Build Your Vehicle Strategy Guide – Build to Win

Build Your Vehicle combines fast-paced driving action with auto-running collection ideas. You’re pelting it down a course, adding pieces to your car to give you even more speed. Oh, and you’re competing against another proto-car as well. You’re going to need your wits about you if you want to win.

And since we’re pretty sure you want to win, we decided to write up this guide to give you the best chance of don’t just that. These are strategies that we picked up during our time playing Build Your Vehicle and now we’re only too happy to be sharing them with you.

If you’re smart and you follow these suggestions, then you’re going to find yourself winning much more often than losing. There’s something here for everyone, no matter how many races you’ve already played. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Build Your Vehicle.

Grab all the parts

You should always try and grab all the parts you need to make a full vehicle. They’ll be scattered around the level, and your opponent will be aiming for them too, so the more you pick up the better you’re going to do. It’s rare you’ll win a race without having built a full car.

Keep upgrading

You need to spend your coins on upgrading your speed and your earnings. Try and spread your cash out reasonably evenly, but it you’ve got a choice between the two, always pick speed. After all, the faster you go the more likely you are to win.

Drive smart

Make sure you keep away from all the obstacles the game throws at you, but at the same time try to push your opponent into them. Hog the road, block off options and make sure you’re not giving your foe a chance to overtake. Use everything you can to get an advantage.

Unlock the new parts?

New parts unlock over time, filling up as you finish levels. When they’re at a hundred percent you’re offered a video to unlock them. You don’t have to watch that video. Skip it and the new parts will be waiting for you on the next level.

Watch for water

Water hazards can be tricky. Make sure you’re out in front when you come to one and be sure to pick up all the pink parts to turn your car briefly into a boat. If you do well in the water sections then there’s a good chance you’ll build up a basically unassailable lead.

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