Cake Mania 3 Tips Walkthrough

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Cake Mania 3 has 6 different locations with 15 levels each for a total of 90 levels. Check out our strategy guide and master the art of cake-making.


  • Initially you will be given 5 locations to choose from with 15 levels each; your 6th location will not be available until you complete the 5th one.
  • You can choose to play the first 5 location in any order that you prefer. There’s no right or wrong way to choose the locations. Regardless of the way you choose, the final location will always be the same and will not be revealed until you get to the 5th location.
  • Your ovens, frosters and topper machines can act as a temporary place to hold the cakes that you are not ready for. Let’s suppose that for whatever reason you’re not ready for a cake, you can place it on any of the equipment and it will stay there until you’re ready for it.
  • You’re not limited to holding only cakes that don’t have frosting in the equipment, you can also place frosted cakes and cakes that are stacked until you’re ready for them.
  • If you throw out any cakes or you have a cake on the stand or coffee that nobody bought that money will be deducted from your total at the end of the level.
  • If you see that in a particular level you met your goal but still failed a level that is because you lost money at the last minute by having cakes leftover on your counter.
  • Jill can only carry one item at a time; however, even if she has something in her hand she can still hand out menus, turn on the beverage machine, turn on the TV and collect money.
  • Swap cakes by right clicking your mouse. Example, Jill has a cake in her hand and there’s another cake in the frosting machine, right click on the color icing that you want and the cake in Jill’s hand will start frosting and the one that was in the froster will be in her hands.
  • Arrange your bakery in a manner that is convenient for you. Swap the location of your frosters and toppers.
  • If you fail a level you can replay and you will get to choose new upgrades. You will start that level over with the money that you had when you first entered that particular level. However, if you decide to restart the game mid-level then you will not be able to choose new upgrades.
  • You cannot replay a level once you’ve passed it, this is not like most time management games in which you have the ability to choose specific levels in order to replay them. If you want to get Expert in all levels since you missed some you will have to start the game over.
  • Once you’ve completed the game you can go back and play the game over and you will have all your upgraded equipment available, that’s a fun way to do a game over.
  • You can still hand out cookies in line to people that have a red line going through their bubble or to people that have a menu in their hand.
  • If you’re not sure of which cake is baking in the oven all you have to do is look at the buttons on the oven, the one that has a white glow around it is the one that is currently baking.
  • In the frosting machine you can tell which color icing is being placed by looking at the circle that forms above the froster. That circle represents the timer but it also represents the color of the frosting that is being put in that cake.
  • By the beginning of your third location you will start making triple layered cakes, this can be confusing at times so pay attention to the color on the side of the cakes along with the shape of each cake in order to make the right cake.
  • You don’t have to play the mini-games as soon as they are available. You can save them and play them later if you like.
  • You can have Jill move to any position in the shop by simply clicking on it. This will ensure that Jill is in position when you want her to be near a particular station.
  • You can still bake another cake while a completed one sits by the oven. Simply click on the next cake you want to make and pick up the cake is there before the other one is done cooking.
  • If you have something in the oven that you do not want, just click the right cake and the one that was there will be replaced with the new one. This can be done in the early stages of the game but you will lose $5 each time you do it which is the same amount you would lose if you threw it out instead.
  • Possible glitches in the medieval location people will come asking for the butterfly shaped cake but it is not available in any of the ovens. Use the dog bone shape instead in order to meet the customer’s need.
  • To get a cookie from the tray you have to click on a specific cookie or Jill may not pick up when you simply click on the tray itself. A lot of times I thought I was delivering the cookie and I found out that I wasn’t clicking on the right spot and so I wasted valuable time.
  • Check out the Main Menu of the game and you’ll find lots of extras. Click on the "Goodies" tab from the main menu and you will be able to see all the mini movies at the beginning of each location. You can look at the trophies that you’ve collected and decorate your own wedding cake that you can send in the e-card of your choice.


