Broken Age: Act 2 Walkthrough

Broken Age: Act 2 is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Double Fine. In this game, you take on the role of a young, determined woman named Vella and a previously space station-bound boy named Shay as they face their …

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Broken Age: Act 2 is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Double Fine. In this game, you take on the role of a young, determined woman named Vella and a previously space station-bound boy named Shay as they face their individual fates in separate, yet connected lives. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

General Tips

  • Despite being released a year apart, the two Acts of Broken Age combine to create a whole game. You cannot skip ahead to Act 2: if you haven’t played Act 1, or you deleted your previous save file, you’ll need to replay it to reach Act 2. For the fastest way to beat Act 1, check out our Act 1 walkthrough.
  • Our Act 1 walkthrough covers the control scheme for this game, but as a quick reminder for iPad users: tapping anywhere will cause your character to move to that location. Tapping on an interactive object will cause you to pick it up if it’s retrievable, examine it if it’s not, or interact with it if it can be used in some way.
  • To use items on each other or objects in the world, open your inventory by tapping on the arrow icon in the bottom left corner. You can examine items in your inventory by tapping on them or use them on other items (in your inventory or the world) by dragging them onto the second item. If you prefer a tap-to-use item system, you can select this from Options in the Main Menu.
  • You can exit a conversation at any time by tapping outside the conversation window.
  • You can move to doors or exits immediately by double-tapping when you see black arrows. Double-tapping also works to skip cutscenes.
  • Tapping the eye icon in the upper right corner will highlight all current areas of interest on-screen.
  • Act 2 begins right where Act 1 left off for previous players: Shay and Vella have briefly met and swapped places. Shay fell out of his “spaceship” (Mog Chothra) and onto the beach at Shellmound. Vella stumbled into the mog/ship, after which the doors immediately shut, trapping Vella inside and Shay outside. Just as in Act 1, you need to tap one of the characters to begin the next segment of their story. You can switch between them at any point by tapping the character icon in the inventory window.
  • Although most of each characters’ story can be played straight without switching between them, there are a few puzzles whose hints exist in the opposite character’s world. And, near the end of the game, you will have to switch between characters to progress. Thus, our walkthrough follows one character until they have to switch, and then it switches.

Vella’s Story – Chapter 1


After making her way into the Shellmound Maiden’s Feast, Vella successfully takes on Mog Chothra and brings it down with Alex’s death ray. As the beast falls, a mysterious boy emerges from its mouth. Vella goes to punch the mog-boy, but stumbles inside Mog Chothra and is trapped when the doors shut behind her. She quickly learns this is no ordinary monster, but an elaborate ship, indicative of a much larger danger…

