Bubblegum Hero Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Ever tried blowing a bubble with your gum and had it ‘explode’ in your face? Yup, we’ve all been there. Crimson Pine Games’s Bubblegum Hero takes you on that fun experience with none of the mess. It’s a game that simply has you trying to blow a bubble of a particular size in a bid to earn many points. Along the way, you can unlock new heroes and types of gum.

To help you out, Gamezebo is on hand with its Tips, Cheats and Strategies to ensure you know exactly what to do and when.

The Basics

Bubblegum Hero Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The idea behind Bubblegum Hero is immensely simple – you hold your finger to the screen and the bubble gets bigger. Release your finger to finish off the bubble you’ve created.
  • The catch? You want to create a bubble that hits the yellow circle that’s moving in and out of the screen. Hit it spot on and you gain a ‘perfect’ which gives you a combo booster. Hit it just outside but still within the white circle and you gain a lesser bonus. Go too far out and it’s game over for this attempt.
  • You can choose to blow into your microphone to form a bubble but I wouldn’t recommend it. You have way more control over the bubble by using your finger.
  • While you might feel like you have to be speedy, you actually don’t. You can watch the circle reticule go in and out for a while before interacting and working on your bubble. It can be helpful to get into a rhythm and be speedy but it’s far from essential.
  • If you want to take a breather, take a breather and get back up to scratch.
  • After all, the circle moves faster the more successful you are so things can get pretty tricky once your combo is high.

Know Your Heroes and Gum

Bubblegum Hero Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Different heroes react slightly differently. The general premise is the same but each is going to feel slightly more alert or slower than the other. Figure out what works best for you.
  • Each gum is also significantly different from each other.
  • Every gum is assigned a points, speed, perfect, range, and cash rank. That means certain gum is better for racking up the high scores than others. Also, if you’re seeking out coins, you’ll want to go with a high cash rank.


  • Coins are used to buy gum. Each location has a set number of types of gum available. Buy all the gum and you unlock a new location.
  • It’s as simple as that meaning you won’t have to worry too much about not knowing what’s going on.

Pursue the Quests

Bubblegum Hero Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • The game loves to throw plenty of quests at you. These are small missions such as to accrue a particular high score in one session, or earn plenty of coins. Some can be pretty tricky such as earning 10 perfects in one run or racking up a 5x combo.
  • Keep an eye on what’s expected of you and work towards it at all times.
  • Sometimes, you’ll be required to use a specific character or type of gum. You can adjust this manually but the game does it automatically too, so you’ll always be set up for your goal.
  • Stuck on a quest? You can choose to skip it by watching an advert. This can be a much more effective route to completing a quest and earning some easier coins further down the line.
  • When you run out of quests, you can either wait a while or watch an ad to unlock more.

Ads, Ads, Ads

Bubblegum Hero Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Yup, Bubblegum Hero loves to use ads at every possible moment! They’re worth it though.
  • You’re frequently asked to watch an ad in exchange for plenty of coins. It’s worth doing this as coins add up FAST.
  • Similarly, you can watch an ad for a revive, to skip quests, and even to gain a half price deal on buying new gum.
  • It’s all a bit tedious but this is a rare game where every ad does provide you with a decent benefit, so suck it up. The ads, not the gum.

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