgraded duplexes, a fully upgraded hut and another hut or duplex to get your income. If you have the time and money, you can build and upgrade more than this so you generate income faster. Also, you can use the energy cells generated in the plant to increase your total energy cells.

Islendia zone 2.4

Own 2 duplexes with +15 happiness
Own 1 research lab
Total workforce of 10 bunnies
Total energy cells of 60,000
Total income of 3,000 energy cells

This is the first level where you’re pushed for time to finish all objectives within expert time. The way I did it was by first gaining a lot of income fast by building duplexes on all platforms I owned and then painting and fully upgrading them. Buy other platforms when they come on the market. Just pay the full price so you’re not wasting any time or risking the deal falling through. Bulldozer the un-upgraded hut and keep 2 platforms empty.

As soon as you can, use your captain skills to move an empty platform to the area in the top right corner (if necessary) and build a museum on it so it’s surrounded by 3 of your fully upgraded duplexes. This gives you the +15 happiness and even more income. Then use the other empty platform to build your research lab and train a group of 3 and then a lot of 2 more bunnies.

Finally, liquidate 2 of your fully upgraded duplexes to get a wad of cash fast (but don’t sell the ones around the museum!). This should still leave you with enough income to reach your target and get you to your total energy cells target before expert time runs out.

Abstraxis Zone

Abstraxis zone 3.1

Total 100 happiness
Own 4 blue space cottages
Own 2 duplexes with +25 happiness
Total income of 8,000 energy cells
6 mushrooms in the base

This is the first level that has pests, so look out for them and make sure you destroy them as soon as they come in. You will hear an alarm sound just before a pest arrives, and there will also be a notification of incoming pest in the bottom left of the screen.

Start by building your space cottages and painting them blue. I also bought 1 more bunny so you can upgrade 3 cottages at the same time. Buy platforms as they come up for sale and convert them into more space cottages or those 2 duplexes. Upgrade your dwellings to get more income. Build 2 museums and use your captain skills to move your buildings around so that your 2 duplexes are both near both museums, giving them +10 happiness from each museum. Also paint them for the other +5 happiness.

Keep collecting mushrooms and don’t hand them out to citizens who ask for them until you have more than 6 in your base. Make sure you upgrade your space cottages and duplexes and build more space cottages when you can.

Abstraxis zone 3.2

Own 1 security center
Total happiness of 120
Total income of 5,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 50,000
Inspect 5 buildings

As usual, start by building and upgrading space cottages. Get 1 extra bunny to work faster. If you have a hut, bulldozer it and replace it with another space cottage or a museum. Build the museum surrounded by your houses. I had 4 fully upgraded and painted space cottages and 1 fully upgraded and painted duplex all near the museum to get my total income objective. Then build your security center and inspect your houses. I had 1 more duplex I was upgrading in order to liquidate it for extra revenue, but I never needed to as I earned enough energy cells from income alone well within the expert time. Make sure to help your citizens along the way for +5 happiness each.

Abstraxis zone 3.3

Own 10 buildings
Total income of 10,000 energy cells
Total happiness of 150
Help 8 citizens
Clear all platforms of debris

Get 1 extra bunny and start building, painting and upgrading space cottages. Don’t forget to collect mushrooms and help citizens along the way, and watch out for those pests. I bought all but 1 of the available platforms and built cottages on each empty one. To help along the happiness factor I built 1 museum and moved it to a place surrounded by cottages.

Abstraxis zone 3.4

Own 5 buildings with a solar panel
Own 2 solar energy centers
8 energy cubes in the base
Total energy cells of 60,000
Total happiness of 100

You should have plenty of time to finish this level, even if you’re not very efficient, like me. Start by getting one more bunny and build some space cottages to generate income. Giving them solar panels will give them +5 happiness each, and also give them a coat of paint to increase their happiness even more. Build a museum near your houses.

Build your solar energy centers away from your houses, because they reduce happiness of each adjacent house by 10. Use your captain skills to move buildings around if you need to. Don’t forget to collect the energy cubes from the solar energy centers as soon as you can, because it does take a little while for them to be generated. Keep helping your citizens for extra happiness, but take care not to bring them any energy cubes until you know you have more than 8 in your base.

