Call of Champions Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Call of Champions is a new mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) from Spacetime Studios.

Even though Call of Champions is not as intricate and tedious to learn as other MOBAs, this does not mean that new players can stroll in and be the next winner with a swipe of their finger. Call of Champions requires teamwork and knowledge of how champions can complement, and counter, other champions. Our Call of Champions tips, cheats and strategies are the best way for new players to gain an edge against the other team.

Group Up

Call of Champions tips cheats strategies
A teammate and I vs. the entire enemy team (3rd opponent off screen). My other teammate was off doing his own thing. We lost this fight, and then the game.

Most of the time in Call of Champions, team battles are decided by whichever team has the most players show up. With only three players per team, teamfights in Call of Champions are relatively small in nature, but are just as decisive as the 5v5 team battles that are iconic of the genre staple games.

Try not to wander off on your own unless the enemy team is down a champion. Obviously, when you’re dead, you’re not doing any good for your other two teammates, so just stick with them and do your best to aid them to avoid being killed. Bonus Tip: Play with people who are in the same room as you for a lethal advantage against the unorganized enemy team.

Get Buff

Call of Champions tips cheats strategies

Champion buffs spawn periodically on either end of the arena. These buffs increase a particular character stat (movement speed, attack power, etc.) as indicated by the buff’s icon.

Always keep an eye on the mini-map for when these buffs are spawned in. When you’re sure it’s safe to leave the lane and go into the jungle, do so carefully. Assassin’s like to hide around the buffs and wait for weakened champions to approach, and then they strike out for the kill.

Roll the Ball Forward

Call of Champions tips cheats strategies

The main objective in Call of Champions is to escort an orb down a lane, through two enemy towers, and right up to the enemy base. Moving the orb is done by simply being close to it. The orb will flow towards the opponent of whichever team has the most players standing in the orb’s activation zone.

Because it’s a circular area, you can stand right in front of the orb, to activate it, but I highly recommend doing the opposite. If you’re running in front of the orb, you’re going to get blasted by the tower a couple of times before the orb has the chance to start weakening the tower.

By standing behind the orb, you’re still moving it, but also reducing the amount of raw damage you’ll take from the tower.

Do Your Homework

Call of Champions tips cheats strategies
“A good teammate is a dead teammate,” said no one ever.

Heading into battle with the day’s newest champion is exciting. Especially so when you’re new to the game and are playing a hero for the first time. But don’t just run straight into battle with a hero if have no clue what you’re doing.

Take a few moments to read over that champion’s abilities at the main menu to familiarize yourself into the types of offensive and defensive maneuvers you’ll be pulling off during the fight. Because the rounds in Call of Champions are so short, if you try to read about the abilities during a live match, you’ll spend far too long reading and your team will quickly fall behind as they’re down a player.

If you’re feeling particularly zealous, you can take the new champion for a few practice rounds to really get a feel for how the abilities function before joining up with a live game.

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