Burrito Bash: We Bare Bears Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Bear Brothers Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear from the Cartoon Network animated series We Bare Bears have set off on a new adventure to collect burritos while making an action movie. But to make it from scene to scene, you’ll need to navigate for Grizz on his inner-tube-cum-bumper-car, avoiding rolling logs, brakeless jeeps, and other obstacles. Bouncy bumper mushrooms and cranes carrying cargo may send you off in the wrong direction, while power-ups like a hedge-cutting axe and “smash hands” will help you on your way. If you want to be top bear and make the best movie ever, here are Gamezebo’s Burrito Bash: We Bare Bears tips, cheats and strategies.

Get Your Thumbs Up

To advance through the larger worlds in Burrito Bash, you need to collect 3 thumbs-up per level (a stand-in for the 3-star progression which is more common). You will earn these thumbs by scoring points, and points are allocated based on different performance specs within the level. In some levels, you have a limited number of moves to catapult Grizz along his path; in other levels there is a countdown timer to get through the entire obstacle course. If you are playing a level with limited moves, you will earn extra points by completing the level in fewer moves. For example, if you complete the level with 5 unused moves, you’ll earn 100 points per move, gaining 500 extra points.

Plan Ahead

For levels with a time limit, zoom out as far as you can and scope out the entire scene before launching Grizz. The timer won’t start until you take your first move so you can plan where you’ll need to go in advance. This is also useful for levels limited by moves. If there is a cargo crane blocking any part of the path, find its matching release button before you set off, so you won’t waste any precious time or moves trying to clear it later.

Burrito Bash: We Bare Bears Tips, Cheats and Strategies


As you’re checking out the scene before you take off, look for power-ups along the way; many of them are located in areas far from the obstacle which they are designed to be used for. The axe-like mower blades will cut through hedges efficiently, saving you multiple moves. However, the blades will not work on trees or fences, so don’t bother trying. The power fists will help you bust through boxes, but they do not work on other obstacles on the ground, like an elevator switch. If you hit that with a power-up, you’ll still bounce off as you would without one.

Prioritize Your Burritos

In each scene, there are a lot of burritos available for the taking. You will earn bonus points for collecting them, however, it is not required that you get them all in order to complete a level. If you are just trying to get your one star to open up the next level, you can forego some of the burritos. For timed levels in particular, showing some burrito restraint will be undoubtedly be necessary.

More Tips

  • You don’t need to wait until you’ve stopped moving to catapult yourself again. Speedy launches one after the next will save you some time and increase your inertia, however you’ll have less directional control and may end up bouncing around a lot.
  • Line up your screen before you go in for the launch. Make sure you have enough room on the screen to pull your finger back as far as possible. If you start to launch Grizz and then reposition yourself, you’ll lose a move.
  • Sometimes being hit by a car is good! If you are on the far side of a track, getting hit will bump you back to the beginning of the track, which may actually be closer to your goal.

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