  • There are 6 different locations in Cake Mania 3 and each location has their own set of special customers that will be introduced.
  • Each location also has a special power-up that will only be available when you use that location and can only be used only once during a level.
  • Below is a list of each location along with the customers that appear in each, the special power-ups and how they can be used.


The Emperor

  • In China, the Emperor will demand that you take care of him before anyone else. He will have a blue bubble.
  • If you haven’t given him a menu he will put a red line through all the customers’ bubbles. Once he receives his menu he will take the red slash off but it will go back on again if he waits too long for his order.

The Opera Star

  • Whenever the Opera Star is in the bakery, you will not be able to tune the TV channels to anything that other customers like because he will always change the channel to the station that he likes only.
  • Get the Opera Star out of the shop as soon as possible because he’s interfering with the happiness level of other customers since you cannot change the channels to the stations that they like.

The Dragon

  • The dragon orders multiple times in this location, he has an insatiable appetite. As soon as he’s done ordering he will ask for another menu. Don’t let the dragon break up your chains of three’s since he always orders in the middle of everything.

Special Power-Up ~ Tao of Cake

  • It can be used once per level and it will increase the patience of all the customers in line in one sitting.
  • Click on the power-up and you’ll notice a bunch of tiny hearts all around each customers bubble. As long as the tiny hearts are there the customer’s patience level will remain in the same spot.



  • Beware of T-Rex. He has a vicious bite, when he gets angry, he will eat some of your customers if he gets too hungry, which will obviously make you lose a sale.
  • T-Rex will not have a blue thought bubble but you’ll be able to recognize him because he will have a bow tie around his neck.
  • You will know that he’s about to eat someone once he gets down to one heart and his bubble turns red. Take care of him before he loses his temper completely or he’ll make you lose a lot of sales.

The Caveman

  • The caveman can be a pretty tough cookie. Don’t let the caveman lose patience because you cannot use the power-ups on him that can only be used once per level. Just give him a cookie if he gets too impatient.

Purple Monkeys

  • In the Pre-Historic area if there is more than one purple monkey in line, they will automatically pair up and order together, treat them as one customer.

Special Power-Up ~  The Club

  • As with all the other power-ups this special one can only be used once per level.
  • Click on the power-up and the club will hit one or all the people in line and you’ll see several colors in their bubbles. That’s when you’ll know that those particular customers will take any order that is presented to them.
  • It’s a good idea to use this power-up right after you made a wrong order or when you have several complicated orders. When you click on it you have a short amount of time to give that person any cake of your choice.
  • Also make cakes that have several layers when you have this power-up because you will earn extra money that you originally would not have had.



  • Anubis will be the one that comes into the shop with the blue bubble. He comes into the shop with very little patience and it doesn’t take long before he bursts his bubble.
  • When he waits too long he will turn all your existing customers into mummies and at the same time he alters all of their original orders.
  • You will not have time to deliver his order most of the time before he unleashes his power so try to minimize the casualties by serving him first and quickly.
  • You should not hand out menus to the other customers when he gets in line with everyone else. Anubis will alter their original order once he turns them into mummies which can cause you to throw out cakes that are no longer needed.
  • Only hand out menus and prepare orders once Anubis has left the building.

The Egyptian Queen

  • The Egyptian Queen will always ask for two cakes so make sure that you deliver her orders as fast as possible.

Special Power-Up ~ Ra’s Gift

  • Ra’s Gift can only be used once per level and it grants you extra time on your clock.
  • Since all this power-up does is add extra time on your clock you should use it any time before the round ends.
  • Extra time on the clock allows you to get more people in the bakery which allows you to earn extra money.



