Bubble Witch Saga 2: Tips & Strategies

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a bubble-popping game from King. In this game, you match three or more bubbles to clear them away, which helps you meet certain goals assigned to you at the beginning of the level. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you graduate from witch school with honors.

Perfect your bank shot – As is the case with most bubble-shooting games, your success in Bubble Witch Saga 2 depends greatly on how well you can bank shots off walls. Banking shots lets you slide into nooks and crannies and allows you to make high-up matches that would otherwise be impossible.

Tap the screen for a quick shot – If you’re just looking to make a simple shot, simply tap where you want the bubble to go. No need to fuss with banking if you’re making an easy match.

Hold anywhere on the screen for a shot marker – Hold down on the screen to get a preview of where your shot will go once you release. Be careful: As long as the marker is on screen, the shot will fire once you lift your finger. If you want to cancel a shot, slide back down to the bubble launcher.

Make matches to make spiders – When you make a match, a spider will appear near the bottom of the screen. You get extra points if dropped bubbles hit the spiders before falling into your point cauldrons.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

If you miss a match, your spiders disappear – All your spiders vanish if you miss making a match. Normally, it’s nice to see a spider go away, but not in this instance.

Clouded bubbles clear up when they’re connected with other bubbles – In later stages of Bubble Witch Saga 2, you encounter clouded-over bubbles that are colorless. Connect them with your shots to reveal their true shade.

Drop as many bubbles as possible – Take careful note of bubble pockets that are being held up by a string of same-colored bubbles. If you can make a match, you may be able to drop the pocket. Not only is this a great way to score points, but it can also help you meet your level goal using fewer moves.

The fire bubble can’t bank – The fire bubble power-up can’t bank off walls, so don’t waste it trying to do so. It’s a great way to burn a path to the top, however, making it a good fit for levels that ask you to clear the ceiling.

Use the rainbow bubble as a wildcard – Rainbow bubbles can be any color you want them to be. Use them wisely.

Bubble Witch Saga 2

Tap the bubble shooter to change which bubble comes up next – You can tap the bubble shooter to swap out which bubble comes up next. This is an important strategy for clearing levels within the allotted number of moves.

Make several matches in a row to activate the hot pot – If you make five matches in a row, you activate the hot pot power-up. As long as the hot pot is on, bubbles that drop into the cauldrons are worth double points. If you miss a match, the hot pot deactivates.

Make sure you have the right bubble loaded before you fire – Seems obvious, but when swapping out bubbles, make double-sure that you have the right bubble loaded before you fire. Acting in haste can literally ruin your progress on a stage.

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