  • Tap anywhere to move Vella
  • As she stands up, a knife falls from the sky and hits where she was just sitting
  • After their conversation ends, you’ll have control of Vella again
  • Vella begins Act 2 with the following items she had at the end of Act 1: DEATH RAY REMOTE and BIRD SHOES
  • Tap the knife now embedded in the ground to speak to it
  • Select “What are you doing inside the monster Mog Chothra?”
  • Select “Who’s the captain of this ship?”
  • Select “Where can I find ‘Mom’?”
  • Select “You’re coming with me.” Vella receives TALKING KNIFE
  • Walk east to the next screen. There’s a voice announcing a hull breech has prevented re-pressurization
  • Tap on the glowing area in the star field backdrop to get SPACE HELMET
  • The hole in the wall closes and the air pipes turn back on
  • Use TALKING KNIFE on the gray hose hanging on the right side of the screen
  • Vella will cut a piece of hose off and you’ll get SMALL HOSE
  • You need to use the SMALL HOSE on either set of air pipes
  • Use SMALL HOSE on either set of pipes and then tap on any pipe to add the hose
  • Drag the other end of the hose to one of the other visible pipes to connect them
  • You need to connect the two pipes that will make “maintenance panel 36” appear. However, this is randomized in each game. In our first game, we placed the hose on the leftmost pipes, bottom and top. In our second game, it was the rightmost pipes, top and middle. Keep trying configurations until “maintenance panel 36” pops out of the wall
  • When maintenance panel 36 appears, return to the hose and tap on it to climb it
  • Use TALKING KNIFE on the hose again – Vella falls onto the maintenance panel and then the floor, with LONG HOSE
  • Move back to the air pipes and tap on the ones you just used; tap on SHORT HOSE to remove it
  • Use LONG HOSE on the pipes: connect one end to the top pipe, then exit the close-up
  • Tap on the other set of pipes: use LONG HOSE on the top pipe on this side as well
  • Note: It’s possible this configuration will be randomized, but in both our playthroughs the top two pipes worked for the LONG HOSE puzzle
  • The air integrity will be restored and Vella will float up and out into “space”
  • Use SPACE HELMET on the yellow arm floating left of Vella. It will grab the helmet and you’ll get YELLOW ARM
  • Note: You need to use the SPACE HELMET when Vella is facing the arm and the hand part of the arm is nearest her. If you miss she’ll say “Rats, bad timing” and you can try again as often as needed. They spin at different speeds, so wait for them to line up if need be
  • Use YELLOW ARM on the blue boot floating above the open hatch
  • Again, you’ll need to time it so Vella is facing the boot. This time, the giant mechanical claw can also get in the way (if its thumb is down, Vella will say “Stupid giant claw,” so you really just need everything to line up perfectly before it will work out. It’s best to try when Vella’s head is at about 1 o’clock in her rotation
  • Use YELLOW ARM HOLDING BOOT on the mechanical hand above Vella. Again, time it when she’s facing the hand, and the fingers are open. This is usually the easiest of the three to time properly
  • She’ll now be standing on the hand
  • Tap on the glowing hatch below her
  • Vella will shove off and propel herself through the door. You’ll now be in the “airlock”
  • Exit the airlock through the red door. Keep heading west (all the doors you pass are locked) until you reach the captain’s deck
  • Head through the northwest door to the hallway by the kitchen
  • Keep heading west, into Shay’s bedroom. Enter the open vent that leads to Marek’s quarters
  • As you enter, Marek cries out – Vella automatically walks over to him and enters a conversation
  • Select “Who are you? Are you in control of this monster ship?”
  • Select “Where is this ship headed?”
  • Select “Can we stop this ship?”
  • Select “Can you open any of the doors on the ship?”
  • Marek opens the door behind him. Exit the conversation
  • Enter the door Marek just unlocked
  • Crawl through the vent to the west to enter the room with Shay’s memorabilia
  • There are some useful pieces of information in here you can use for an upcoming puzzle. They are:
  • The paper on the floor closest the vent. Shay grew three shoe sizes at age five
  • The note above this paper. It says Shay had red-striped shoes and green shoes with skulls
  • The golden boots on the ground. They are from when he was five, and have polka-dots
  • The picture on the left shelf that shows Shay as a fireman, at age 8, wearing blue boots
  • The picture above this that shows Shay hugging a snake with size 7 shoes that have skulls on them
  • Head through the teleporter door
  • When you exit to the nexus, your head is slightly larger
  • Exit the nexus via the western door
  • Enter the blue door next to where you emerged
  • Walk down the hallway. In this first area of the hallway, be sure you move the yarn-covered debris back in the way before continuing on. (Used for a later puzzle)
  • Enter the eastern door that leads to the starboard passageway
  • Use this teleporter to return to the nexus. Your head will grow another size (and voice will get deeper)
  • Exit the nexus via the western door again, to the captain’s deck
  • Take the northwestern door back to the hallway kitchen
  • Tap on the malfunctioning door next to Shay’s bedroom. The computer responds
  • Select “Engineering department. Just a routine maintenance visit”
  • Select “It’s me. Shay”
  • She asks you to answer some questions to prove you’re Shay
  • Select “Mister…”
  • Select “Huggy.”
  • Note: There is a hint to this answer if you looked at the snake picture in Shay’s memorabilia room and have also played through some of Shay’s playthrough, but it’s also easy to just guess
  • Select “Please, can we not do this?”
  • She asks what were the color, size, and design of Shay’s first space boots
  • Note: The way to figure this answer out is via all the images we looked at in Shay’s memorabilia room. Mom says she never repeats a color or style of shoe. We know Shay had red-striped shoes at one point and green skulls at another. The “first space boots” in bronze are obviously polka-dotted, so his first shoes were not red or green. They’re also not blue, because there’s a picture of him at age 8 wearing blue. So, purple and polka-dotted for the styles
  • He’s size 4 because the medical report we examined says he grew three shoes sizes (up to 7) over the course of two years
  • Select “Purple.”
  • Select “Size 4…
  • Select “Polka-dot.”
  • The door opens, and Vella meets the computer in person…