  • Napoleon will be the one with the blue bubble in the French bakery.
  • He will want to be served before anyone else so if you make him wait too long, he will put red lines across all the thought bubbles of the customers in the bakery.
  • Even though you cannot serve anyone else until Napoleon leaves you can still see their orders as long as you handed out the menus before Napoleon locked their bubbles.
  • Prepare the orders that you can see so they can be ready to be served by the time Napoleon exits the bakery. As soon as he’s gone give the orders out to the rest of the customers.
  • Even though the bubbles are locked for the customers you will still be able to hand them cookies and turn on the TV in order to increase their patience level. However, you cannot hand out menus when a bubble is locked.
  • When you’re in a level in which there are a lot of Napoleons back to back, take care of them as quickly as possible. Once you complete their orders do not pick up their money until you take care of the regular customers that are in the store because chances are that more Napoleons will be coming in.

Marquis de Cake

  • I love this guy, he’s very helpful. As soon as he shows up the Sugar Rush power-up will be automatically activated. Use the tips mentioned in the Sugar Rush section when he shows up.
  • If he shows up while Sugar Rush is activated, he will fill the meter back to full once he enters the location.
  • You’ll be able to recognize him because he wears a red coat.

Special Power-Up ~ Le De-Froster

  • This is a great power-up because it will make one of the buttons on all your frosters will be used to take the icing off the top layer of any cake.
  • The button will look like a multi-colored swirly array of colors. Just click on that button and it will automatically take the frosting off one cake.
  • If you have three frosters in this location, the button will be available in each of the frosters.


Robin Hood

  • Robin Hood will come in to the bakery and he will steal all the all the money that is on the counter.
  • You will know that Robin Hood is about to take the money when you see him look from side to side, he will then reach his hand and put the money in shirt. At this time he will slide over to where the money was and a new customer will enter the shop.
  • When he’s in the store make sure that you do not cash anyone out until AFTER Robin Hood has left. If you cash out too many people that will be money that you will lose unless you pick it up before Robin Hood does.

Special Power-Up ~ Crystal Ball

  • When you’re in England you will have the crystal ball which will be a power-up that can only be used once during a level so use it wisely.
  • The best time to use it is when you have a lot of people in the bakery and you want to make some orders in advance, click on it so you can see what everyone will be ordering.
  • This will save you time because you will not have to break a chain by handing out menus prematurely.

  The Witch

  • The witch will come in during this level and she is very impatient, when she waits too long she will turn all the customers around her into monkeys. Once the customers turn into monkeys, their orders will be altered and you will have to make new cakes.
  • When the witch is around do not take the customers orders because chances are that you will never get to them before The Witch turns them into monkeys. Hold off on filling orders until The Witches orders have been completed.
  • The Witch can be tricky at times because she’ll leave even if her hearts are full so a lot of times you may have her order ready and you’ll notice that she will leave right after she turned everyone into a monkey.That’s why it’s important to take care of her before anyone else.


  • This is a great power-up in the game. It will be automatically activated once you fill the meter. It can be activated several times during one level – it all depends on how you chain 3 actions in a row.
  • You will know the meter is activated because you will see the blue meter turn red and the words "sugar rush" will flash on the screen.
  • Sugar Rush mode will be activated as long as the red meter is present, you can see the meter as it starts to lose power on top of the screen.
  • Once Sugar Rush is activated all your equipment will work instantly, no need to wait. Put a cake in the oven and before you’re done selecting the cake it will be cooked.
  • You will get a Sugar Rush when you make the same action 3 times in a row without any interruptions.
  • Each time you make 3 consecutive actions the meter will fill up a bit more, until it is full.
  • To fill the Sugar Rush bar you must do 3 of these in a row.
  • A) Hand out 3 menus in a row.
  • B) Serve 3 cakes consecutively.
  • C) Frost three cakes in a row.
  • D) Decorate 3 consecutive cakes.
  • E) Collect 3 tips one after another.

