Burger Shop 2 Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Burger Shop 2.


  • In this game you will serve either breakfast, lunch or dinner using the BurgerTron 2000 Technology serving several different types of customers with different likes and patience levels. Food comes down a conveyor belt type of setup and you are to click on the food items requested by the customers and serve them before they become impatient and leave. There are several food items to serve and each item requires you to learn how to prepare it and to use the correct machines. The game has several power ups to assist you and becomes progressively more difficult with each level played.
  • The game has 120 levels in story mode which will eventually unlock the other modes of the game which are relaxed mode, challenge mode and expert mode.
  • There are 120 trophies you can earn in the game and if you click on "Hall of Fame" you can see what trophies are available and what needs to be done to earn them.  
  • The game has a wonderful statistics area found in the options screen and you can see how many of each type of food you have served in a game as well as customer type and how satisfied the customers were.
  • All of the food, plates, cups, paper products and other items come out of the machine in a conveyor belt type of set up which you are to click on and serve to the 3 customers in line.
  • There is a place at the very end of the machine to set food down if you need to and there is also a recycle bin area in the center so if you make a mistake you can place the food there and it will come back out again disassembled.
  • There are several different customer types all with different temperaments and patience levels.
  • Each customer’s order is seen right above their head in a cartoon thought bubble. Replicate the dish exactly as it appears here.
  • Click on the food in any order then right click to send it to the customer. The faster you can do this earning the required amount of money will help you beat the game.
  • There are many options to handle food. Mainly you click on the items you want in any order and they will stick to the mouse until you are ready to serve. When you are finished assembling the meal simply right click the mouse and the food will go to the person that was there first if there are two people with identical requests.
  • You do not have to bring the food all the way to the customer as when you right click it will launch the food from wherever your mouse is at that time. You can drag the food to the customer if you wish, but that wastes valuable game time.
  • A power-up appears as a little colored sphere which is stuck to a cup, plate, or food item and when you use these the power-ups initiate. It is always wise to use the power-ups fast as they do disappear and re-appear somewhere else every few seconds.
  • If you click on the "options" button and then "recipes" you can scroll through every available recipe if you ever need to review how to make an item.
  • Once you beat the game in Story mode you will unlock all other modes which can be adjusted to your preferred location of game play.


  • Recycle Bin (Red) -Here you can recycle your mistakes. Place them in the recycle area and they will come back through the machine disassembled for future use.
  • Level Indicator (Blue) -This is in the upper right corner and will alert you to your current level.
  • Customer’s Order (Blue) -This is at the bottom of the screen over your customer in a thought bubble. You must duplicate what you see here exactly and then right click to send order to customer. You may also drag order to the customer’s thought bubble if you prefer.
  • Final amount paid and tip (Green) -This appears over customer after you serve them. It varies based on how fast you served and how happy they are.
  • Happiness Indicator (Yellow) – This is under every customer and you would be wise to keep an eye on this. As they become unhappy you will see a red bar moving to the side. The more red you see the angrier they are becoming. Once the thought bubble itself turns red the customer is priority. If they become too angry they will leave.

Level Screen

  • A. Today’s Goal – This is the amount of money you must make to pass the level.
  • B. "Burger-Bot Says" – Here you are given a tip by Burger-Bot that will help you to play the game more effectively.
  • C. Level Complete Summary – Here you will see how much money you earned in tip and bonuses totalled.
  • D. Rank – Here you will see your assigned rank and the amount of money earned.
  • E. Customer Satisfaction Chart – Here you can see how many customers you served and how happy they were with the service. You can also see the types of customers you served during a level. Also you will be ranked here and the best you can achieve is "Expert" If you do not achieve a ranking but pass the level you will see "Level Up" instead of a ranking.

Food Items

This type of screen is seen between every level and you are to choose one additional food to add per level. After you choose the food you will see another screen showing how to make that type of food. If at any time you can’t remember how to make a food click on options and then recipes and scroll through until you find the food you need to learn about.


This is a power up option screen you will see at just about every level. Once you choose a power up it will be used in the game from that point on. You will be constantly adding more power-ups to the game. Power-ups include the Burger-Bot seen above and also appear as colored spheres on the food items, plates, cups and paper products. Use these first as they disappear after a few moments and reappear somewhere else. A break down of all power ups and how they work is listed below.

Burger-Bot – Make tips to activate him and he will fill orders for you. Simply click on him and place him on a customer and he will fill their entire order or click on button underneath him and he will fill one item in each person’s order standing in line.
Lollipops (Red spheres) – Give these to customers to make them happy.
Speed Power-up (Blue Spheres) – Give this to a customer and all the machines will operate very fast for a few seconds.
Freeze Patience Power-up – Give this to a customer and every one’s patience meter will freeze in place allowing you a few seconds to increase your score.
Money Power-up (Green sphere) – Give this to a customer and you will earn an extra $20.00.
Traffic Cone Power-up (Orange Sphere) – Give this to a customer and a cone will appear in that spot for a few moments allowing less customers to require service.