Vella’s Story – Chapter 2

  • After Shay-talking her way into the main computer’s hideout, Vella and Hope are trapped by Marek, who says he is taking them back to Loruna. Locked in the now mostly-defunct control room, Vella has to find a way to escape.
  • Select “My name is Vella Tartine. I shot down your ship.”
  • Select “The wolf told me about you!”
  • Select “You are NOT in space. Look at that window!”
  • After revealing this, Marek (who Shay’s mom, Hope, recognizes as “Marekai”) appears on the screen and explains that he’s helping to ensure the completion of Project Dandelion. Loruna is not a separate planet but an empire on Vella’s planet, lying beyond the plague dam. The ship has arrived at the plague dam…
  • After Marekai leaves, you gain control of Vella again
  • Take the TALKING FORK off the control console
  • Tap on the central control sphere above the screen (yellow sphere)
  • You’ll enter the computer view and be able to virtually wander the ship
  • The controls for this are fairly straightforward:
  • Tap the arrows to move between rooms/screens
  • Tap lock icons to lock or unlock doors
  • Tap lightning bolt icons to set off power surges that explode certain electronics
  • Tap sunburst icons to turn lights on or off
  • Tap claw icons to control interior boom arms
  • Tap the X icon to exit computer view and return to Vella in the room
  • You can also tap the computer faces/hexagons throughout the ship, but this is only important in the kitchen
  • You’re in the hallway. Tap the left arrow to go into Shay’s room
  • Tap the claw icon above the bed to have the arms move the rock and pick up inflatable Shay
  • They also wash him off screen and take him…somewhere (since we’re familiar with Shay’s routine, we know where!)
  • Tap the right arrow to return to the hallway
  • Tap the lock icon on the kitchen door to unlock it
  • Tap the right arrow to move to the captain’s deck
  • Unlock the red door to Space Weaver
  • Tap the right arrow to move to the other hallway
  • Unlock both doors in this hallway then head east again
  • You’ll be in the starboard passageway room, where the “Hexi-gal” maintenance bot is working
  • Unlock the door in this room
  • Now, your goal is to get the Hexi-gal from her station all the way to the room you’re locked in. She has two primary jobs: she waves her flashlight as a warning in dark areas, and she fixes broken electronics. So we need to break items and turn off lights in a path that will lead her to us
  • Essentially, this involves tapping the lightning bolt and sunburst icons that are nearest her and timing them so the next object goes off just as she’s finishing her current fix. If an item fixes itself before she gets to it, she’ll return to her previous post
  • So, tap the lightning bolt icon nearest her and the sunburst icon
  • She fixes electronics quickly, so you need to have the next object ready to go before she finishes
  • After she moves to the darkened area, you need to get her to the lightning bolt on the wall by the previously-locked door, then the lightning bolt by the door that exits to the hallway. She’ll move into the hallway and you should follow
  • Do the same thing in the hallway: tap the sunburst to get her to move closer and the lightning bolt on the right wall immediately after
  • While she’s heading for the wall, tap the lightning bolt above Vella’s face and the bolt up in the ceiling
  • If the timing is right, she should head that way (under the debris); tap the lightning bolt left of the ice cream door. Once she moves towards that, tap the final lightning bolt near the exit
  • Follow her into the captain’s deck area
  • Tap the lightning bolt on the ground. When the Hexi-gal starts fixing it, two new bolts appear in the sky: tap both of these quickly
  • When these go off, a third appears on the captain’s deck: tap this one
  • If these are still off when she finishes fixing the floor, she’ll head up into the captain’s deck: you need to tap the one near Space Weaver’s door to get her to head that way
  • Finally, tap the one near the northwest door before she finishes at Space Weaver’s to get her through the door
  • Head into the hallway after her
  • Tap the only lightning bolt in the hallway: as she moves to fix it, she’s blown out the open window
  • Enter the kitchen
  • The Hexi-gal is hanging outside the kitchen window
  • Tap on the hexagon under the sad computer face. It changes to a happy face
  • Tap it repeatedly until the screen says “Taco Pill Tuesday!”
  • Press the claw icon. One of the yellow arms drops down with a pill and the Hexi-gal grabs it to get back inside
  • Tap the lightning bolt near the door to get her back into the hallway
  • Tap the lightning bolt near the now-blocked up hole to get her near your door. After she fixes it, she’ll automatically fix your door, freeing Vella and Hope
  • The door will open just as you enter the red hangar, filled with mogs. This is the mog factory. Vella becomes determined to build a bomb and blow it up

