Candy Crush Friends Saga: How to Get Free Lives

By Nick Tylwalk |

I’ve got some bad news for you: When you’re playing Candy Crush Friends Saga, you’re eventually going to fail. In fact you’re going to hit levels where you fail repeatedly, dying multiple times before you eventually get it figured out. And in the process, you’re going to run out of lives, because you can only have five of them at a time, as you probably have already guessed.

However, in King’s other Saga games, of which the original Candy Crush Saga remains, well, the king, having a lot of friends to send you lives was of the utmost importance because you could ask them to send you free lives and manage them to always have five on hand if necessary. Candy Crush Friends Saga works a little differently.

The most important difference is that if you have full lives, you can’t even ask your friends for help. You need to be down at least one life before you can do anything at all. But the big deal is that you can’t “store” lives to refill when you want. Here’s how the game’s own help section describes it:

If your friend sends you multiple sets of lives then you will only see one set in the queue, once they have been accepted then you will be able to receive any more requests which are then re-sent.

If you run out of lives, you will have the chance to ask your friends to help you, or you can use the lives that have already been received.

That might sound confusing for now, but it will make more sense once you’ve been playing Candy Crush Friends Saga for a bit.

How to Get Free Lives From Friends

Candy Crush Friends Saga

When you are in need of lives, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Tap on the lives icon in the upper-left corner of the main screen, which should have a number less than five (remember?) and a countdown timer until you would earn your next life naturally.
  2. A screen will pop up with an even bigger countdown timer and a message for you to, “Ask your friends for more lives.” Tap the ‘Ask friends’ button.
  3. A list of all your in-game friends will pop up, and you can toggle them to your heart’s content by checking or unchecking the boxes next to their names. Once you’re ready, tap the ‘Ask friends’ button again.

You’ll also want to tap the heart meter to find out if your friends have actually helped you and sent some, because you claim them there as well.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Does the Unlimited Lives Trick Work on Candy Crush Friends Saga?

What, you expect us to mess around with the clock on our phone just for you? Well, we suppose so, seeing as we’re pals and all …

What we’re talking about is this old favorite for Candy Crush Saga, where you could trick your mobile device into thinking the timer had run down and refilled your lives. So does it work for Candy Crush Friends Saga?

Yep, it sure seems to. You can definitely trick your phone or tablet by turning off the automatic date/time setting feature and then fast forwarding however long is necessary to refill your lives. At least you can right now. Maybe King will do something to prevent it at some point, or perhaps they just figure if you’re willing to play with fire by risking forgetting to restore your device to the proper time, that’s on you.

In any case, please tell us how it is in the future, as we’d love to know.

We’ve also got general Candy Crush Friends Saga tips and hints if you need more. Now go and live your best lives, five at a time.

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