Camp Funshine: Carrie the Caregiver 3 Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Camp Funshine: Carrie the Caregiver 3.


  • Camp Funshine: Carrie the Caregiver 3, has 75 levels, 5 unique locations and 2 modes: Carrie’s Career and the Endless Campers mode.
  • The first 50 levels of Carrie’s Career consists of playing 10 levels of each of the 5 locations. Once you reach level 51 the game will start alternating locations after each round.
  • In the Endless Campers mode you have three difficulty levels to choose from, easy, medium and hard. The goal is to take care of a constant stream of kids coming to the location.
  • As you progress through the Endless Campers mode upgrades will be added automatically once you reach certain goals. You will begin each day with 4 hearts, you will lose a heart for each kid that gets angry and leaves. Once you lose all 4 hearts the game will end.


  • Click on a butterfly, worm or spider to generate a heart you can bring to a camper. You can store up to 4 hearts at a time.
  • You can pick up 2 and 3 items at a time in the game. For the majority of the game you can pick up 2 items. Starting in level 57 Carrie will have a basket on her head that will allow her to carry up to 3 items at once.
  • Certain items only need to be picked up once and can serve every kid with just that one item. When you’re making s’mores you only need one torch to light all the fires. If you’re making beads, picking up the scissors will cut all of the beads.
  • There are times in which a kid will have a crisis that you need to take care of. The crisis will be manifested with a thought bubble over their head. Click on the kid and then on the matching crisis to take care of it.
  • Once you click on a kid with a crisis, Carrie will not be able to move until you solve it. Take care of it right away so that you can continue with your other tasks.
  • Playing the guitar will break your chaining actions, but giving a bunny does not. Keep that in mind when you need to make your goal. You do not want to break your chain multiplier if it can be helped.
  • It can be hard to see what color the 7 year old boy is wearing since his overalls cover most of his body. In order to make it easier to distinguish, just look at the color of his shirt or at the color of the stripes on his hat.
  • vThe brown bunny likes to stay close to things that are brown (like a tree trunk). Make sure to look for it against those types of backgrounds since he blends in very well.
  • In order for the level to end you have to make sure that all your items have been picked up and put away. If you don’t do this the game will not continue.
  • When you’re playing the guitar for the kids in line, if you click another action before Carrie is finished, the kids in line will not have an extra heart added.
  • Make sure that you see the music notes at the end of the tune. You also see need to see a heart with a plus one above each of the campers. This will ensure that their hearts were actually boosted
  • Starting with level 51 you will have all the upgrades available at once, the critters, bunnies, guitars, shoes, and chairs. All of these will be with you until you reach level 75 which is the last level.
  • Starting in level 53 you will have the ability to make bonus points every time you match a completed item with a hook of the same color.
  • In the version of the game I have it states that on level 56 Carrie will be able to carry a third item through a basket on her head. I found that the basket did not actually show up until level 57.


  • There are 3 levels of scoring in this game:
  • Goal, which is meeting the minimum requirements for beating the level.
  • Advanced, which is usually making 40% above your Goal.
  • Expert, which means you need to score an average of 1,500 to 2,000 points above your Advanced score.
    • There are many things that affect your scores, some increase your scores while others make you lose points. Look at the section named Bonuses in the guide to see the tasks that help increase your scores.
    • You have to make sure that you take care of a child in a timely manner, otherwise they will get angry and leave. For every child that leaves you lose 500 points. That can add up quickly when you have several kids that leaving at once.


    • A Color Matching Bonus is achieved when you drag a kid to a table that has the same color as the kid is wearing. You can score up to 4x bonus points for color matching.
    • A Perfect Match bonus is when you match two people who want to be seated together. If a kid wants a certain person next to them and you match them correctly, you will earn an additional 300 extra points.
    • A "Good Pair Bonus" occurs when you don’t match them with a person that they requested. You will still get a bonus but it will be worth 200 extra points instead.
    • If there’s nobody available to match them with, you can use any CIT (Counselor in Training) as a substitute and you will earn an extra 50 points.
    • You can also receive a Speed Bonus when you deliver an item to a camper within 1 second. It sounds tough but it can be done when you can predict what a child is going to ask for next. Please refer to the section in this guide entitled "Predictions" to see how this is done.
    • If you’re standing at the table with the object that a kid is going to ask for you can get several Speed Bonuses within a round. Speed Bonuses increase in points the more times you do it. You will get 50 points for the first one, 100 for the next and so on.
    • In certain levels you will receive a color matching bonus when you match the items that you are putting away with the hooks on the walls or the trees. You will get an additional 30 points for each item that matches a colored hook. You do not get multiplier points for matching hooks with items.
    • You can receive multiple bonuses at one time if you match kids with the color of the tables along with a partner request. You will earn a Perfect Match Bonus along with a Color Matching Bonus.


    • A Chaining Bonus is when you do the same action more than once. You can chain up to 6 actions at one time. You get chaining bonuses for cleaning up, picking up supplies and taking things to the recycling bin.
    • Try to chain as many actions as possible, wait until all the kids are requesting the same item and deliver them all at once. The same goes when you’re throwing out the trash, do it all in a row before you start seating the next group of kids.
    • The more items you can chain together the higher your multiplier will be.
    • Playing the guitar in order to entertain campers in line will break up your chaining bonuses.
    • Picking up assorted critters for hearts, handing out bunnies and attending to a crisis thought bubble will not break your chaining bonuses.


