Can You See What I See? Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Has one of the riddles in Can You See What I See got you stumped? Would you like to know where that particularly hard to find item is? Read our tips & tricks – complete with screeshots – to find out everything you need to know.


  • This game is pretty straightforward. You have a list of items at the bottom of the screen, and from that list you have to find and click on the correct items. Sounds simple enough, well don’t be fooled this game is more challenging than it looks. The objects are visible, but since there are so many things to see on the screen, they can be hard to find at times. 
  • You will start the game with 5 hints. Additional hints can be obtained in two different ways: You can find Seymour in each scene, or you can play a mini-game. You will see a picture of Seymour in the “How to Play” screen at the beginning of the game. There are 12 locations to visit, and Seymour will be in each location only once. You will receive one hint for each Seymour that you find, which means you will get an additional 12 hints just for finding him. 
  • In summation, you start with 5 hints, you can earn 12 extra hints by finding Seymour and 10 more with the Jumble Jar game.For the whole game you will only have 27 hints available so use them wisely. 
  • Once you have found Seymour, clicking on him again will actually register as a missed click, so be careful. 
  • The more hints you have left on your screen at the end of each game the more points you will earn. Try to accumulate as many hints without using them in order to get a higher score each time. 
  • You cannot use hints in the puzzles in which you need to find rare collectibles, the card matching games or in the Jumble Jar game. Hints can only be used for the hidden object search part of the game. 
  • Another way of obtaining hints is by playing the Jumble Jar mini game that appears in the lower right side of the scene. This is a fun game that has a time limit attached to it. You will need to drag items from the jar into their appropriate bins. If you can separate them correctly within the allotted time you will earn an extra hint. 
  • You can only play the Jumble Jar game a maximum of ten times, which means you can only earn an additional 10 hints by doing so. You will earn the ability to play more Jumble Jar games as you complete certain levels. You can wait and play them all at once or you can play them as they appear on the screen. 
  • I found it easier to place all the same items at one time in a bin. This would cut down on confusion since it made it easier to focus and not get the bins mixed up. 
  • The Jumble Jar game starts with four different bins in which you must put items in, buttons, beads, cars and blocks. Each time you play, more items and more bins will be added to the list. After you’ve played 5 rounds you will have 6 bins instead of 4, shells, cars, blocks, others, buttons and beads. 
  • In the bin marked “others” you should put anything that doesn’t belong in the other five categories, like animals, coins, mechanical parts etc. You can play the Jumble Jar several times in a row until you get all the hints you need. 
  • There’s a memory mini game that you will play as well. This is a straightforward match cards memory game. In some of the matching games you will need to match identical objects. In other instances you will need to match cards with the same color. This mini game will help you unlock part of the collectible secret code. There is no time limit when you play this game. 
  • Each item you click on an incorrect item, you will lose 40 seconds off your clock. You may be able to get away with a few incorrect clicks without penalty, but not too many. 
  • You cannot click on Seymour if you’ve already found the last item on the list. If you’ve clicked on your last item on the list and then you realize that you forgot to click on Seymour, you will not be able to do it. You will get another chance to click on him once you revisit that scene again. 
  • There’s no way to skip puzzles in this game so you must complete everything in order to move on. 
  • If you decide to exit out of the game before you’ve completed a level, you will have to start from the beginning of such level upon your return. If you don’t want to start over, especially in a tough round, it may be best to take a few minutes and finish so that you don’t have to start over. 
  • In order to decipher the secret code you will need to rotate the wooden block pieces. Each block has three letter choices; turn the blocks around until you decipher the right word. Once you’ve identified the correct word, the blocks will merge together and automatically lock into place. 
  • You can right click on parts of the screen so you can zoom in or out of the screen and get a closer look. Each scene is divided into four quarters, right-clicking on each quarter will zoom in on whatever quarter you’ve selected. You will definitely need to use the zooming feature since some items are so small that it can be hard to click on them otherwise. 
  • If you don’t want to right click in order to zoom in on an area, you can click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the scene. The screen will automatically divide itself in 4 quadrants. Press your magnifying glass on the quadrant that you want and you will get a more detailed look of that corner. 
  • After each main puzzle you will have a riddle that you need to solve. Solving the riddle will give you the answer for the item that you need to find. The item will be part of a rare collectible item that must be found. Find and decipher all 12 and you will win the game. 
  • When you’re done with the game you have the option of starting a new game or replaying with a new set of collectibles to find. 


