Call of Duty Mobile FAQ: How to Use FHJ-18, Zombies Release Date, What’s TDM, and More

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Judging from a quick Google search, there are loads of unanswered questions revolving around many features of Call of Duty Mobile. So we thought, nice people that we are, that we’d be helpful and answer them. In this guide we’ll dig into how the FHJ-18 works, the release date for zombies, and what TDM means.

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Call of Duty Mobile FAQ

How do I Use the FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile?

The FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile is a rocket launcher that is capable of firing two rockets. However, there is a catch: you can’t free fire it. You can only fire the FHJ-18 at vehicles, and even then only after you’ve locked on.

To use it, simply aim at a vehicle and wait for the indicator to lock on. Then fire the weapon and your rocket should destroy the vehicle. If not, simply fire that second rocket.

How Often Will Call of Duty Mobile Get New Maps?

That’s difficult to say at this point. Call of Duty Mobile has been available for a whole month now, and in that time we’ve only had a single new map – and that was a Halloween reskin of the popular Standoff map, which was already available in the game.

We’d expect there to be a steady stream of new maps to arrive once the launch window has settled. Right now, Activision and Tencent are likely hard at working polishing the Zombies mode, with new maps being secondary on the agenda.

The good news is that Call of Duty Mobile gets all of its maps from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare franchises, so there’s a wealth of options to choose from. It’s also likely a lot easier to release a new version of a map that already exists than it is to create a new map entirely.

Will Battle Royale Get New Maps?

What we aren’t sure about is whether or not we’ll get a new battle royale map. Judging from Activision’s previous experience with battle royale in Black Ops 4’s Blackout, we’d say it’s unlikely that we’ll get an influx of new maps. In the first year, Black Ops 4 only received a single new battle royale map, Alcatraz.

Tencent has experience delivering numerous new maps with PUBG Mobile, so they have form in that area – even if the maps are simple mobile ports of the console and PC maps.

It’s also possible that we simply get new locations dropped into the previous battle royale map, based on new maps that get introduced with general multiplayer. Or, a possible second map will be introduced when enough new maps in multiplayer have been released to fill it out with smaller versions of them.

Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

What is TDM in Call of Duty Mobile?

TDM stands for Team Deathmatch, a team-based multiplayer mode that challenges two teams to battle it out until one team has 40 points. You gain a point each time your team makes a kill, either from a weapon or scorestreak kill.

It’s a lot like Frontline, except you can spawn anywhere on the map, rather than having a dedicated spawn point.

When Will Zombies Release in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is definitely getting a Zombies mode. There’s a space for it on the menu and there have been reports of it being available in beta in several territories. What isn’t clear, though, is when it will launch.

Given the fact that it’s already been seen in the wild, coupled with the fact that Call of Duty Mobile has been out for a month now without a huge feature drop, we’d argue that a release is imminent, and will likely arrive within the next three months.

If anything more concrete than that gets announced, we’ll update this FAQ.

How do I Unlock the Airborne Class in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale?

Short and sweet: you can’t right now. That particular class hasn’t actually been released yet, and we think it’s kind of mean that Activision and Tencent have included it as an option that you can’t click on.

How do I Change Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile?

From the main menu screen, tap ‘Multiplayer’ on the right and you’ll see a ‘Scorestreaks’ option on the bottom left of the subsequent screen. Tap On that to see all of the scorestreaks you’ve unlocked so far. To change them, simply tap on the scorestreak you want and hit ‘Equip’.

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