Bubble Island 2: World Tour Tips, Cheats, and Strategies


Bubble Island 2: World Tour is a bubble shooter from Wooga that has you traveling the world, building monuments, and shooting through colorful fruit to clear levels and earn resources. While the game offers some handy power-ups and boosters, once the difficulty ramps up you’ll need all the help you can get. And watch out, because this game only offers three free lives instead of the usual five. So if you want to get the most play for your pop, check out Gamezebo’s  Bubble Island 2: World Tour tips, cheats and strategies.

Know Your Physics

Bubble Island 2: World Tour Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Gravity and inertia are extremely important in this game and will do a lot of the heavy lifting—or popping—for you. Long lines of fruits will swing back and forth if you hit them with a mismatched fruit, resulting in potential collisions. You can utilize the hot air balloon’s natural drift and if you’re patient, the inertia of moving obstacles can sometimes help the balloon ascend without you having to take any shots. You can also shoot a fruit at a balloon to give it a nudge, or hit it with a dropped line of fruits. For regular balloons scattered around different levels, you can pop them which will cause their attached fruit to drop or you can detach those sections to let them float up; the best choice will be the one that creates a collision with the most fruit matches. Aim as high up in the scene as possible to cause as many chain reactions as you can. You can even bounce off the top screen if needed.

Know Your Levels

For key levels, there are more keys than you need which means you can aim for whichever ones are most convenient based on the fruits you have. In cupcake levels, you can only release the floating cupcakes by popping all surrounding bubbles. You don’t need to clear the board on lantern levels, you only need to light the lanterns by shooting a fruit through a lit lantern and then an unlit one to catch fire. On pigeon levels, you also don’t need to remove all the fruit but rather only the fruit holding up the pigeon houses.

Know your Power-Ups

Bubble Island 2: World Tour Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

To unleash a firecracker, pop the fruit it is on and it will fly out and detonate. Make sure you unleash it near other fruit or it will fizzle out if it doesn’t hit anything. For dynamite or fire bombs, pop the fruit it is on and it will explode in place, popping fruit nearby. Bees will fly and create an explosion if their fruit is just hit, not necessarily popped.

Know Your Options

Bubble Island 2: World Tour Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

When you get access to a new power-up, click it to clear the hand then unclick it to not waste it so early; this will give you some extra freebies in your reserves. Similarly, you don’t have to trade when you’re asked to do so at the Crocodeal store. You can exit out of the store and save your trading for when you really need it. When you do decide to trade, you can shop around at the different stores to see what kind of resources you can get- they all offer different combinations.

Bonus Tips

  • The more balls you end with unused at the end of a level, the more bonus points you get.
  • It’s not totally obvious at the outset that the three holes in the paw print show the stages of a level (not how well you did in the level, like the traditional “3-star” system).
  • Do the daily llama challenges; you’ll replay levels but you’ll earn characters and resources which you’ll need to progress anyway.
  • The level difficulty starts to ramp up in the 30s so try not to use any of your powerups before the challenges get harder.
  • If your board clears out and you’re given a fruit that doesn’t match any, swap it out (by tapping) and you’ll get an option you can use.
  • If you run out of shots you’ll need to buy more with gold, unless you want to forfeit your life. You’ll be offered a few “packages” with fruit you can see or you can take your chances with a mystery package for a lower price. If you have a mix of fruit on the board and you’re running low on resources, you’ll likely be safe with the less expensive option.

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