Abstraxis zone 3.5

Hold 4 festivals
Total happiness of 200
Total of 15 bunnies
Total energy cells of 80,000
Own 2 cottages with +25 happiness

To obtain 2 cottages with +25 happiness, you will need at least 2 museums. Also, if you own a research lab, buying bunnies will only be half the normal cost, so you need to get one of those too.

I started, as usual, by getting 1 extra bunny and buying, painting and upgrading a couple of space cottages. You can also give them solar panels, if you like. I built 1 museum next to 2 cottages as soon as I could, after which I built a research lab to reduce the cost of getting more bunnies. You need 4 bunnies to go to a festival, so don’t wait too long before getting more bunnies as that way you can keep building while some of your bunnies are at the festival. Get the bunnies 3 at a time, as that is the cheapest.

Build your second museum near the same 2 cottages to increase their happiness to +25 (or more, if they’re painted and have solar panels). Build and upgrade at least 2 more cottages and sell or liquidate them for instant revenue. Don’t sell the 2 cottages by the museum, though!

Ta’ffi Zone

Ta’ffi zone 4.1

Total income of 8,000 energy cells
Total happiness of 150
Hold 2 festivals
Own 3 apartments with 3 stars
Get rid of 10 pests

This level wasn’t too hard. Build your 3 apartments and fully upgrade them with solar panels and paint. This should get you your 8000 income. Make sure to also build a museum and get your bunnies to the festival. The trickiest part of this level is catching the red crabs – they’re fast! You can try building security centers, but I found it wasn’t necessary.

Ta’ffi zone 4.2

Own 1 recycling center
Own 4 apartments with +20 happiness
Own 9 buildings
Total minerals of 30,000
Total happiness of 150

Build your recycling center and use all your money to buy 10,000 minerals. Then start building apartments, upgrade them and give them a coat of paint and solar panels.

Once you have enough energy cells, build a museum and move it either to the center platform in the southwest section or to one of the platforms in the north section. Move your 4 apartments around the museum for extra happiness. You may have to buy the platforms around your museum, so do that when you can – you will need to buy extra platforms to get to your 9 building target anyway. Don’t bother upgrading anything other than your 4 apartments. As soon as you have the money, buy 3 lots of 10,000 minerals and hey presto, you’re done.

a’ffi zone 4.3

Own 2 duplexes with 3 stars
Total income of 10,000 energy cells
Help 10 citizens
8 gifts in the base
Happiness of 150

You need to build a museum to collect gifts. If you like, you can build 2 museums so you can collect gifts faster. Build and upgrade your duplexes and put them near a museum to gain happiness and get a higher income from them. Also build and upgrade apartments until you have the required 10,000 cell income. What took the longest in my game was helping 10 citizens, so start doing that right away (though don’t give them gifts unless you have more than 8 gifts in the base).

Ta’ffi zone 4.4

Own 3 entertainment buildings
Total happiness of 450
Hold 8 festivals
10 gifts in the base
Total energy cells of 100,000

For this level you need 2 museums and a cinema. I also recommend getting at least 8 bunnies in total so you can have 2 groups of 4 go to festivals. The rest of this level is pretty straightforward. I found I could get enough cells from 2 fully upgraded apartments that were near 1 or 2 entertainment buildings, and a few lower level buildings. Another strategy is to have 3 all singing and dancing apartment buildings near your entertainment centers and then selling one off for instant cash. The bulk of the happiness points is gained from sending your bunnies to the festivals.

Your captain skills are very useful on this level – use the Frenzy skill to make your bunnies move to and from festivals faster, and I also used the Bunny Army skill a few times to make the most of all the festivals around. You also get the Slow All Pests skill on this level, which makes the red crabs easier to catch for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ta’ffi zone 4.5

Own 4 buildings with 20 happiness
Build on all platforms
Build 2 wind energy centers
Total happiness of 180
Total energy cells of 120,000

Another straightforward level. I had my 2 wind energy centers in the bottom right corner, next to my base so that no buildings were negatively affected by them. Then in the top left corner I had a museum surrounded by 4 all singing and dancing apartments. After that it’s just a matter of gathering income and buying everything else as soon as it comes up for sale.

