Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Allison Reilly |

Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest is a casual puzzle game developed by Bin Dong based on the timeless hit, Breakout. Players use a bar to control a ball to clear through all the colored squares on the screen. The game reinvents a classic title with a couple of fun twists, such as the ability to have an unlimited number of balls on screen. Intrigued? Here are some tips, cheats and strategies help you become the “breakout” player at Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest.

  • Line up the first shot: Where you aim the ball initially can make a big difference in how quickly you complete the level. It can be easy to start right in the middle and let the level flow, but starting in the middle is not optimal for every level. Since there’s no time limit to starting the level, take the time to pick the best starting point.
  • In the beginning, pay attention to falling ball(s): Early in the level, the main point of the game is to not lose the ball(s). In this state, focus less on aiming the ball and getting a rhythm going and more on staying alive. Don’t lose lives in the beginning when you don’t have to.
  • Utilize the gray blocks to your advantage: Unlike the rest of the colored blocks, the gray blocks can’t be cleared but return the ball like the rest of the blocks. Aiming isn’t easy, but setting up the ball(s) so that the gray blocks keep them going in perpetuity to finish the level is the ultimate strategy.
  • Collect as many power ups as possible: There are three power ups available to get: the heart (adds a life), the three dots (adds three more balls to the screen) and the triangle (doubles the number of balls on the screen). Collect as many of them as possible, even when it seems extra, to better ensure you beat the level.
  • You lose a life when you run out of balls: The player starts each level with three lives. When the ball(s) fall below the bar, you lose a life. Whether there’s one ball or one million on the screen, a life is only lost when all of the balls are gone.
  • More balls, the better: By collecting tons of power ups, you increase the number of balls on the screen. It can seem chaotic at first, but more balls on the screen means finishing the level much more quickly. It also means you have to spend less time playing goalie and stopping balls from getting lost.
  • After “peak ball,” there’s no reason to worry: “Peak ball” is when there are so many balls on the screen that it’s impossible to lose the level. The level is essentially completing itself. At “peak ball,” you don’t have to touch the screen and can just watch the magic happen.
  • Don’t forget about side power ups: As the player completes levels, power ups are “banked,” as demonstrated by the icons and numbers on the left-hand side. For some of the harder levels, using a side power up adds balls to the screen and can speed things up without having to grind or waste time simply keeping a few balls alive.
  • Time when you use your power ups: When you collect the three dots, the balls originate from the bar. With the triangle, the balls originate from the other balls on the screen. It’s no fun to use or collect a power up only for most or all of them to get lost. Do you best to time their use so the balls are already headed in the right direction when they appear.
  • Use the bar’s movement to change direction: As you progress, it’s much more difficult to get a rhythm going and to reach “peak ball.” Sometimes, it can feel like luck to get everything just right. So the game feels a little less random, moving the bar as you’re hitting the bar can help you change direction or aim with more accuracy.

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