Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Release Date: What to Expect, Will There be a New Battle Pass, and More

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Call of Duty Mobile’s second season is coming rapidly to a close, which means that Season 3 will arrive imminently. Judging from the previous two seasons, that suggests we’re about to get a wealth of new content.

While we don’t know anything concrete regarding Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 3, we can speculate based on what we’ve learned about the release schedule so far. Let’s dig into it.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Release Date

When Will Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Release?

Call of Duty Mobile’s seasons run on a nearly bi-monthly schedule. It launched on October 1 along with season one and season two launched nearly two months later on November 25. Provided season three launches to a similar pattern, it should arrive mid-late January.

If it’s exactly the same amount of time between seasons, that puts us on around January 20-21, which is when we imagine it will launch.

Will There be a New Battle Pass?

This is almost a dead certainty, as we can’t imagine Tencent or Activision are going to want to suddenly change a monetisation scheme that’s paying dividends. We’d expect a new Battle Pass to launch alongside the new season, with brand new rewards including cosmetics, weapons, and more.

Again, we can only speculate on what to expect, but we’d expect a new purple weapon to arrive as the 100th reward tier, a new cosmetic character to launch alongside it, and a new themed set of cosmetics.

Will There be a New Game Mode?

We wouldn’t expect so. Zombies mode was always under development and launched around season two as that’s when development was completed. We don’t expect a major new game mode to arrive with each new season.

What is more likely though are new maps for multiplayer and zombies, and possibly even a new battle royale map. We wouldn’t be surprised if the existing battle royale map saw changes too, with potential new spots.

We also expect Activision and Tencent to continue to release new in-game events too, which often feel like new modes in themselves.

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