Bridge Constructor Medieval Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Bridge Constructor Medieval

Bridge Constructor Medieval is a bridge building / physics game from HeadUp Media. In this game, you use different materials to build bridges that must be stable enough to support the weight of soldiers as well as horses and wagons. Moreover, some of your bridges need to be strong enough to withstand catapult fire from enemy barbarians. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you build bridges that won’t call it quits in the middle of a crossing.

Tips and Strategies

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Triangles are stable – As is the case for the original Bridge Constructor (and is the case for real life), triangular structures offer great stability. When building, think triangles. Your troops will thank you.

Round out that base – Again, take note of how real-world bridges are built. Most of them have bases that are arc-shaped. When building in Bridge Constructor Medieval, try and build these “round triangles” for extra support on long bridges. 

Red means dead – If boards or support beams turn red while people are crossing, it means the bridge is on the verge of collapsing. You can try and let your fellows finish crossing, but don’t be surprised if they take a tumble. If your supports or boards turn red before anyone even sets foot on the bridge, there’s no way it’s going to withstand weight. Re-enter construction mode and fix it.

Support your middles – Middles are usually the most vulnerable part of a bridge. Don’t be afraid to break out your sturdier materials to strengthen these soft areas. These are the parts where stone supports and logs come in handy.

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Stone withstands projectiles very well – Not even falling boulders can do a lot of damage against stone pillars. Stone pillars are expensive, but pretty much indestructible.

Watch before building – Some levels require you to strengthen a bridge against a barrage of boulders. Before building, try and let your soldiers cross and observe the structure’s weakest areas. Then build the bridge up accordingly.

Watch where boulders fall – Boulders rain down on specific parts of a bridge. Take note of the boulders’ trajectories, then strengthen the areas as necessary.

Your roofs need support, too – In some levels, the boulders rain down so thickly that you need to build a roof to project your soldiers and horses. Make sure your roofs are built with good support. Again, think in triangles.

Cheap wood often does the job (if you use a lot) – If you’re looking to win crowns by building as cheaply as possible, you can often get away with using regular wood. Just make sure to use lots of it, and build triangles within your triangles for optimal support.

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Having trouble connecting nodes? Zoom in – Connecting materials to nodes can be tricky if you’re playing Bridge Constructor Medieval on a small screen. If you’re having trouble with some of the more fiddly elements of construction, zoom in using the magnifying glass option.

Dispose of your bridge in one swoop – Royally screwed up? Fear not. Use the garbage can icon on the left-hand menu to trash everything and start over again.

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