Vella’s Story – Chapter 3

  • Vella is now free to walk the ship again, but she needs to stop Marekai and the mogs before being taken into Loruna. She’s formulated a three-step plan: build a bomb, get it off the ship, and fly the ship out of Loruna before it explodes.
  • After Vella and Hope finish speaking, you’ll gain control of Vella again
  • Tap on the yellow control sphere to enter computer view again
  • Enter the kitchen
  • Tap on the computer hexagon until it says “Good Morning”
  • Drop the claw. It emerges with a box of cereal
  • The first time you do this, it will automatically drop all the way down, shake, and a vacuum bot will appear as the cereal goes back into the ceiling
  • After this, press the claw icon again
  • This time, press the “pause” button for the claw when the cereal box is at its lowest point (about mid-screen)
  • Exit the control sphere
  • Leave the control room. Vella repeats your goals: build a bomb, drive it off the ship, and fly the ship out of the hangar
  • Enter the kitchen
  • Pick up INFLATABLE SHAY off the table
  • Tap on the cereal box. Vella will shake it and the cleanup bot will come by and clean up the cereal
  • Follow the cleanup bot out to the captain’s deck
  • Enter the green door that leads to the teleporter nexus (not the blue door the bot enters)
  • Use the far right teleporter to go to the starboard passageway
  • You’ll emerge by the trashcan just as the bot reaches it. Tap on the trashcan / bot to stop it before it can close the door
  • The bot will run away, leaving the trashcan open
  • It will also drop a bag of DIRTY CEREAL behind that Vella automatically picks up
  • Note: if you haven’t gone through a teleporter to get your head back to normal yet, you may want to do so before this series of events. The teleporter talks to you about your head for quite a while, long enough to allow the trashbot to get away. If you’ve done this and still don’t catch her in time, make sure the yarn debris in the hallway west of this room is blocking the hall (it slows down the trashbot enough to buy you extra time)
  • Enter the door to the hallway west of the traschan (note: if any door won’t open for some reason, it may have become re-locked during a previous sequence. You can unlock these doors via Hope’s control sphere)
  • Head down the hallway to the ice cream avalanche room. Tap on the door to enter the room
  • Use INFLATABLE SHAY on the whipped cream gun on the right side of the room. You now have SHAY INFLATED WITH WHIPPED CREAM
  • Put on the BIRD SHOES
  • Tap the ice cream hill near the yarn dolls. They’ll tell you they’re trying to cryogenically freeze themselves
  • Tap again to walk up the mountain next to them
  • Use SPACE HELMET on the ice cream. You now have SPACE HELMET WITH ICE CREAM
  • Leave the ice cream room – when you leave, you’ll lose BIRD SHOES
  • Head east down the hallway, back towards the starboard passageway
  • Enter the train room next to the trash can
  • Talk to the crying yarn dolls
  • They’re upset that the young hero is gone
  • Select “Well, I’ll go see if I can find your…Young Hero” to exit
  • You’ll run the train mission with Vella, but the bridge is permanently down so you’ll automatically cross
  • When the dolls scream “Let’s do the wave,” select “Yes, let’s do the wave” quickly
  • The yellow doll will get stuck on a branch and unravel. You now have YELLOW YARN
  • Exit the train room. Enter the teleporter next to it
  • In the nexus, use the middle teleporter to go to the fusion room
  • Walk left into the fusion room and down to the core
  • Tap on the core; the talking fork explains that it’s kept on ice to prevent exploding
  • Use SPACE HELMET WITH ICE CREAM on the fusion core
  • You’ll now have ICE CREAM BOMB. You need to get the bomb off the ship
  • Leave the fusion core and head back out through the teleporter
  • In the nexus, enter the rightmost teleporter again to return to starboard passageway
  • Use ICE CREAM BOMB on the open trashcan
  • This completes goals #1 and #2: make a bomb and get it off the ship. Now we just need to get the ship moving
  • Go to the room where the maidens are being held. To get there, take the teleporter to the nexus
  • Then take the red teleporter to Shay’s memorabilia room
  • Then go in the vent on the right
  • Tap on the loose panel to the right of the door. It falls off and the window to the room clears up. The maidens speak to you
  • Select “Are the other maidens in there?”
  • Select “Hey, I’ve got some cereal here, do you want some?” The maidens interrupt you to say yes, they’ll grab it with their hook if you drop it on the ground
  • Use DIRTY CEREAL on the door to the maiden’s cell
  • They’ll start picking up the cereal with their hook. Tap on the hook and cereal to get FISH HOOK
  • Examine the wire panel (now just wires) next to the door again
  • An alarm goes off and Marekai comes in as Vella slips out. He begins working on the panel
  • Return to Marekai’s station: enter the teleporter, exit the nexus, walk around the captain’s deck to the far door, enter Shay’s bedroom at the end of the hall, and enter the vent in his room
  • Walk west toward where Marekai is usually standing: he’s still busy with the wire panel in the other room
  • Tap the computer panel in the middle of the room to lock the door. This buys you enough extra time to grab the star chart
  • Tap the star chart near the door. Vella picks it up STAR CHART just as Marekai bursts back in and she escapes out of sight
  • Exit Marekai’s room by tapping to the right
  • Head to Space Weaver’s room: go back through Shay’s bedroom and out the hallway, then in the red door under the captain’s deck
  • In your inventory, use TALKING FORK on YELLOW YARN to get SPOOLED YARN
  • Use SPOOLED YARN on Space Weaver
  • He’s now back up and running and just needs a space chart to go somewhere
  • If you look at the star chart you picked up, it’s for the Red Hangar—where you already are. You need to get somewhere else
  • This is the first puzzle in the game that we cannot solve with one character alone. We have thus hit a roadblock for Vella and must switch to Shay

Shay’s Story – Chapter 1


After having his home and ship shot down by a mysterious girl, Shay emerges on the beach of a new world. As the girl stumbles past him into the ship, the doors shut, leaving him cut off from the only life he’s known and stranded in a beautiful, but strange place.

