Call of Duty Mobile Pumpkin Collection Guide: How to Collect Pumpkins in the Halloween Event

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Call of Duty Mobile Pumpkin Collection Guide will help you collect those pumpkins and smash through the collection, earning all of the rewards before the big day.

Halloween is in full swing in Call of Duty Mobile, with a number of different events on offer to help you celebrate. This includes a Halloween version of the map Standoff, an event that rewards you with the Sparrow Operator Skill, a Lucky Draw event full of Halloween skins, and now the Pumpkin collection event.

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Call of Duty Mobile Pumpkin Collection Guide:

What Are Pumpkins?

Pumpkins are a brand new collectible in Call of Duty Mobile, exclusive to the Halloween event. Collecting them provides you with exclusive rewards, including weapon XP cards and spooky weapon skins.

How do I Get Pumpkins?

You have a chance to get a pumpkin each time you make a kill in Call of Duty Mobile. Pumpkins can be obtained in any game mode currently available, from standard multiplayer to battle royale.

What Can I Get For Collecting Pumpkins?

You’ll earn exclusive rewards for collecting pumpkins in Call of Duty Mobile during the Halloween event. Here’s a full list of the possible rewards:

Collect 5 PumpkinsBlue Weapon XP Card
Collect 15 Pumpkins3 Blue Weapon XP Cards
Collect 30 Pumpkins1 Purple Weapon XP Card
Collect 50 PumpkinsFrag Grenade – Bats Camo
Collect 75 PumpkinsSmoke Grenade – Bats Camo
Collect 150 PumpkinsWingsuit – Bats Camo
Collect 300 PumpkinsStriker – Bats Camo

How Many do I Need to Collect to Get All of the Rewards?

As you can tell from the table above, you can earn the maximum number of rewards by collecting 300 Pumpkins during the Pumpkin Collection Event.

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