After you choose a new food item you will see a screen like this explaining how to make that item. You can scroll through all the recipes by clicking on the options button at the main menu and then "Recipes" You can scroll through all recipes from the beginning of game even if you haven’t unlocked them all yet.


In a recipe you will see several types of machines that are explained to you in separate tutorials. You will see cereal, soup, drink and fried food dispensers, Ice cream machines, Milk shake machines, Ovens, broilers, boiling pots and gravy, whipped cream and condiment dispensers. Everything else you need will be found on the conveyor belt.

Multiple Recipes

Sometimes you will see multiples recipes such as this salad. Be careful to look at an order carefully as it can be very difficult to see all ingredients especially on salads and sandwiches.

Hall of Fame

You can access the hall of fame by clicking on options. Here you can find trophies, statistics, and scores for challenge and story modes.


Learning each customer’s preferences is critical to winning the game.

"The Dude"

  • The Dude is a very easy going guy.  He will eat anything you can make for him and will wait patiently while you prepare it.
  • Likes – The dude hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like.
  • Patience – Very High

"Business Lady"

  • The Business lady is very busy with business stuff, but they love to recharge with a quick and tasty meal.
  • Likes – Chicken, Pasta, Salmon and Chocolate.
  • Patience – Medium

"Old Chap"

  • This Chap is old fashioned and prefers to see a menu before he orders. Just give him his menu and he wont make trouble.
  • Likes – Anything that is on the menu.
  • Patience – Medium
  • *NOTE – Drag the menu on the belt to Old Chap as soon as possible as it takes him a few moments to make up his mind.

"The Mime"

  • The Mime has a hard time deciding what to eat so he copies the order of the person before him.
  • Likes – Whatever the person before him ordered.
  • Patience – High
  • *Note – The Mime orders whatever the person before him has ordered.

"Dog Lover"

  • The dog lover is in a hurry, but she will calm down if she knows that you run a dog friendly establishment.
  • Likes – Dog biscuits for her dog.
  • Patience – Very low/Very High
  • *NOTE – The girl has very low patience until you give her dog a biscuit and then she is very patient. Take the biscuit from the conveyor belt and drag it to the area that highlights in green dog biscuit shape next to girl.

"The Skater"

  • The Skater is saving up for a wicked new board so he only buys one item at a time.
  • Likes – Any one item.
  • Patience – Medium

"The Cowboy"

  • Working hard on his ranch, the Cowboy needs to fuel up with a good meal, that always includes 2 burgers, 2 breakfast sandwiches, or 2 grilled slabs of meat.
  • Likes – 2 Burgers, 2 Breakfast Sandwiches, or 2 Grilled slabs of meat.
  • Patience – High

"The Cowgirl"

  • After a hard day at the rodeo the Cowgirl likes to unwind with her favorite Dairy products.
  • Likes – Cheese, Milk, Strawberries
  • Patience – High

"The Punk"

  • The Punk likes his food and he likes it now! But alas, all his angst has made him a bit grumpy so you had better serve him quickly.
  • Likes – Extreme lime Soda, Sugar, Coffee and Shrimp.
  • Patience – Very Low


  • Clowns are Crazy! They will even order items that aren’t on the menu.
  • Likes – Cheese donuts, Lettuce sandwiches, onions, whipped cream, and toys.
  • Patience – High
  • **NOTE – Clowns order crazy items such as powdered sugar and butter on a plate. Be aware of this and leave extra time for clowns.


  • School girls like to come in before or after school or during a free period. Due to their desire to fit in, they always order 3 of the same thing.
  • Likes – Ice Cream, Small drinks and sides, Salads and Orange Juice.
  • Patience – Medium

"Mom and Kid"

  • These two need to fuel their constant tug of war between parental discipline and childhood exuberance.
  • Likes – Toys, Drink for Mom, Drink for kid, Chicken strips or nuggets, Pizza and fruity Os.
  • Patience – Medium

"The Sports Fan"

  • The sports fan loves rooting for his team while dining on a big meal….rooting takes a lot of energy!
  • Likes – Big Burgers, Onion Rings, Tasty Flakes, Pancakes, Pizza, and Potatoes.
  • Patience – High

"Softball Player"

  • Whether it’s to celebrate another win or to prepare for a big game, the softball player needs good food and great service. Go Team!
  • Likes – Waffles, Chicken strips or nuggets and Shrimp.
  • Patience – High

"Shirtless Guy"

  • The Shirtless guy offends other people in the restaurant by violating the customary, "No shirt, no service" rule.  Burger Shop is accommodating and gives him a free Burger Shop T-shirt to keep the other customer’s from getting too angry.
  • Likes – Not wearing shirts, Free T-Shirts.
  • Patience – High
  • *NOTE- Shirtless guy will make any other customer in line with him very angry. Grab a shirt off of the conveyor belt immediately and drag it to him. You may need to use the lollipop powerup to keep angry customers from leaving if the shirtless guy has made them too angry.