  • Tap anywhere to respond to your computer-dad
  • Choose any response
  • Choose any response
  • Choose any response
  • Choose any response
  • Your dad is trying to get back into the ship to save your mom. After he explains the situation, you’ll gain control of Shay
  • Shay begins Act 2 with the following items he had at the end of Act 1: CROCHET HOOK, TALKING SPOON, GRABBIN’ GARY CONTROLLER, BABY RADIATION SUIT
  • Head west until you emerge in the Shellmound main plaza
  • Head up the stairs to the tomb of the dead-eyed god (where Alex is)
  • When you enter the ship, Shay and Alex will automatically start a conversation
  • Select “So, why are you dressed like me?”
  • Select “How are you going to get this ship back to Loruna?”
  • Select “You’re going back to Loruna? That’s where I’m from!”
  • Select “My ship crashed down on the beach. Didn’t you see it?”
  • Select “Do you need any help getting your ship running?”
  • Shay’s dad comes in and says your ship just flew off. He offers to make a patching compound for Alex’s ship
  • After Shay’s dad leaves, the conversation continues
  • Select “So, what else does your ship need to fly?”
  • We receive basically another to-do list. To get Alex’s ship running, we need:
  • An electronics genius
  • Shay’s dad to patch the hull
  • A radiation suit for Alex
  • A Superconductive Gyroscopic Hypercam
  • A Heavy Duty Antigravity Thrust Unit
  • Select “Who do you think has been looting your ship?”
  • Select “What was it about your guards’ outfits that made you suspicious?”
  • Select “What’s a Superconductive Gyro-whatsit cam?” Alex will give you SCHEMATIC
  • Exit the conversation
  • Exit the ship, heading out the cave and down the stairs to the beach
  • Tap on the hexi-pal robot lying in the sand. Shay will get BROKEN HEXI-PAL
  • Head west past the beach and over the bridge, into the woods
  • Head west past the talking tree
  • Keep heading west, past the woodsman’s house, farther into the trees
  • There’s a tree with a horn on it over here. You may have visited it during Vella’s trip in Act 1
  • Walk up to the tree so that the tree-snake drops onto Shay
  • Note: as the tree is squeezing Shay, he calls it “Mr. Huggy.” This is a clue to an earlier puzzle in Vella’s game
  • Let the snake squeeze Shay; after about a minute of waiting, the snake tires itself out and falls to the ground
  • Tap the snake to get MR. HUGGY
  • Head up the path to the woodsman’s house
  • Tap his mailbox to receive VELLA FLIER
  • Go into the woodsman’s house
  • The woodsman asks where you got your outfit; select any response
  • Exit the conversation and head upstairs, then up the ladder to Meriloft
  • Walk towards F’ther; a cutscene begins. It seems Brother Lightbeard is trapped in his cloud and F’ther can’t rescue him
  • Head east past F’ther for now. You’ll be in the bird sanctuary
  • Head east again, to M’ggie’s area
  • Talk to M’ggie and Rocky
  • Select “I want a cupcake!”
  • Select “No, but I support your cause”
  • They say to come back when you have some money
  • Exit the conversation
  • Head north to where Vella’s grandpa is beating up the young preener
  • Speak to them
  • Select “Do you guys know any place here to get some money?”
  • The young preener will give you MONEY
  • Select “Did you see that bake sale over there?”
  • Grandpa shows off his frosting skills – his cane contains red frosting but he only has enough for one cupcake left
  • Head back to Rocky and M’ggie
  • Use MONEY on M’ggie
  • Shay will get VELLA CUPCAKE
  • Head west to the bird sanctuary again
  • Walk up to the cloud shoe shop
  • Talk to Vella’s dad and Walt’r
  • Select “Do you guys know those girls selling cupcakes over there?”
  • Walt’r says he only eats the frosting of the cupcakes
  • Exit the conversation
  • Use VELLA CUPCAKE on Walt’r
  • He licks the frosting off. You now have PLAIN CUPCAKE
  • Leave the shoe shop and go back to Vella’s grandpa on the eastern map
  • Use PLAIN CUPCAKE on grandpa
  • He frosts it instinctively. With his cane empty, he trades you CANE for PLAIN CUPCAKE
  • Head south and then west, back to the bird sanctuary
  • Head northwest, up the ladder near Jessie’s egg
  • Walk west past Jessie, to where the giant fruit tree is
  • The dead-eyed druids are here, praying to the tree
  • Speak to the dead-eyed druids
  • Select “If you give me back those robes, I promise Alex won’t press charges”
  • Select “I’ll fight you for those robes, no problem. I need them to help my mom”
  • Select “I’m going to go get a stick, and then we’re gonna fight for those robes!”
  • Use CANE on the druids
  • Shay will have a brief duel with them; they admit to faking being blind and wanting to leave town
  • As they leave, they stand on the clouds too long and fall through. Their robes stay behind
  • After the cutscene, pick up ROBES
  • Drop down the hole near the tree’s trunk
  • Head west and tap the fruit near Gus
  • You’ll get FRUIT
  • Talk to Gus
  • Select “What’s that thing you’re sticking in the fruit?”
  • Select “Hey, can I borrow that little fruit tapper?”
  • You’ll get METAL TAPPER
  • Exit the conversation
  • Head back up the tree, either by falling off or using the hole in the center of the trunk
  • Leave the tree area, heading back east
  • Use METAL TAPPER on Jessie’s unhatched egg
  • Her egg will hatch, leaving part of its shell on the ground
  • Pick up EGG SHELL (you’ll lose METAL TAPPER)
  • Head south from Jessie’s nest, down the southern ladder
  • Vella’s mom is here, comforting the girl that was left behind during Meriloft’s Maiden’s Feast
  • Speak to Vella’s mom and Twyla
  • Select “What were you guys talking about when I walked up?”
  • Select any of the reasons Mog Chothra didn’t pick her
  • Select any of the “other things” she’s good at
  • Select “Well, at least your costume is cool”
  • Select “Do you think you could make me a costume?” You’ll automatically exit the conversation
  • Use ROBES on Twyla
  • After a brief cutscene, Twyla gives you FEATHERED RADIATION SUIT
  • Head north back up the ladder to the bird sanctuary
  • Head west to where F’ther and Brother Lightbeard are
  • Tap on the ladder leading to Brother Lightbeard. Shay’s weight will pull Lightbeard’s cloud down to eye-level with F’ther
  • While Shay is hanging on Lightbeard’s cloud, tap on F’ther to speak to him
  • Select “Can you untie that bow on Harm’ny’s cloud?”
  • Select “Because it’s in the way of us saving him!”
  • Select “Hm, sounds bad. I’d better go find a knot expert for advice”
  • Tap to get off the ladder, then tap on the ladder to go back down to the woodsman’s house
  • Exit the woodsman’s house and head back to Shellmound by traveling east through the forest

