Burger Shop Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Burger Shop.

General tips for Story Mode

  • You can serve items by right-clicking on them rather than dragging an order to a customer, it will automatically send the order to the person that has been waiting the longest.
  • For every level that you complete with good service, you will get a star for that level. In order to receive a star, you have to make sure that all the customers leave happy, (you have to get a 5 star rating from each customer whose order is completed). Depending on what restaurant you’re playing, you will receive an additional 100-450 points extra per level when you finish with a 5 star rating. The first restaurant will give you 100 points extra per level and it goes up from there.
  • There are many different levels in this game. In story mode there are 80 levels, once you complete those 80 levels, you will unlock the expert mode. In the story levels you get to choose which items you want next on your menu. You can choose power-ups or more complex food choices. Once you unlock the expert mode, you will have 80 additional levels to play. In expert mode you don’t get to choose your menu items, all items will be integrated from the beginning and the customer types will be mixed. There is also a challenge mode in which you try to beat levels one minute at a time. You have the relax mode in which you can take your time and not lose customers but they will leave smaller tips if you don’t take care of them in a timely manner.
  • You can swap one item for another by clicking on it with an empty container. Let’s suppose you want to save time and pick up a full soda and have another one filling while you take that one away. Go to the desired station and click an empty cup onto a full one, The cups will automatically switch positions and the empty cup will start filling, You can then right click the soda in your hand to the next customer. You can swap products with any items that are in the machine (French fries, sodas, condiments and ice cream).
  • When you have several customers at a time that are losing patience, there are several ways to make them more patient so that they will not get angry and leave. You can hand out some cookies to each one so that you can increase their patience immediately. You can serve each customer one item at a time instead of giving them their whole order at once. Each food item you deliver will increase their patience slightly so spreading the orders around will keep the customers happier longer. This tip will really come in handy in later levels.
  • Try to pick up items from the conveyor belt that have power-up bubbles attached to them. They will help you in a variety of ways, some will make the food cook faster while others will add extra money to your total. You can only pick them up for a limited amount of time, once they start flashing it means that they are about to disappear. If the item is flashing and you want to use it quickly, try to use it on something that only requires one step, like getting a drink or French fries with no condiments. Try to stay away from picking up flashing power-ups for orders that require multiple steps, like a milkshake, ice cream with several toppings etc.
  • It is a good idea to use the non flashing power-ups on triple cheeseburgers and such because you can add multiple power-ups in one sitting. You can pick up a bun, a patty, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese etc. that all have power-ups attached to them, this can give you multiple power-ups in just one sandwich.
  • Every customer has a "patience bubble" attached to them . This will help you determine who should be served first and who can wait a little longer. The "patience bubbles" range anywhere from 2 bubbles up to six, with six being the most patient type. You can gauge each person’s patience by the color of their "speech bubble" and the color of their "patience bubble". When the bubbles are white that means that they are happy, when they start turning yellow they are getting tired of waiting and when they turn red, they are about to leave very soon, so make sure you take care of them quickly.
  • Sometimes customers are getting ready to leave (you’ll see them sinking to the bottom) you still have a chance to get their food to them if you catch them before they disappear. If you get the food at the right moment they will come back up, they will leave you a bad tip and throw a few bad words your way but at least you did not lose them completely.
  • If you make an item incorrectly or you make an item an item that you don’t need there are a couple of things you can do with that item. If you purchased the workstation upgrade you can place it there for a later time or you can throw it in the recycle bin. Throwing items in the recycle bin will not cost you any points. If you have room on the conveyor belt you can place it back on there. You can only place it on the conveyor belt at the end of a level, when you’re getting near to your last customers and no more food is coming out. If the food item you made is on one of the machines you can keep it there until you need it, simply click it back on to whatever machine it came from and it will stay until you use it.
  • When making a large cheeseburger or burger orders things can get confusing so try to do things in an organized matter. Develop a system that works best for you so that you don’t mix-up the ingredients. A good tactic when making a triple cheeseburger, or any burger is to pick up the top and bottom buns first and then fill in the rest of the sandwich. Do all the patties at one time and then move on to the 3 cheese slices etc. If you try to pick up separate items at a time, the food is piled on top of each other and it can be hard to distinguish which items you already put together. It may not always be possible to do all the ingredients at once but just develop a system so that you can remember what you’ve done.
  • It doesn’t matter in which order you prepare the food as long as the ingredients are correct. You don’t have to put the bottom bun on the chicken sandwich first and then the chicken, you just have to make sure that all your ingredients are correct. You can prepare the sandwiches and the coke floats in any order that you desire as well but you cannot do the same with ice cream that has a fudge topping nor with the milkshakes. You cannot put an empty ice cream cup in the fudge machine before you actually put the ice cream in. The same goes for the shakes, you have to add the ice cream before you place it in the mixer. You CAN add condiments (ketchup, ranch and mustard) on an empty bun and in an empty French fry box before you put other things in them.
  • When your desired item is not on the conveyor belt and you can’t prepare a customer’s order, it may be best to make the more elaborate foods first. Do the triple bacon cheeseburger so that you can make room for 11 items to move up on the belt (2 buns, 3 slices of cheese, 3 beef patties and 3 slices of bacon) You can also prepare some of the fun meals since they have several items as well, it all depends what is in your way. This will allow you to move things along quickly.
  • You can choose to buy your next few items for sale however you want. You will have 3 options to choose form, I chose to get all the burger options first (double,triple, lettuce etc.). I stayed away from the milkshakes and items that required several steps until the last possible moment because after playing the game for a second time, it was easier to leave them for last. So choose your selections wisely.


