Bushido Bear Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you want to be the biggest bear in the forest? Well, who doesn’t quite frankly? I know it’s been on my bucket list for the past few years. But if you want to be the best in Bushido Bear, don’t worry, Gamezebo’s Bushido Bear Tips, Cheats and Strategies have got you covered.

While the game might look simple at first glance, there are higher level strategies that will make sure you’re slashing down beasts left right and center. And we’ve gone right ahead and listed the best of them for you right here. You don’t have to say thanks. Just get out there and make the forest a safer place for all of bear-kind.

The Basics


  • Don’t touch anything – While it’s tempting to slice through your enemies, what you really need to be doing is cutting alongside them. Touch an enemy and you’ll die, touch an enemy with the swords that you’re carrying and you’ll slice them to bits.
  • Combos – Try and make sure that you’re cutting swathes of enemies in a single swipe. This will get you more points, and it’s easier than trying to pick the bad guys off one by one.
  • Take your time – You don’t have to rush in though. Dodge to keep out of the way of incoming waves, then when they’re in the perfect position, unleash all of your sword-waving skill.
  • Buffs and boosts – Keep an eye out for the power-ups that appear as you play. Not only do these give you an edge in battle, quite often you’ll also have challenges you need to complete that involve using them.

The Day to Day


  • Check in – Pick up the game every day and check the challenges that you need to complete. Finishing these lets you unlock new levels, and they give you plenty of coins and other goodies as well. If you don’t have any quests, the game will tell you when they’re next ready.
  • Watch videos – If you get the option to watch a video to get a free gift, you definitely should. You won’t just get coins, quite often you’ll pick up the tokens that unlock new bears for your team.
  • Focus on three – You can only take three bears into battle with you, so at the start of the game, once you’ve unlocked a trio, it’s a good idea to focus on upgrading that team rather than trying to unlock more. You’ll get extra bears just from playing, and you might find some of them suit your style better, but making your original team powerful should be your first goal.


What to spend

  • The Shrine – Once you’ve got a team of three, it’s best to leave The Shrine alone for a while. Toughen up the bears you’ve got and only use The Shrine when it’s free. You can start collecting more bears when you’ve maxed out your original trio.
  • The Dojo – There’s no need to focus on a single attribute, instead try and make all aspects of your bear stronger as you progress. Unlocking your final move early is a good idea, as it adds a violent and helpful flourish to the end of your swipes.
  • Customize – You’ll unlock customization options as you play. These don’t add any extra skills to your bears, but they do let you personalize your equipment. So it’s really up to you which of these you’d like to add.

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