Shay’s Story – Chapter 2

  • Overview: Shay’s search for the pieces that will fix Alex’s ship continues, and he keeps meeting new people along the way.
  • On the beach, speak to Car’l (now Carol)
  • Select “You seem good with your hands. Know anything about KNOTS?”
  • Carol asks you what the knot looks like. Select any of the choices
  • She offers to draw you a diagram, but doesn’t have anything to draw with
  • Shay offers to find a writing utensil. You automatically exit the conversation
  • Let’s take care of a few things while we’re here. Head south on the beach, to where your dad is brewing something
  • Talk to Shay’s dad
  • Select “What’s cookin’?”
  • He’s making Hull Patch for the ship
  • Select “How’s the Hull Patch coming?”
  • Select “How would you change the pH anyway?”
  • He says the pH has to be exactly 7 before he can add the final ingredient
  • Exit the conversation
  • Use TALKING SPOON on the Hull Patch concoction
  • You’ll receive a number: this number is random. We’ll use our pH as an example for how to solve this
  • We received a pH balance of 14 on our first test. This means we need to lower the pH
  • You have two items you can use for adjusting the pH: the EGG SHELL (raises it) and the FRUIT (lowers it)
  • So we used FRUIT on the Hull Patch to lower the pH, then tested with the TALKING SPOON again
  • Using the FRUIT once created a pH balance of 12
  • Using FRUIT again got us to 10. So FRUIT lowers it by 2 each time
  • We used FRUIT two more times to get to 6
  • We then used EGG SHELL and measured. The new amount was 9: so EGG SHELL raises the pH by 3
  • For us, using FRUIT one more time at this point got it to 7
  • Whatever number you get: just remember that FRUIT lowers pH by 2 and EGG SHELL raises it by 3. You can get to 7 from any number this way
  • Once you hit 7 exactly and test with the TALKING SPOON, Shay and his dad will automatically go to Alex’s ship and his dad will start working on the hull
  • You’ll gain control of Shay in the ship
  • Speak to Alex
  • Select “Can I borrow your space pencil?” Note: if you haven’t spoken to Alex about other topics yet, you’ll need to ask about other things (like Loruna, his parents, etc.) to open up this dialogue option
  • You’ll get PENCIL
  • Exit the conversation
  • Leave the ship and return to the beach
  • Go talk to the Maiden’s Feast organizer who is choking on the pedestal
  • You’ll automatically exit the “conversation” since he can’t speak
  • Use MR. HUGGY on the organizer
  • The snake will squeeze him until the PITCH PIPE flies out and into Shay’s hands. Mr. Huggy slithers away
  • After the brief conversation, use SCHEMATICS on the organizer
  • Select “I think sand is the perfect material for making spaceship parts!”
  • Head back to Carol on the beach
  • Use PENCIL on Carol
  • She’ll give you a DIAGRAM to untie the knot
  • Head back through the woods to the talking tree
  • Use SAND GYROSCOPIC HYPER CANNON on the pile of sap on the ground
  • Shay lays the sand sculpture on the sap
  • Use VELLA FLIER on the talking tree
  • He vomits on the sand sculpture, turning it into SAP GYROSCOPIC HYPER CANNON
  • Keep heading west, to the woodsman’s house
  • Talk to the lumberjack, err, metallurgist
  • Select “What are you making there?”
  • Select “What are you forging?”
  • Select any reaction to the cat miniature
  • Exit the conversation
  • Use SAP GYROSCOPIC HYPER CANNON on the metallurgist
  • He’ll cast it and you’ll receive METAL GYROSCOPIC HYPER CANNON
  • Go back to Meriloft and Brother Lightbeard’s cloud
  • Tap on the ladder to Lightbeard
  • Tap on F’ther to speak to him
  • Select “Let’s give that knot another try, okay?”
  • Your knot DIAGRAM will automatically pop up with some weird instructions
  • You need to give the proper instruction based on the images
  • Our diagram’s instructions were as follows: 1st: Tug on the piggy’s tail. 2nd: Pull apart the fighting snakes. 3rd: Steal the banana
  • On another playthrough, we received this diagram:
  • The correct instructions were as follows: 1st: Pull off the fly’s wings. 2nd: Unravel the sweater. 3rd: Tug on the piggy’s tail
  • So, as you can see, diagrams—like “Tug on the piggy’s tail”—always look the same, you just have to figure out what your diagrams represent
  • If you mess up at any time, you can select “Hang on, I’m going to get a new diagram and be right back!”
  • This transports you directly to Carol, who will make you a new DIAGRAM, and then transport you back to Meriloft
  • Note: Carol’s diagrams seem somewhat random regardless of what you tell her the knot looks like. It’s more important to get the instructions correct
  • Once you get all three instructions right, H’rmny’s fraud is revealed and you automatically get his HEAVY DUTY ANTI-GRAVITY THRUST UNIT delivered to Alex. At the same time, a giant talking fish falls out of the clouds…
  • You’ll be transported to Alex’s ship. After the cutscene, leave the ship and head back to the beach
  • Head west over the bridge to the talking tree
  • The fish is stuck in his branches. Talk to the tree
  • Select “That fish up there in your branches…can I have it?” Note: if you haven’t spoken to the tree before this, you’ll need to go through some other dialogue options to open this one up
  • Select “Hey, want to hear a joke?” Again, if you haven’t talked to the tree much, this will only appear when dialogue space is made by going through other choices
  • There are only a couple different combinations of jokes that work here. Most of the jokes won’t even get past the intro with this tree. You may need to retry multiple times before actually getting any of these:
  • ”What’s the smallest full-grown tree you’ve ever heard of?” / “I’ve seen one no bigger than my hand.” / “A Palm Tree.”
  • ”Did you hear about the First National Tree Bank?” / “It closed down.” / “Don’t worry, it just started a new branch.”
  • Once you get a correct joke-punchline, the tree laughs and the fish falls out of its branches
  • Pick up TALKING FISH
  • Head back east to Shellmound
  • Use TALKING FISH on Carol
  • Use CROCHET HOOK on Carol
  • Select “But please promise to leave SOME fish in the ocean for future generations”
  • Carol will give you SPOOL OF WIRE
  • Head back up to Alex’s ship inside the cave
  • Use PITCH PIPE on Alex
  • Shay will ask Alex to play the song his space conductor used to return to their last location (note: if you don’t get this response, you may need to first ask Alex more questions about his past, which reveals his navigation system used music instead of yarn weaving)
  • He’ll play a song for you. The notes go: mid-range, mid-range, high, low, mid-range. Keep this in mind for future use
  • In your inventory, use SPOOL OF WIRE on BROKEN HEXI-PAL
  • The back of the BROKEN HEXI-PAL should pop up (if not, examine him in your inventory to view this). You can now string the wire across his circuits
  • Drag a line from any circuit to another one to form a wire. Do this three times to use up all your wire. For this first time, be sure to use all six circuits (don’t double up any wire)
  • After you’ve placed the wire, exit the hexi-pal. Use BROKEN HEXI-PAL on the glowing diamond-shaped opening near the door of Alex’s ship
  • For this first time, we just used 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock, then 4 to 6, then 8 to 10. Note: the first wire you draw will always be blue, second will be yellow, third will be pink
  • A hologram will pop up with blue, yellow, and red icons. These icons are telling you what is currently wired on the BROKEN HEXI-PAL. The first icon in a set is what you started the connection with, and the second icon is where the wire ended. Basically, the triangle-like shapes are labels for the circuits
  • The icon labels for each circuit seem to be the same for each game, but in case they are not, this is how you can figure out what your circuits are. The first colored icon on the charging station matches the first circuit in a wire you laid, and the second is the wire you connected it to
  • So, in our example, we laid blue wire from 12 to 2. On the charging station, the blue row shows two vertical triangles first (12) and two horizontal triangles second (2). We laid yellow wire from 4 to 6. The first yellow icon, two right-angle triangles, is 4. The two triangles with a column between them is 6. And finally, we laid pink wire from 8 to 10. The upside-down, filled in triangle is 8 and the upside-down, dashed triangle is 10
  • Now that we know which circuit is which, we need to figure out where the wires should be placed to power on our hexi-pal
  • This is the first time we need Vella’s help for a Shay puzzle. Switch back to Vella