  • There are certain upgrades you can purchase in order to make things run more efficiently.
  • Workstation is a table that is located at the end of the conveyor belt, it allows you to place an item on it until you’re ready to use them. There will be times in which you’ve made a mistake and you don’t want to throw something out because someone else may order it. Just leave it on the workstation until you’re ready to use it. The items don’t have to be completed in order for you to use them. For example you can leave the bread with just lettuce and tomato on there with no patty.
  • BurgerBot will complete orders for you. The faster you earn tips the faster BurgerBot will activate itself and come to your rescue. It’s a good idea to save BurgerBot for more complicated orders that require several steps to complete, like when the 3 school girls show up and order 3 to 6 items in one sitting or when the Sumo Wrestler or the Surfer show up. It all depends on which level you’re on.
  • Cookies are great pacifiers for angry customers, give them a cookie and they will calm down.
  • When it’s convenient, giving a cookie right before you serve a customer their last item will increase their patience and thus they will leave you a bigger tip.


  • Use items with power-ups so you can use them immediately. There is no limit on how many power-ups you can use at one time so use as many as you can, especially on large orders like triple cheeseburgers.
  • Speed Power-up: Blue ball with a lightning bolt, will help you deliver an item with speed but only for a short amount of time. Your drinks will fill faster, the fries will be done with lightning speed and the ice cream and milkshakes will be done in no time flat. It’s a good idea to use it on things that require longer prep time when it’s activated. you should leave the conveyor belt items alone for a few seconds so that you can take advantage of preparing the other items faster.
  • Happy Power-up: Yellow ball with a smiley face, will slow down the process of the patrons losing patience and make them happier for a short period of time. When you have a lot of customers that are about to lose patience, try and get the cookie power-up so you can hand them out in order to keep you from losing anyone.
  • Cookie Power-up: Red ball with a cookie symbol, will add 2 cookies each time you use it for a maximum of 8.
  • Money Power-up: Green ball with a dollar sign, will add an extra $20 to your earnings each time you use it. This is a good tool for when are having a hard time reaching your goal for that day.


  • There are 15 different customer types. Some patrons are extremely impatient and they must be served first and others are a lot more patient. Once you know the impatient ones it will be in your best interest to serve them first so that you don’t risk losing them. I will list the customer types by their patience level. You can also check their patience level on the "patience bubble" that is located right below them. The ones that are extremely impatient only have 2 bubbles while the ones that are extremely patient have 6 bubbles. It’s always a good idea to serve the punk guy quickly when he shows up since he has a very short fuse.
  • Very Low Patience Customers:
  • Punk: He likes his food fast and is very impatient, always take care of him quickly because he will become angry and leave fast if you don’t cater to him right away. Likes to order extreme lime soda
  • Low Patience customers:
  • Business Man: The old man with a grey jacket. He likes to order a burger, fries and a cola all the time, once in a while he’ll ask for ketchup on his burger but the order remains basically the same.
  • Medium Patience Customers:
  • Business Lady Is in somewhat of a hurry and likes to refuel by ordering chicken sandwiches and chocolate ice cream
  • School Girls They like to come in for a snack after school. Due to their desire to fit in, they always order three of the same thing. They like ice cream and small drinks and sides. Since they always order three of the same thing, it’s best to try and prepare their orders at the same time. When they appear it’s always a good idea to use BurgerBot to prepare their meals since the robot can save you a lot of time in preparing their requests. Another good technique with them is put a cup of ice cream under each flavor so that you can prepare a little in advance for them. They always get one of each ice cream, one vanilla, one chocolate and one strawberry.
  • Mom and Kid These two have been on the boardwalk all day and they need to refuel. The kid likes fun meals, small side and drinks while the mom likes sandwiches.
  • High Patience Customers:
  • Cowboy: Likes 2 sandwiches and curly fries
  • Cowgirl Likes cheeseburgers and strawberry ice cream
  • Clown The clown is the funniest character of all, he asks for the most unusual combinations. He likes ketchup and burger buns.
  • Alien: The alien has been searching for the perfect food and he likes the triple bacon cheeseburger with ranch.
  • Sports Fan: Big yellow rubber finger in his hand and he likes big burgers.
  • Softball player: She likes to recharge her batteries with a chicken nugget meal.
  • Hippie: After protesting various causes all day the hippie likes salads and veggie packs.
  • Very Patient Customers:
  • Man in the red and black plaid shirt: He likes pretty much anything on the menu and is extremely patient.
  • Sumo Wrestler: He needs to keep his weight up so he always orders 4 different things at one time.
  • Surfer: Likes to grab a meal after a good session on the waves. Shooting the curl makes him very hungry so he likes lots of sandwiches.