Scaldarra Zone

Scaldarra zone 5.1

Own 7 buildings with +20 happiness
Total income of 12,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 135,000
Hold 5 festivals
Own all buildings

For this level, start by building a few apartments on empty platforms. You will also need 2 museums strategically placed so they reach as many platforms as possible. (You can use cinemas if you like, but they cost twice as much to build while you can also get that extra +5 happiness from upgrading your houses.)

Upgrade your houses, paint them and give them solar and/or wind energy to increase their happiness further. Buy the cheaper lots as they come on the market. Don’t bother upgrading too much for income purposes, just get the upgrades that affect the happiness. Don’t forget to send your bunnies to the festivals, so consider getting up to 10 bunnies in total.

Scaldarra zone 5.2

Total energy cells of 150,000
Total income of 15,000 energy cells
Own 1 trade center
Hold 8 festivals
Total happiness of 200

The hardest part at this level is to get your total income of 15,000. Build apartments and make them as flash as you can. Also build at least 1 entertainment building, but having 2 helps. Have at least 10 bunnies and keep sending them to festivals. After I’d upgraded 4 apartments, I just started buying cheap lots as they came up for sale to get to my 15,000 income.

Scaldarra zone 5.3

Build 1 research lab
Own 2 buildings with +35 happiness
Total happiness of 220
Help 14 citizens
Total energy cells of 180,000

To get the buildings with 35 happiness, build them close to 2 entertainment centers (I used 2 museums) and give them paint, and solar and wind energy. Build your research lab when you can. The limiting steps in this level are helping the 14 citizens and the total energy of 180,000. So, start helping citizens as right from the start. Use your Speed Bonus captain skill to speed things up a little. To get the 180,000 energy cells I built, bought and upgraded various houses and sold them. Especially houses with a high happiness factor sell for good prices.

Scaldarra zone 5.4

Own 1 bio thermal energy center
Own 2 buildings with 40 happiness
Total happiness of 250
Total income of 15,000
8 energy cubes in base

The trick to this level is to start with building a recycling center. While it is being built, get 3 temporary bunnies with your captain skill and start building an apartment. As soon as you have your recycling center, use all your money in one go to buy 10,000 minerals.

Then build your bio thermal energy center, as generating those 8 cubes takes time. Finding a good spot for the energy center is tricky, as it casts -20 happiness on all buildings around it. However, if you build it too close to the edge the red crabs can get to it quickly and repairing it is costly (I recommend using the Slow All Pests skill liberally from this level onward). It depends on the layout of your village, but try to find a spot with empty platforms around it, or with houses that you don’t own (that way you do get the happiness penalty but at least it doesn’t affect your income). A good idea is also to build it close to your space base, as the base isn’t affected by the happiness penalty. Don’t forget to collect the energy cubes!

In the meantime, build another apartment and start upgrading it. Even with 2 apartments you generate a bit of income quite fast, and I recommend buying 3 more bunnies as soon as you have enough energy cells to do so.

Build 1 museum and move it to the north part of the village, to one of the spots in the middle. Start sending bunnies to festivals as soon as you can, to add to your total happiness.

Move your apartments close to the museum. You will need another museum or cinema later, but start with just 1 and start focusing on generating income. Keep building apartments on your empty platforms, and buy other platforms as they come up for sale. You can also force an offer on platforms in good locations using your captain skill. Just keep going until you have your 15,000 income.

Finally, build your second museum (or cinema) and make sure that 2 apartments are in the radius of both entertainment buildings to get that 40 happiness.

Scaldarra zone 5.5

Total income of 18,000 energy cells
Own 1 carnival
10 gifts in the base
Total energy cells of 200,000
Total happiness of 300

Start by building a recycling center and then use all your money to buy 10,000 minerals. Start building and upgrading apartments and build your carnival near the apartments. Buy 3 more bunnies as soon as you have the money and keep sending bunnies to festivals. Don’t forget to collect the gifts! Keep building and upgrading apartments until you have your 18,000 income. Reaching the 200,000 total energy shouldn’t take too long.

