Build it! Miami Beach Resort Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:40:”Build it! Miami Beach Resort Walkthrough”;s:12:”section_body”;s:13927:”Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide of Build It! Miami Beach Resort

General Tips:

  • As tiresome as tutorials sometimes can be, it is definitely highly advisable to follow the tutorial of this game.
  • There are various ways to move around in this game. You can either click-and-drag anywhere you want to, use the arrow keys of your keyboard, or hover the mouse cursor at the edges of the screen. Apart from that you are also able to click anywhere on the small map in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen.
  • If you have already fulfilled all your goals and construction tasks, any other upcoming problems like damaged buildings or packing orders are not important anymore. 
  • In nearly every decade you also have to construct various parts of special buildings, such as an airport, a stadium, or your headquarters. Whenever this is a part of your construction tasks, do it at the end, because those building do not provide any advantages or profit, so that they are no help for your basic goals. Turn to those tasks when you finished all the other tasks by clicking on the money symbol and you will be fine:


  • Tornadoes are not as terrible as they seem in this game. Of course they move erratically over your beach and destroy buildings, but they provide empty building lots for free, which may simplify your construction tasks greatly. The only thing you have to keep an eye on after a tornado has hit your beach is the balance between the different groups of buildings. If the tornado has mainly destroyed recreational buildings, your overall profit will suffer to a large extent. So your major task after every tornado is to re-establish the balance between the building categories if needed.
  • If you try to construct any building and the foundation turns red, this simply means that it cannot be placed there. Search for a plot where it turns green to build it:


  • In the bottom of the screen you can see the calendar which displays how many days are left to finish the level in expert time, retrospectively how much time to just pass the level. On the right side you can see how many building permits you have left for the current level. If you need more building permits to fulfill any task or goal you can only demolish already existing buildings:


  • At the end of each level you will get a short overview of your performance. You will also learn how much money will be deducted from your bank account due to taxes, as well as the amount of bonus money you will receive when you have finished in expert time:


  • Some of your construction tasks include one or even two conditions, either one building has to be next to another specific building, and/or has to be far away from a specific building. These conditions are already indicated while you start to construct the appropriate building. If a positive condition is fulfilled, the related building turns green, and if a negative condition is fulfilled, the related building turns red. This is a great help to recognize quickly if any building plot is convenient for your construction tasks or not:


  • The "City Statistics"-button probably is the most important one in the whole game. Click on it to learn quickly everything you need to know about the current situation of your resort, especially how many guests you have, how many guests you can accommodate, and how large the capacities of your leisure and recreational facilities are:



  • Basically it is always quite clear what you have to do in any level, in contrast to similar games. You will rarely have financial problems, and since there are no materials or workers needed to get anything done, it is all about a bit luck, speed, and the right order to assign tasks, as well as reacting quickly to new tasks or unexpected tornadoes.
  • Plan the construction of buildings carefully. Each building plot is very worthwhile, and every building requires two, three, or four plots, so there is no use in leaving spaces of one plot anywhere, because you won’t be able to build anything on it later on. 
  • Every decade new buildings, upgrades, and new land will be unlocked.
  • The cycle for your regular income to be added to your account balance amounts for ten days.

Controlling Claire:

  • The little red arrow inside of the mini-map indicates the current position of Claire. If you can’t find her, simply click on this red arrow on the mini-map to jump to her directly:


  • Claire takes on tasks automatically in the order you assign them. However, if any building gets damaged, unclean or has package orders, these tasks are high priority and you have to assign Claire to them before she can do anything else:


  • The bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen displays Claire’s current tasks. You can only assign up to five tasks at the same time:


  • Take into account that different tasks are not finished at the same speed. To just repaint a building does not take as much time as to upgrade the same building, and to construct a large Hotel Florida takes more time than the construction of a Bungalow Cherry or a Villa Coco.
  • You can also cancel certain tasks in the "task-bar" by clicking on the little red cross.


  • These buildings accommodate tourists, provide income, and can be upgraded as well as painted. For them to be profitable you have to construct recreational facilities, so that the number of tourists your lodgings can hold meets the number of tourists your recreational buildings are able to attract.
  • You can decide how to paint any lodging as soon as you have ordered its construction. But be careful not to mix up "purple" and "blue" – purple is on the left side, blue is on the right side:


  • If any of your construction tasks includes lodgings that have to be painted in a specific color, this color is already visible in the menu where you choose the appropriate lodging.
  • Whenever you forget which color you have chosen for a new building, hover over the appropriate button with the mouse cursor to reveal it:


  • If you have to reach a certain number of guests it sometimes can be cheaper and more effective to just upgrade already existing lodgings (if those upgrades are already available) than to build new ones, especially if you have only a small number of building permits anyway.

BuildingCostGuestsIncome per guestCost to repaintCost to upgradeNew cost to buildGuests Income per guestCost to repaintBungalow Cherry$1,57510$40$473$18,425$20,00015$100$6,000Hotel Sunrise$11,50030$35$2,300$118,500$130,00080$75$39,000Hotel Ocean$18,00045$50$3,600$182,000$200,000110$117$60,000Villa Coco$100,00015$500$30,000$120,000$220,00015$1,000$66,000Hotel Florida$150,000100$95$45,000$120,000$270,000150$110$81,000Hotel Royale$240,000130$112$72,000$110,000$350,000250$125$105,000

Leisure Facilities:

  • Leisure facilities require lodgings and tourists to be profitable. It only makes sense to build these facilities when you already have enough tourists at your resort to exhaust their capacity.
  • If a leisure facility (e.g. a disco or a bar) is dark and has a "For rent"-sign attached to it, this means that the balance between your actual number of guests and the hypothetical number of guests that your leisure facilities can accommodate is disturbed. There are two solutions for this problem, and it depends on your current situation which one you should apply. Either you have not enough lodgings to accommodate more guests, or your beach is not attractive enough, so that you have to build more recreational facilities to attract more tourists to your land:


  • You should not only build the same type of leisure facility again and again, for example the Disco, just because it is the most profitable one. A lot of tasks require certain buildings, so it is much more helpful in the long run to vary new leisure facilities. Of course, the same goes for lodgings and recreational facilities, too.

BuildingCostGuestsProfitCost to upgradeGuests after upgradeProfit after upgradeDiner$14,50035$1,000$50,50080$3,000Bar$16,50050$1,500$173,500200$5,000Shop$25,00070$3,000$265,000200$7,400Movie Theater$70,00050$4,000$150,000120$5,500Restaurant$210,00060$7,000$100,000200$9,000Disco$280,00080$8,400$50,000400$9,500

Recreational Facilities:

  • Recreational buildings are the only ones that do not provide income themselves, but which are absolutely required for your other buildings to be profitable.
  • Sometimes it can be worthwhile to already build an additional recreational building at the end of a level as preparation for the next level.

BuildingCostAttracts … guestsOperative costsLifeguard Tower$7,50020$400Park$12,00045$900Tourist Information$16,00080$1,200Beach Volleyball Court$60,000160$2,000Fountain$200,000250$5,000Playground$260,000350$7,000

Riot Mode:

  • This mode will delight everyone who always wanted to demolish buildings just for the sake of doing it. Here you have to destroy your whole resort which you have built throughout sixty levels in the campaign as quickly as possible. 

Easter Egg:

  • When you build a cinema, look at the table presenting the upcoming movie. It says Mystery Island, which is the title of a previous game by developer Cerasus Media at the same time.

When you have finished the campaign you can choose any decade to replay, but take into account that your previous progress will be lost then. We hope that you found this guide somewhat helpful and that you enjoyed the game as well.

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