Sugar Rush Strategies

  • Once Sugar Rush is activated you want to make the best of it because its effect only lasts for a short while.
  • If anyone in line has a blue bubble while the meter is activated, take care of them first since those customers always affect the others in line. For example, The Emperor will not let you take care of anyone else before him so you have to take care of him in order to advance in the game.
  • Make the most elaborate cakes first since they can be completed in a flash when Sugar Rush is activated. I would always try to get out of the way the most complicated cakes first since they took so much time to complete. Make any order that has a triple layer or a topper as quickly as you can. You’ll find that it will help you move the line along faster.
  • In order to keep everyone happy in line, serve the people with a double request one order and then take care of someone else. The reason you want to do that is because serving a customer with a double order one item automatically increases their patience level. When you spread the orders out, you don’t have to worry about people getting impatient and leaving.
  • Leave the single layer cakes for last since they are easy to make and take very little time to complete.

TV and TV Stations

  • Just like in the other Cake Mania games the TVs are back and they will help you keep the customers happy.
  • You can purchase the TV at any time during the game, it’s a great tool to have because once you tune to the right channels, you can appease many people all at once.
  • There  are 4 different channels and each one has a different effect on the people at the bakery.
  • (The TV channels were contributed by Robin Jackson, Thanks Robin!)
  • Blue: Pharaoh, Fat Egyptian Lady, Egyptian soldier, Fairy, Wizard, Girl dinosaur, Geisha, Hunchback, Executioner

  • Yellow: Mummy, Robin Hood, Dragon, Chinese Emperor, Napoleon

  • Green: Egyptian Queen (thin woman), Witch, French lady with hat, Marquis

  • Orange: Horus (bird face god), Anubis (jackal face god), Monkey, Unicorn, Boy dinosaur, Caveman, Opera Performer


  • You can purchase a telephone and it will help you make extra money by filling orders that come through there.
  • The good thing about the phone is that you will not lose any money if you decide not to pick it up. However, if you pick up the phone then you are obligated to fill the order.
  • Purchasing a phone is not necessary and can make things worse if you’re already having a hard time keeping up with orders. Only get it if you feel that it will help you make more money in a level.


Single Thought Bubbles

  • When you see a thought bubble with a menu in it, it means the customer wants a menu.
  • A thought bubble with a question mark means that the person is thinking of what they want to order.
  • A bubble with a cake inside shows you what the color and shape of the cake that they want to buy.

Double Thought Bubbles

  • There are times when 2 customers will come in and will stand at the same side of the counter. These customers represent a single order.
  • You have to serve both their orders before you can collect their money.
  • When you give one person in a double thought bubble one of their cakes from their order, their hearts will automatically increase.

Blue Bubbles

  • Blue Thought bubbles can be bad news, whenever you see a customer that has it, they will have a variety of effects on those around them depending in which location they are in.
  • It’s important to drop whatever you’re doing to take care of these people first because you need to get them out of the shop as quickly as possible.
  • If the bubble thought bubble starts pulsating then whatever effect that person has will be used in the next few seconds.
  • You really want to take care of anyone that has a blue bubble first because you want to minimize their negative effects.
  • Please look for the section in the guide named "Locations" in order to read a description of all the people with the blue bubbles.


  • The amount of hearts over each customer represent the happiness level of each person. The more hearts they have the happier they are.
  • When the customer is very happy they will leave a bigger tip than someone that is not happy.
  • If a customer is waiting too long for an order their heart level will drop off.
  • There are several ways of replenishing a customer’s heart level.
  • Handing out menus and giving out orders will increasing hearts slightly. Also hand out cookies in order to keep them in line longer.


  • You can upgrade your equipment several times during the game. Each time you upgrade it, your equipment will be a lot more efficient. All equipment upgrade will have the same color, depending on what stage it’s in. This holds true for toasters, oven and toasters.
  • The green machine is always the first one.
  • The purple machine is the second upgrade.
  • The blue/gray machine will be the third machine
  • The yellow machines will always be the last upgrade you can purchase as well as the fastest one.
  • You have the ability to move the items on your counter around, take advantage of that. Set things up in a place that’s more convenient for you.
  • Sometimes when you start a level all your same equipment is not next to each other. Arranging them in order can save you a lot of time. This can only be done while you’re in the upgrade shop.
  • Pick up the item that you want to move and look at the outlines that will form on the counter. Place your equipment in any space that lights up.