Izhott Zone

Izhott zone 6.1

Own 3 mansions with 3 stars
Total income of 20,000 energy cells
Build on all platforms
Total happiness of 300
Help 20 citizens

As with the previous levels, first buy a recycling center and then buy 10,000 minerals. Start building and upgrading your mansions, and from the generated income buy 3 more bunnies. Build an entertainment building (I chose a carnival) surrounded by your mansions, and send bunnies to the festivals. The limiting factor in this level is helping

Izhott zone 6.2

Total happiness of 500
Total income of 45,000 energy cells
8 energy cubes in the base
8 gifts in the base
8 duran in the base

This is a tricky level and it’s best to be quite systematic about it and not get flustered. The hardest part of this level is getting the 45,000 income. To achieve this income you need about 6 or 7 all singing and dancing mansions (a very happy mansion can give you well over 7,000 cells income). In addition, you will need 2 entertainment buildings and 2 energy buildings. I chose to build 2 carnivals and 2 furtonic energy plants. The good news is that with all those mansions, you will never be short of energy cells, meaning you can pretty much buy as many bunnies and minerals as you like.

Start by building your recycling center. Then build 2 or 3 mansions with a carnival next to it, in the center of the village. As soon as you have enough energy cells, get 3 more bunnies. Build the cheapest energy plant on one of the 2 platforms at the north end of the village. Meanwhile, keep upgrading your mansions.

Build another carnival with more mansions around it and another energy plant on the other platform at the north end of town (that way they won’t have a negative effect on surrounding buildings). You should be getting energy cells like water, so as soon as you click on something and you don’t have enough bunnies or minerals, just buy more. Don’t be stingy on getting bunnies!! I had about 36 of them in the end. Keep sending your bunnies to the festivals and have them collect the duran, energy cubes and gifts. Don’t bother with helping citizens, but focus on upgrading your mansions and going to festivals to get that 500 happiness.

Izhott zone 6.3

Build 1 recycle center
Demolish 4 buildings
Total income of 50,000 energy cells
Total happiness of 600
Own 5 buildings with +50 happiness

This level is similar to the previous. You need 7 or 8 fully kitted out mansions and 3 carnivals.

Start by building your recycle center and get 10,000 minerals. Demolish the 4 huts and start building mansions. Organize your buildings as follows: build your 3 carnivals in the middle line of platforms in the top right corner. Put 5 mansions on the 3 platforms below and the 2 platforms above the carnivals. Make sure they’re all fully upgraded etc.

As with the previous level, keep buying more bunnies whenever you need to. That way, you can keep sending bunnies to carnivals while you’re also still building and upgrading several more mansions.

Izhott zone 6.4

Total happiness of 600
Total income of 55,000 energy cells
16 gifts in base
16 duran in base
16 energy cubes in base

Start by buying a recycling center and 10,000 minerals. Then start building a couple of mansions. Build an energy plant, a trade center and a carnival. As soon as you’ve generated some income, get more bunnies. Also buy the collector bunny from the trade center, as this helps massively in getting your objectives.

As energy cells come in, buy more bunnies, all the while constantly building and upgrading your mansions – just bulldozer anything smaller than a mansion as it won’t give you enough income. As soon as you can, build at least 1 more carnival and another energy plant. As always, keep the energy plants away from your houses. I had mine near the west exit and all my houses and entertainment buildings in the northeast. You need about 8 fully upgraded mansions near at least 1 carnival. It is probably better to have more mansions than that, because upgrading takes time and you can build more while the rest is being upgraded.

Izhott zone 6.5

Build on all platforms
Total income of 28,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 300,000
Total happiness of 350
Own 5 buildings with +35 happiness

After all the craziness of the previous rounds, this one is quite a bit easier again. Just follow the usual strategy of building your recycling center and getting your 10,000 minerals, then building some mansions and kitting them out with everything you’ve got. Also build a carnival near them and send your bunnies to the festivals. You should be able to do this now with several minutes to spare.

Miredom Zone

Miredom zone 7.2

Build 4 entertainment buildings
Total happiness of 850
Own 15 buildings
Total income of 65,000 energy cells
Own 6 mansions with +50 happiness

Follow the usual strategy of getting a recycling center and a trade center. Organize your mansions and entertainment buildings in the center of the village, so that each mansion is close to 2 entertainment buildings. Keep getting as many bunnies as you can, and keep sending them to festivals to gain your 850 happiness.

Miredom zone 7.3

Total income of 70,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 650,000
Total happiness of 900
Workforce of 35 bunnies
Own 6 mansions with 3 stars

Again, this level can be finished well within expert time if you follow the usual strategy. Build a recycling center and get 10,000 minerals. Start building mansions on empty platforms and upgrade them. As soon as you have enough income, buy more bunnies. Just keep building and upgrading mansions, interspersed with 2 or 3 carnivals and get more bunnies with your income. Bulldozer anything that’s smaller than a mansion.