  • After running around all day protesting various social ills or staying up all night for an old fashioned sit in, the Hippie needs a good vegetarian meal.
  • Likes – Salads, Veggies, Pizza, and Pasta. Things without meat.
  • Patience – High
  • *NOTE – The hippie only orders vegetarian meals. Keep this in mind when she orders a sandwich.


  • The surfer likes to come grab a meal after a session on the waves. He needs a lot of food but is a pretty mellow guy.
  • Likes – Sandwiches, Donuts, Pizza
  • Patience – Very High

"Sumo Wrestler"

  • The Sumo Wrestler needs to keep his weight up or face dishonor.
  • Likes – Meals with 4 things.
  • Patience – High
  • *NOTE – Best to use the Burger Bot power-up as much as possible with the Sumo Wrestler.


  • The Ninja is highly unpredictable. He will order food off of the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at any time.
  • Likes – Keeping people off balance.
  • Patience – High

Level Map

  • This is the game level map.  As you play your score is reflected due to the marker left on the path. Silver stars mean expert and red circles mean level passed.
  • NOTE – You can click on any restaurant in story mode to hear the story associated with that particular restaurant.

Other Game Modes

Relaxed Mode

Here you can play without any timer or impatient customers. You can set up the type of restaurant and food to serve here as well as the goal you wish to play to.

Challenge Mode

Here you try to beat predetermined high scores and can set up the restaurant you wish to play in as well as the food you serve there.


  • Use the Burger Bot as much as possible on the customer that orders the most food. The Sumo Wrestler in the final levels will require you to use it many times. Also the clown orders foods that are off the wall and if this throws you off, using the Burger bot for the clown can be very helpful.
  • Always use the right click feature to deliver food as it will save you a lot of time.
  • When picking up an item such as a drink bring and empty cup to switch places with it and it will save you valuable time.
  • Punks are the most impatient of the customer’s so be sure to serve them first. They always order extreme lime soda so have that ready to go.
  • At the beginning of every level you are told what customers you will have. Use this information to your advantage and prepare for difficult customers first.
  • The dog lover is very impatient if you do not give her dog a biscuit. Listen for the dog bark and when you hear it give her dog a biscuit and then she will have high patience.
  • The shirtless guy will infuriate the other customers and their patience meters go down very fast and they turn a dark shade of red. You must get a shirt on the guy but taking it off the conveyor belt quickly. You may have to give lollipops to the angry customers if the shirtless guy makes them angry or you won’t have time to serve them.
  • ALWAYS go for the items with power up spheres on them first as they will activate the power-ups and boost your score.
  • Give out menus to those requesting them as fast as possible as they take a few moments to make up their minds.
  • After you play story mode for a while you will unlock the other modes. Relaxed, Challenge and Expert.
  • Each unlocked mode except expert you can set up the restaurant and food served in.
  • The burgers and salads are very difficult to build in the later levels as they have so many ingredients so look at them carefully counting the number of meat patties and bacon and cheese you need.
  • The triple bacon burger can be assembled like this…meat, meat, meat, cheese, cheese, cheese, bacon, bacon, bacon, top bun , bottom bun, lettuce and tomato. (Just a suggestion you can click on it in any order but I found this order is easier)
  • Remember you can click on ingredients in any order. Develop a system that works for you for each food and stick to it.
  • The little drop appearing at the top of a food means you must put Ketchup, mustard or ranch dressing on it. Try to do this at the end.
  • You can opt to prepare one person’s food order at a time or choose a back and forth one item per customer at a time but this doesn’t work well with impatient customers. The best method is to choose least patient first and work to most patient.
  • Remember you have an area at the end of the machine to place food. Utilize this as much as possible while waiting on things to cook.
  • When you have the upgrade that speeds up equipment, make the most difficult foods during this time as there is no wait on machines.
  • You can go back and replay any level in the game if you are not happy with your score. If you do not win a level you will automatically be prompted to replay it.
  • Once you complete story mode you unlock 120 more levels in expert mode that are VERY difficult. Use the above tips to complete expert mode and note that most of the trophies are earned during expert mode.


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