    • There are a variety of kids that will visit your camp each day. Some kids are very patient while others lose patience very quickly.
    • The 7 and 13 year old boys and are the most impatient ones out of all the children. If they are waiting in line, give them a bunny, a chair or play the guitar. Also seat them as soon as possible and give them a heart right away.
    • The 13 year old girl has the most patience of all, you can leave her in line for a while without losing patience. Try to seat other kids before her since it takes a while before she gets mad and wants too leave.


    • You can predict what a kid is going to ask for by looking at the color of their outfit. This applies to any level in the game, whether it’s with paint bottles, beads or seeds.
    • If a kid is wearing a red outfit they will ask for a red item. For example if they are making birdhouses, they will ask for a red one. If they are making beads they will ask for red beads etc.
    • Another thing you can predict is what kind of a shape a kid is going to ask for when making Buddy Bracelets. If it’s a girl they will always ask for a moon shape, boys always ask for sun shapes.
    • Predicting what a kid wants can help you make Speed bonuses. If you know a kid is going to ask you for a moon shape, then you can be at their table waiting for them with that item. As soon as they ask for it click on the table and you will receive a speed bonus of 50 points.
    • In cases in which you have 2 kids seated at a table, the first kid seated chooses the color they will ask for.
    • You can predict when a kid is going to be done with an item by looking at how far along they are. Kids that are almost done beading a bracelet will have a lot of beads on their string.


    • Take care of a child as fast as you can, the happier they are the more points you will earn. Increase their happiness at the last minute by giving them hearts.
    • If you remember the order in which kids came in then you can be there waiting for them with the next item that they need and receive a speed bonus.
    • You may want to wait and see who’s arriving before you seat a round of kids. Try and seat the most impatient kids first.
    • Click on critter giving hearts while Carrie is doing other things, especially when she’s playing the guitar. This allows you to have hearts ready for your next round of kids.
    • As soon as you see the shoes on the left side of the screen, grab them. The faster you can get the kids served, the more patient they become. You can also earn more money since you can chain a lot more tasks in a row.
    • You can swap bottles when you need to fill them with ink. Take 2 bottles, click the first one on the color you want. Once it’s ready swap the full bottle with the empty one and the second one will start to fill automatically.
    • Preparing things in advance will help you score more points because you can get to a kid faster. In levels in which you have the colored bottles, prepare one of each in advance. Unused filled bottles will not cost you any points if they’re not used and need to be recycled.
    • As kids come in seat them closer to the supplies, this way you’ll only have to walk a short distance.
    • When things start getting hectic and you have a lot of impatient kids waiting in line, make sure that you keep playing the guitar.
    • Deliver all items to the campers and head back to the guitar in between rounds. As soon as the guitar stops playing go back to the kids and hand all of them their supplies and go to the guitar, so on and so forth.
    • At times you may only be able to do things two at a time before you can get back to the guitar, especially when Carrie is cleaning the campsite.
    • Put things back on the shelf that are closest to you so you don’t waste too much time running back and forth.
    • Seat the kids in a certain order as much as you can. It will make it easier to remember what they are going to ask for next so that you can be ready for them.
    • When you seat the kids in higher levels you may want to wait for the most impatient players to arrive and seat them as soon as you can. Leave the kids that have a lot of patience waiting in line, that way you do not have to keep going back to the line constantly playing the guitar.


    • A kid’s patience level coincides with how many hearts a kid has by their side. It also ties into how many points you will receive from that kid at the end of the day.
    • If a kid has a lot of hearts, then they have a lot of patience. You will earn more points from those kids then you would a kid that has less hearts.
    • Before you seat any kids play the guitar so that all the kids in line will be more patient once they’re seated.
    • As kids are arriving in line, play the guitar before you seat them. This makes them more patient in line and it also gives you a chance to see who’s arriving, which can help you make better seating arrangements.
    • As you place each kid you can give them hearts that you’ve collected from clicking on butterflies, worms, caterpillars, ants and spiders.
    • Give the hearts to the kids that are most impatient first and if you have any left then give them to the rest of the kids.
    • If you place a kid that is almost out of patience next to a kid that has lots of patience the table will take on the hearts of the most patient kid.
    • Each action you make increases a camper’s heart slightly. Each time you hand a camper an item you will notice that their heart level will slightly increase.
    • You will also have 2 different colored bunnies that appear in the game, a grey one and a brown one. Even though both bunnies perform the same function one lasts longer than the other.
    • When you give a child a grey bunny while in line or at the table, it will increase their patience slightly. On the other hand when you give a kid a brown bunny it will increase their patience a lot longer than the grey bunny will.
    • Campers that are occupied doing activities will not accept bunnies. You can take a bunny away from a camper at any time.
    • A kid that is seated on a chair in the waiting line will not accept a bunny – it’s either one or the other.
    • There are also chairs that you can give to the kids in line that will make them more patient. Just drag a chair to the kid and they will be more patient. You can drag a kid that’s seated in a chair to the table.


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