Vella’s Story – Interim

  • We left Vella in the Space Weaver’s room. While we’re here, let’s fix her star chart issue
  • Remember the song we just asked Alex to play on the pitch pipe?
  • Give the STAR CHART to Space Weaver
  • Slide down the ladder while he’s weaving
  • Use FISH HOOK on the yarn pattern, just like we did with Shay back in Act 1
  • Tap the areas of the pattern that need to be filled in to play the “previous destination” tune
  • Remember, Alex’s tune was “mid, mid, high, low, mid.” We already have the first mid, the low, and the last mid stitched onto this pattern
  • Fill in the stitches like the image above
  • Space Weaver fires up the engines but says they are stuck: someone is blocking them
  • Head back to Shay’s mom
  • She’s held off on the launch because Marekai was inspecting the nav systems
  • This is the very last puzzle for Vella in this section. However, we still need her help on Shay’s hexi-pal puzzle…
  • In mom’s control room, tap on the picture on the control deck
  • There are a set of symbols in the background. These are the code we need to power on Shay’s hexi-pal. Take a screenshot of this or make a note of it somehow
  • Note: On both our playthroughs, the image in the photograph was the same, but this info is provided in case it is randomized
  • Switch back to Shay

Shay’s Story – Chapter 3

  • Take the BROKEN HEXI-PAL out of the charger
  • Using Vella’s photo as a reference, rewire the BROKEN HEXI-PAL
  • With the information we have, we rewired as such:
  • Blue wire: 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock
  • Yellow wire: 2 o’clock to 6 o’clock
  • Pink wire: 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock
  • Reminder: The first wire you place is always blue, second is always yellow, third is always pink
  • When you make the correct connections, Shay doesn’t indicate they’re correct. But when you go to put the BROKEN HEXI-PAL in the charger, he’ll mention “I have a good feeing about that pattern.”
  • Put the BROKEN HEXI-PAL in the charger with the correct connections and he’ll be fixed. You now have HEXI-PAL
  • Use HEXI-PAL on Alex. He’ll immediately begin fixing the ship
  • This was the last item we needed
  • Alex says all is ready and you begin to take off for Loruna…
  • …just as Vella’s family appears
  • Alex’s mog-ship takes off with everyone inside and heads for the plague dam
  • We see Vella and Hope take off as well
  • The two ships arrive outside the Red Hangar at the same time and slam into each other
  • The Hangar begins firing on both of your ships
  • You can now tap on either ship to take control of Vella or Shay
  • Tap on Vella’s ship

