Brawl Stars: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So the creators of Clash Royale, Supercell, have released a new PvP battler. Brawl Stars is where players can compete in three-on-three matches where the winner is decided by who has control of the most gems. But that’s not all, there are four other game modes to try your hand at, each more competitive and enjoyable than the last. I may not have convinced you to try it on description alone, but trust me, it is well worth your time to play it. Anyway, if you are looking for tips and tricks, then look no further, we have the right advice for you.

  • Take control. In the middle of the Gem Grab event, is a box that drops gems throughout the match. Taking control of this box is a sure-fire way to win the game as you will have more gems than your opponent. The downside to owning the middle is the lack of cover, so keep moving towards your enemy and then drop back to grab gems. You are strongest when all three of you are together, so try to stick together.

Brawl Stars

  • Heal up! In order to regenerate your health, you need to stop shooting. I know this may seem like a risky move to lie down your weapon for any period, but there are many ways to heal and avoid being killed. You could take cover in some bushes and ambush your enemy when you have full health. You could also just walk away as long as you don’t shoot you should regenerate health.
  • Be aggressive, but not too aggressive. In Brawl Stars if you go guns blazing whenever you have the opportunity you will run into more than you bargained for. Whether it’s a whole heap of enemies, or whether you need to reload, taking on teams of people is unwise and unwinnable. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get stuck in. You need to get up in close range to do damage to your enemy, after doing damage you should think about a small retreat, where you then reload, heal up and return with more suppressive fire. Doing this once or twice will charge your special attack, so be patient.

Brawl Stars

  • Use your Special Attack. Each character has a special attack that can demolish your enemy, or the environment your enemy is hiding in. It matters how and when you use your special attack because you don’t want to waste it. Each special has a range so using it too far away from your opponent can make it easy for your prey to escape. You want to get up close and blow them away, some specials act differently to others, but the same principle still applies. Use it at the right time and distance from your opponent.
  • Bushes aren’t bulletproof. You may feel secure hiding inside a bush, but bullets still hurt. So if you see someone enter a bush you can fire shots at the bush and they won’t miss the mark. Usually, people hide in bushes to heal, so interrupting this process can win the game. If you notice multiple enemies hiding in the same bush segment, you can use your super to clear them out and temporarily destroy their cover.

Brawl Stars

  • Showdown is Battle Royale. What I mean by this is if you have played PUBG or Fortnite then you will know, all about taking on everyone in the lobby to be the last one standing. The map gets progressively smaller, and there can only be one winner. So you should treat the Showdown mode with a similar playstyle to any Battle Royale game you play. You don’t want to be in the middle of a three or four way shoot out. You do want to avoid being spotted, so using the bushes or walls as cover is a good idea. Timing is everything in this mode if you are too passive or too aggressive you will struggle to win.

Brawl Stars

  • Gamers will know how to play. This may not sound like a tip, but we have all played video games. There are tactics that apply across many titles, some of these tactics will work in Brawl Stars, and others won’t. For example, you can easily bait players to chase you because the movement speed is so slow. You can also be ultra-aggressive and then retreat behind your team to heal. Essentially, what I am saying is have fun and experiment, few players will expect complicated plays, most players will point, shoot and chase. So, let them play into your hands, be unpredictable and cunning and end up on top.

I know some of you will struggle to adapt to certain situations, so just keep the following in mind. There is no harm in being cautious, you don’t need to get MVP every single game you play. But in Brawl Stars, they reward the brave, so if I was you I would try to stick out from the crowd as often as possible.

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