    Here are some images, organized by room, that show the locations of some of the items you might be asked to find.



    Beads & Baubles












    Junk Drawer


    Miniature Cars




    Spare Parts


    Toy Robots



    Here are all the locations in which you can find Seymour. Each time you find him you get an extra hint. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Animals – Top middle of the scene, close to a giraffe. 
  • Beads and Baubles- He is on the top middle part of the screen, next to a silver bucket. 
  • Bins – Seymour is in the first bin on the top left side. 
  • Blocks – He is in the top left side of the scene, inside of a red block. 
  • Button Happy – He is on the lower right side corner, next to a red spool of thread. 
  • Dinosaurs – He is on the lower left side of the screen, inside of a cave. 
  • Games – Seymour is in the lower center part of the screen, he is on a large card that has assorted items illustrated on it. 
  • Junk Drawer – If you zoom into the lower right side, it is above the large round silver container. 
  • Miniature cars -Top middle part of the screen, on top of a green truck. 
  • Plushies -Seymour is in the top left side of the scene, very tiny, close to the bear with the overalls. 
  • Spare Parts – He is in the top center of the screen, inside of a baby crib. 
  • Toy Robots – He is on the lower right side of the scene. 


  • Riddle #1-“It could slip through a narrow slot, or shine bright in a rainbow pot”-(GOLD COIN) “Beagle” Upper right quarter, in the red and green robot. 


  • Riddle #2-“It’s needed so a post can go, through rain, hail, sleet or snow” (STAMP)”The Inverted George” Top right quarter of the scene. 


  • Riddle #3-It’s a piece of eight from a pirate chest could this one be among the best? (Silver Coin) Calico Jack Pirate Treasure, Top right side, under elephant. 


  • Riddle #4-“It survives to this very day, it helped T-Rex capture prey” (T-Rex third claw) Fourth bin from the left, in the middle row – the large crescent-shaped claw. 


  • Riddle #5-“On its back, you’ll find the stats, of one who catches, throws and bats.” (BASEBALL CARD) Upper left corner 


  • Riddle #6-“It fastens any coat or vest, this one has a laurel crest”.(BUTTON) Napoleon’s Button, top left side, inside if an orange truck. 


  • Riddle #7- “They’re held in place by nose and ears, and help one’s eyes in later years”. (EYEGLASSES) Ben’ Bifocals. Top left side, by the red dice with 3 hearts. 


  • Riddle #8-“It was minted with a phony date, in what is now a US state”.(SILVER COIN) Pine tree shilling, it is located on the lower right side, by a blue block. 


  • Riddle #9-“It’s useful when a fork won’t do, to lift things to sip or chew”. (SPOON) Romanov Spoon, right side inside the silver tray. 


  • Riddle #10- It’s a portrait of a future queen, carved when she was just sixteen. (Cameo of a woman) Albert’s Gift, left side edge of the screen, towards the middle. 


  • Riddle #11- “These become worth more than ten, with Jesse signed them with a pen”. (TEN DOLLAR BILL) On the teddy bear with the blue and white striped overalls.Top left corner. 


  • Riddle #12-“It’s hands are thin. It’s face is round, It’s noted for its ticking sound.” (POCKET WATCH) Abe Lincoln Watch. It is in the lower right side 





    RARE COLLECTIBLE CODE DECIPHERED: “The rare item is hidden behind lucky 07”


    SECRET CODE LOCATION: The rare item is hidden behind lucky number 7, which is the black and white domino on the upper left side. Next to the train.



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