Vella’s Story – Finale

  • After the cutscene, leave Hope’s room
  • Note: although the ship is shaking and ominous music is playing as you are under attack, there is no time limit or actual danger here. The ships won’t be destroyed; you can still explore at your leisure
  • Head to Shay’s bedroom and down into Marekai’s lair
  • Tap on his control panel to pick up SCRAP WIRE
  • The Thrush leader appears on the screen
  • Select any answer
  • You can get a lot of information about Loruna and the Thrush’s motivations by talking with him. But you can also just end the conversation at any time
  • Head back upstairs and to the hallway by Hope’s room
  • Pick up the HEXI-GAL on the floor
  • Keep heading east down the hallway, to the captain’s deck
  • After Vella’s commentary, use the DEATH RAY REMOTE. The laser goes off but doesn’t hit anything
  • We switch to Shay’s ship and see Alex shut off the laser
  • You’ll regain control of Vella, but let’s actually switch to Shay now

Shay’s Story – Finale

  • After the cutscene, you’ll gain control of Shay
  • The boom arms on Vella’s ship will hug Shay’s ship
  • We’ll see Hope override the manual ship controls and the arms go back to normal
  • Go through the open door behind Alex; this leads to the ship’s hull where Shay’s dad is still patching things
  • Go in the room to the right marked by a music note
  • Examine the camera-like object on the table: you’ll get BROKEN RADIO
  • Leave the music room and go back up the ladder
  • Use BROKEN RADIO on the hexi-pal that’s dancing with Rocky
  • The hexi-pal fixes it, giving you RADIO and you also take HEXI-PAL
  • Give RADIO to Alex
  • Head back downstairs
  • Look at the book on the table
  • It’s an old log: there’s another hexi-pal code here
  • Tap on HEXI-PAL in your inventory
  • We need to rewire HEIXPAL again, this time to match the code in the log book
  • If you need a reminder of what the circuits are, you can go back upstairs and place him in the charging station
  • Our log book instructs solid upside-down triangle to dashed upside-down triangle. Then dashed upside-down triangle to two vertically stacked triangles. Then solid upside-down triangle to two vertically stacked triangles
  • For our circuits, this translates to 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock. 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock. And 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock
  • After you’ve rewired him correctly and exited the HEXI-PAL menu, Shay will say “I think that’s the harp-playing wiring”
  • Now go into the room on the left, with the lightning bolt icon
  • You’ll be accosted by a bunch of diamond-shaped pals
  • Use HEXI-PAL (with harp wiring) on them
  • Leave this room; the diamond pals will follow you
  • Go back to the music room
  • Use HEXI-PAL (with harp skill) on the harp
  • All the diamond pals will dance to the music
  • Go back into the room on the far left
  • Tap on the power switch; you’ll get MALLET
  • Walk around the back of the power station (on the left) to find the actual power switch
  • Flip this on
  • Switch back to Vella


  • In your inventory, examine the HEXI-GAL
  • We’re going to take a bit of a shortcut here. You can figure out the HEXI-GAL’s original wiring by wiring her to play the harp, tickling Weaver, and having Hope reset her (Hope resets her to her flashlight-waving skill)
  • But you can also tell what that original wiring is by looking at the burn marks on her back
  • There is a colored sunburst around the first circuit in a wire set, and then some dark lines leading to the second circuit
  • So, in the image above, blue 10 to 12. Yellow 8 to 2. And pink 4 to 6. Keep this in mind
  • Now, actually rewire the HEXI-GAL to match the harp-playing skill: 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock. 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock. And 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock
  • Go into Space Weaver’s room and down the ladder
  • Use HEXI-GAL (harp skill) on weaver’s scarf
  • HEXI-GAL will tickle Weaver and Hope will come down to fix him
  • Go up to Hope’s control room
  • Tap the control panels to change them back to Manual
  • Switch back to Shay


  • Return to the music room
  • Pick up the harp-playing HEXI-PAL
  • In your inventory, use MALLET on HEXI-PAL to get HEXI-PAL WITH MALLET
  • Tap on HEXI-PAL WITH MALLET to open his circuitry
  • Rewire him with the configuration you just saw on Vella’s HEXI-GAL via the sunbursts: blue 10 to 12. Yellow 8 to 2. And pink 4 to 6
  • Use HEXI-PAL WITH MALLET (rewired to swing his arm) on the drum
  • All the diamond hexi-pals will join in and start playing music
  • Alex comes downstairs and tries to stop them
  • Head back upstairs while Alex is distracted
  • The ships will move closer together
  • Switch back to Vella



  • Go back into the hallway and to the captain’s deck
  • With the ships close together, the death ray can finally reach
  • Enjoy the ending!


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