Burn the Rope Walkthrough

Burn the Rope – Game Introduction

Burn The Rope is an iPhone game developed by Big Blue Bubble that challenges players to solve a wide range of rope burning puzzles and maybe burn a few bugs along the way. Gamezebo’s Burn The Rope strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to solve them all.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Burn the Rope

  • Burn The Rope can be purchased from the App Store by following the “Get It Now!” link at the top of this page.
  • When you first start only one area will be available, the Firepit. As you play and complete levels you’ll unlock more areas filled with more stages to play.

Burn the Rope

  • The goal of each stage is the same: to burn as much of the rope as possible. Each stage features a differently shaped rope configuration as well as other obstacles to make things more challenging.

Burn the Rope

  • There are three different medals you can earn for each stage and you’ll need to get at least a bronze in order to move on to the next one. Clearing 60 percent of the rope will get you a bronze, 80 percent means a silver, and clearing away a full 100 percent is the only way to get a gold medal.
  • Most of the game is controlled by tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch. To begin, you’ll need to touch the rope — where you touch is up to you — which will cause a flame to start burning. In order to keep it burning the flame must always be facing upwards. This means you’ll need to twist and turn your device in a way that follows the path of the flame along the rope to ensure it doesn’t fizzle out.
  • Keep in mind that when you first start the flame it will burn in two directions, so you’ll likely need to pick one to follow, while letting the other one burn out. The same goes for intersections. When several pieces of rope converge and are then set on fire, the flame will spread across the different pieces. In some case you can try to keep all of the different fires going, but in many instances you’ll have to choose which one to follow, especially if the flames are going in opposite directions.

Colors and Bugs

  • In addition to the rope, you’ll also need to contend with bugs, which can be found in most stages crawling around on the ropes. Just like the rope, all bugs need to be burned in order to get 100 percent completion. There are three types of bugs — ants, beetles, and spiders — and each one does something different.

Burn the Rope

  • Burning ants will cause the color of the flame to change depending on the color of the ant. So if you burn a blue ant, the flame turns blue. Likewise, if the ant is green or red or any other color. If a colored flame burns a different colored ant, it’s color will change to match. So if your flame is red and it hits a purple ant, for instance, the color will change to purple.
  • The color of the flame is important once you start having to deal with colored ropes. Any rope that is colored can only be burned by a flame of the same color. Any other flame will simply burn out if it touches the rope.

Burn the Rope

  • Beetles don’t do much other than burn away beneath the flame. But the only way to get the percentage points needed for clearing them is to use the right color. Just like with colored ropes, the only way to clear colored beetles is to burn them with a like-colored flame. But unlike ropes, beetles are still affected by the flame even if it’s the wrong color. If a beetle gets burned by a wrong color flame it will still disappear, but you won’t earn any percentage points. So the only way to get a perfect score is to burn beetles with the right color.

Burn the Rope

  • And finally we have the spiders. Unlike the other two bugs types, spiders have no colors to worry about. But they do have a use. When you burn a spider it causes a piece of web silk to shoot out of their body. This can be used as a bridge between two pieces of rope. In some stages there are unconnected bits or rope and, thus, the only way to get from one to the other is to utilize a spider silk bridge.

General Tips

  • When it comes to making bridges, the key is to make sure the spider is exactly where you want it to be when it gets burned. If it’s not, then you’ll just have a useless bridge hanging around. So when you first start a stage with a spider it’s important to take a minute to figure out how you can block the spider in. Usually the best way is to start burning the rope exactly where you want the spider to stop, that way when you make your way around the spider has nowhere else to go.

Burn the Rope

  • Navigating corners can be tricky because sometimes it’s hard to determine whether or not the flame has made it all the way around or not. To reduce frustration, it’s often best to wait a second longer to give it that extra time it needs to turn. Otherwise, you could turn too early and put the flame out.
  • Don’t focus too much on how the bugs move because they don’t move the same way every time. So if you decide to replay a stage, you may have to try different tactics. The movement of the bugs appears to be random, so there’s no use in trying to memorize it.

Burn the Rope

  • Practice controlling multiple flames. It takes a little while to get used to, but in some of the more complex stages the only way to snag a gold medal is by controlling several burning flames at once. There’s really no trick to doing it well, however. The key is practice.


  • You’ve completed the Burn The Rope quick start guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you have all the skills necessary to burn lots of ropes and earn a closet full of gold medals. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for our extensive coverage with reviews, previews, guides and more.

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