Level 74 -Aliens and Kids-

  • This is probably one of the hardest levels in my opinion but these tips will help you beat it.
  • Use your power-ups as soon as you can, the lightning bolt will help you prepare the items faster and the cookies will help you keep people happier. The money will also help you get to your goal faster.
  • Try to pick up multiple bonuses at one time. Build items first that you will be able to use several power-ups at one time. You can build a burger that has a power-up on the buns, the cheese and the fixings, there is no limit to how many power-ups you can add to one item.
  • You have to work fast and efficiently, use the robot as soon as you can, right click all the items and swap as much as possible. Before you pick up an item, take an empty container and swap it with a full one.

Level 75-Aliens and SportsFolk-

  • The best way to get through this level is to keep the large orders moving. Do all the triple cheeseburgers and the nuggets first so that items become available on the conveyor belt. Give each person one piece of their order at a time in order to keep everybody patient.

Level 77-Surfers-

  • It’s all about the burgers, chicken sandwiches and BLT’s. In this level in order to keep the Surfers from leaving, you will have to spread the orders out. Don’t give one person their total order at once, give each person one item at a time until you serve all of them.
  • The lightning power-up will only help you with the condiments since they are only ordering sandwiches, so try to concentrate on the money, cookies and happy power-ups instead.
  • If you’re out of cookies take care of the patrons that are about to lose their tempers first.

Level 78- All Punks-

  • Those Punks can be very impatient so make sure to serve them quickly.
  • Fortunately they don’t have elaborate orders but they are short in patience so keep the cookies coming and serve them as fast as possible.
  • The lightning bolt and the money power-up will probably be your most important ones to use on this level.

Level 79-Aliens and Sumos-

  • The Aliens and the Sumos like to eat a lot so you’re going to have to get the burgers done quickly and spread the orders out to each one. Use BurgerBot on the biggest orders.

Level 80-Everybody-

  • In this level you will have all the different types of customers coming in so every item under the sun will be ordered. You will have to serve 30 customers to complete the game, it may take a couple of tries but it’s not too hard. If you don’t complete the level the first time, your goal amount will change to a higher amount or change again to a lower amount if you don’t complete it in time.

General tips for Challenge Mode:

  • The goal in challenge mode is to make as much money as you can by serving customers within a one minute period. The game is over when you lose your first customer because they get tired of waiting too long. As you go through higher levels the customers become more impatient and leave a lot faster. You have to be quick or the game will be over fast. There are three ranks that you can achieve in Challenge Mode, all 3 are explained in the first page of the game menu.
  • You can make certain things in advance to save you some time. In the early stages you can cook all the fried foods, have sodas ready and also make some ice cream in advance. This will help you get bigger tips from the patrons because they will be served at a faster pace.
  • If you serve customers quickly you will be be able to activate BurgerBot quickly. The robot will activate the faster you are at serving customers. You don’t have to use him right away if you don’t want to, you can wait until a more complex order comes out or if you’re close to the end of the round save it for the next round. you can use him right away if you want to activate him quickly again.
  • Whatever items you prepared in advance will be saved upon completion of that round and you can use them in the beginning of the next round. If you have any power-ups that were in effect in your last round, or food items that were not served, they will be ready to use on that next level. The same goes for the robot, if it was activated before the game ended, you will be able to use him right away.
  • When the customers bubbles start to turn red, give them some cookies and then serve them quickly to keep them from leaving.
  • Pick up the money bonuses to up your score and obtain a higher trophy.
  • As you take one soda out of the machine click another cup onto the machine so that drinks can be prepared in advance, the same goes for the fries and the ice cream.


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