Use the arrows to skip upgrades

  • You can buy more expensive upgrades without buying the cheaper ones first, simply use the arrows to scan through all the upgrades and buy the most expensive one first, please read below for more details.
  • Save your money and don’t buy upgrades as soon as they are presented since money earned will rollover to the next level and also your next location.
  • Click on the appliance that you want to purchase from the Shop screen and you will see a red arrow on top of it. On the right side you will see that item show up with the price of the first upgrade. You will also see some navigational arrows at the top and the bottom, use the arrows to skip ahead of the upgrades and buy the most expensive one if you can afford it.
  • You will ONLY be able to use the arrows if you have enough money to do so, if you can’t afford them, you will not be able to see them ahead of time.


  • You can purchase cake toppers to put on top of your cake. Each cake topper that gets added to a cake will earn you extra money. Look in the help menu of the game so you can see how much each topper adds to your sale. You will also be able to see a picture of each one.
  • Buying toppers and skipping ahead to a more expensive one is a good idea in this game because it will allow you to make more money for each cake that is sold that has one. Imagine how much an extra $30 to $ 40 per cake can add up quickly.


  • There are 3 different mini games that you can play during Cake Mania 3.
  • These games are not just for entertainment they can also help you earn some extra money. You can use the money you earn playing mini-games towards buying your upgrades. In some mini games you will also be able to earn power-ups that can be used during Story Mode.
  • To play a mini game as much as you want, all you have to do is go to the main menu and play any game that you unlocked.
  • Below are some descriptions of the mini games you’ll find.

Copy Cakes Mini Game

  • In this mini game you will be presented with a picture of a decorated cake in the center of the scene, your goal is to recreate that cake as closely as possible in a short amount of time.
  • There are 5 drawers at the bottom of the scene. Each of these drawers will have items that will help you build the best cake. From left to right, they are
  • 1-Manually decorate the cake with the tube of icing. Simply pick up the color that you want and add the shape that you need on the cake by moving your cursor to make the shape you want. To get a different tube, simply click on it.
  • 2-Are the different shapes of cakes you can use, just pick up the shape you need and place it on the plate in the center.
  • 3-Is the frosting that will cover the top layer of the cake, simply choose the color that you need.
  • 4-These will be the fruits that can be added to the cake.Once you click on a fruit it will be attached to your cursor, use it like you would a rubber stamp.
  • Click on the areas of the cake that you want to decorate and it will keep adding the same fruit over and over again without having to pick it up each time.
  • Once you want to select a different fruit to use, just click on another piece of fruit and it will be added to your cursor, repeat the same steps as above.
  • 5-Rose decorations that will go on top of your cake can be accessed in this last box. The rose decorations will be used the same as the ones for the fruits, please read the instructions for the fruits.
  • On top of the page you will have different toppers that you can place on the cake, simply click on the topper you want and then click it onto the part of the cake you want it to be on.
  • You will get the best score if you can finish the cake in time and also by the accuracy of your recreation. The closer you get to the original design, the more points you will earn.

Cakey Makey Mini Game

  • In this game there will be some frosted cakes that will run down a conveyor belt, your job is to assemble three of the same cakes on top of each other as fast as possible.
  • Click on one cake to pick it up and then click on the next cake that you wish to place it on top of.
  • Your goal in this game is to serve customer’s their orders as fast as you can with the cakes that are on the conveyor belt.
  • As the cakes come down the conveyor belt, stack them according to the shapes you see in the top left corner.
  • Each time you stack a cake, the conveyor belt moves back a little bit backwards, allowing you extra time.
  • Once a cake is ready, throw it into the box that sits in the lower right corner.
  • For each cake that you place in the box that is not part of the order will only earn you $1. You cannot box cakes unless they are stacked in three’s.
  • You have to clear the conveyor belt completely before the next round of cakes comes out.
  • If you pick up the wrong cake, you can right click it to de-select it.
  • Once you’ve assembled and boxed the last cake the cakes that were not assembled will automatically fall off the conveyor belt but they will not cost you extra money.

