Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Tier List – All Bugs Ranked

Our Bug Heroes: Tower Defense tier list ranks each and every bug in the strategy game from best to worst! Who’s on your team?

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Quick! Get the fly swatter! You’ve found our Bug Heroes: Tower Defense tier list. Each and every bug has been ranked from S-tier to D-tier depending on their strengths and weaknesses in battle. Who’d have thought some insects could wield powerful guns and tanks?

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is an interesting game, to say the least! Traverse across everyday surfaces as you command a legion of bugs on the battlefield. What are you protecting? Food, of course! Fend off the enemies to stop them from stealing your beloved meal. This game is a tower defense game through and through, but with a neat twist. Battles take place across a variety of locations, like a desk, kitchen countertop, and more – I’m not quite sure how I’d react if I saw bugs fighting with artillery in my kitchen…

For more information about Bug Heroes: Tower Defense, you can visit the game’s official Steam page or Google Play page! If you’re looking for new games to play, check out our MCOC tier list, our Traha Global Classes guide, and our FF7 Ever Crisis Stamina Boost guide.

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Tier List

So, which bugs are worth it? You don’t want to send the weakest bugs out onto the battlefield, so make sure to use this tier list to help you decide! Admittedly, it feels a little weird ranking bugs…

S Tier

The best bugs around!

  • Honey Bee
  • Slug

A Tier

These bugs are pretty decent, bar a few weaknesses when compared to those in S-tier. Still, they’re well worth it!

  • Moth
  • Fly

B Tier

Average bugs. Are they worth using? In niche circumstances maybe.

  • Worm
  • Ant
  • Termite

C Tier

Okay, this is where the bugs start getting pretty bad.

  • Pillbug
  • Fly
  • Spider

D Tier

You should avoid these bugs… literally.

  • The worst bugs in Bug Heroes – you can’t even call them heroes.

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