Miredom zone 7.4

Own all buildings
Build on all platforms
Total income of 40,000 energy cells
Total happiness of 430
Total cells of 500,000

Again, same strategy as previous levels, except you don’t need to bother bulldozering lower level buildings once you’ve reached your target income.

Miredom zone 7.5

Total income of 50,000 energy cells
Total happiness of 400
Total energy cells of 700,000
Own all buildings
Total minerals of 200,000

Follow the usual strategy. As soon as you have achieved your objectives keep buying more minerals. Just keep clicking on it until you’ve reached 200,000. Note that to own all buildings, you must not just own all platforms but they have to be built on, too.

Icodonia Zone

Icodonia zone 8.1

Own 2 condos
Total income of 70,000 energy cells
Build on all platforms
Total happiness of 500
Help 27 citizens

By far the most difficult objective for this level is helping the 27 citizens. Don’t miss a single one or you might not get this level! As you have ample time to finish all the other objectives, take it slow and make sure you always have at least 1 spare bunny to help citizens when they’re around. Also build a trade center with a collector bunny, so you’re not missing out on any goodies to provide your citizens with.

Icodonia zone 8.2

Total income of 75,000 energy cells
Own 5 energy buildings
Own 2 buildings with +70 happiness
Total happiness of 550
Total energy cells of 1,000,000

Build your recycling center and get 10,000 minerals. Then build 1 or 2 condos and make them as spiffy as you can. Build 2 Sci-Fi centers near them. Also build a trade center and get a collector bunny.

Then use your new Clone Building captain skill to clone your fully upgraded condos onto other platforms. You should make energy cells like water once you have a few of those! Use the food in your space base to quickly replenish your captain points so you can clone more buildings.

Buy more bunnies whenever you have enough energy cells for them and keep sending them to festivals to help your happiness rating. Also build your energy centers (any ones will do), but away from your shiny condos (I built them all in the southwest corner of the village). I wouldn’t bother using your captain skill to clone them as you have plenty of resources to build them. You’re better off using your captain points for those condos!

Icodonia zone 8.3

Own 3 condos with 3 stars
Own 3 mansions with 3 stars
Own 3 apartments
Total happiness of 600
Help 30 citizens

This level is VERY hard to beat within expert time! You have plenty of time to get your building and income objectives, so take your building slow so you can pay attention to the citizens. Make sure that you don’t miss a single citizen right from the start, because even missing 1 may cost you your expert level.

I started by building a trade center and buying a collector bunny, so I had food to offer citizens right from the start without having to remember to send bunnies to collect it. Then I built my recycling center for cheaper minerals. Then I built one mansion and one condo, and slowly upgraded those to 3 stars. Once I had those, I cloned them both twice, using the food from the space base to replenish my captain points.

Once you have those 6 buildings, energy cells will start coming in more generously, so you can do more building (such as your carnivals) and buying of platforms and buildings. I managed to get the 600 happiness points by building and festivals alone, without bothering with getting happiness upgrades such as paint etc.

It may take a few tries, but it CAN be done within expert time, if you don’t miss a single citizen. The one time I managed to do this I had 3 seconds to spare.

Icodonia zone 8.4

Total income of 80,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 1,500,000
Own 2 condos with +90 happiness
Total happiness of 600
Hold 25 festivals

Build your recycling center, get your 10,000 minerals and build a couple of condos and a Sci-Fi center. Upgrade your condos to the max and clone them. Also build about 5 entertainment centers in total, get tons of bunnies and keep sending them to the festivals. This shouldn’t be too hard.

Icodonia zone 8.5

Own all buildings
Total happiness of 800
Total income of 100,000 energy cells
Total energy cells of 2,000,000
No negative happiness on homes

For this level I built my recycling center and got my trading center with collector bunny as soon as I could, and then built and fully upgraded 2 condos. I kept cloning those condos around a few Sci-Fi centers, replenishing my captain points with food from the space base as soon as possible. I bulldozered everything but condos and mansions. Also keep sending bunnies to festivals for those extra happiness points.