Serve-O-Rama Mini Game

  • Your goal is to fill the customers orders as soon s possible by stacking the frosted cakes in the right order as they come out of the conveyor belt.
  • You will see the customers on the right side of the screen and they will have some thought bubbles which indicate the type of cake that they want.
  • Your job is pick up the cakes on the conveyor belt and assemble them in the correct order.
  • As soon as you have a correct order, the customer that asked for it will take it and leave, you will earn money for each order that was successfully completed. You will not have to click the completed cake to the customer, it will be taken care of automatically.
  • As the level progresses, the conveyor belt will move faster.


  • In order to make the most money you have to make sure that you get a lot of people through the door. Make sure that when the store is about to close that you collect all tips so more people can get in the store. The more people that you can get it in in a day the more money you will make.
  • When you have a double thought bubble and the people are getting impatient, deliver one of the orders and their hearts will increase. Doing this step will make them more patient in line while you take care of other customers.
  • Give people that have a menu in their hand a cookie in order to delay taking their menus. finish your current orders first so you can keep the chain of 3’s going, this will give you more time to activate the Sugar Rush by making the chain that is needed.
  • Whenever you see customers in line that have a red line going through their bubbles it means that someone in the bakery is keeping them from ordering. Depending on the location it can be several different people.The best way to tell if someone in line is causing the red lines, is by looking at the person that doesn’t have it in their bubble, take care of them first so that all other bubbles will be unlocked.
  • If you’re not passing a level then you need to choose a new set of upgrades, something that will  help you make more money or something that will keep the customers more patient. Once you get taken back to the Shop, choose a different upgrade.
  • There was one level in which I had a hard time passing, when I restarted the level  I bought one of the toppers which added an extra $10 per cake. Once I had that I was able to pass the level with ease.
  • The Sugar Rush power-up can be a very powerful tool but it’s important that you use it wisely. When the Sugar Rush is activated, make the cake with the most layers first since they take so long to complete. Don’t waste your time and make single layer cakes.
  • Take one cake out and place another one in right away. That way by the time you come back from dropping one cake off another one will be ready to be picked up.
  • Once you have three ovens it may be best for you to always have 3 cakes cooking at once. It helps cut down on confusion and you’ll be able to pass a level faster.
  • You can hand out some cookies to someone that is just asking for a menu and it will not make you hand them one. It keeps you from breaking your chains.
  • Do NOT take people in the order that they come in, there are several factors to consider when choosing who should be served first. The people with a blue bubble should always be taken care of right away because most of the time they have a negative effect on others.
  • You should also try and take care of the people with the biggest orders first because they take the longest to make. Some characters are very patient in line so they can wait a little longer than others.
  • The television if your friend, use it as much as possible so you can increase the patience of several customers at one time.
  • You don’t have to wait for a cake to be ready in order for Jill to go to the oven and pick it up. If Jill is on the opposite of the room, simply click on the oven and Jill will get there before the order is ready. Once the cake is done, she will not have to lose time by walking slowly to it. Jill will go to any part of the room once you click on it, whether she’s picking something up or not.
  • In order to save some time, you should swap cake that is in your hand with one that is in a oven, froster or topper machine. Simply right click your mouse and both items will swap positions.
  • Let’s suppose you took a cake out of the oven and you have one that just finished frosting. Take the cake from the oven and while it’s in your hand right click the color frosting you want and the cake in your hand will automatically have frosting put on it. The cake that was in the froster will be in your hand. Make sure that you don’t left click it because then your cakes will be stacked.
  • Jill can do several tasks ahead of time, just click on all the things that you want Jill to do and she will perform them in the order in which you scheduled them.
  • Once the cuckoo clock sounds you still have a few seconds left on the clock before the shop closes. Take that time and quickly complete orders and collect the money, the more money you can get the better your chances of finishing with a high score.


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