Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers for Every Mode

By Glen Fox |

Want to up your game in Supercell’s new mobile exclusive hero shooter? Well, if you’ve followed our tips and tricks and are still struggling, the natural next step is to use the best heroes.

But how are you supposed to know which are better than others? Well, by checking out our a tier list. Here, we’ll list all of the brawlers in order from best to worst.

Tier One Brawlers


Brawl Stars Leon
Leon shoots a quick salvo of blades at his target. His Super trick is a smoke bomb that makes him invisible for a little while!

Health: 3,200 – 4,480

Attack: 500 – 700

Weapon: Spinner Blades – Leon flicks his wrist and fires four Spinner Blades. The blades deal less damage the farther they travel.

Super: Smoke Bomb – Leon’s Smoke Bomb turns him invisible for 10 seconds. If he attacks while invisible, he will be revealed.

Star: Smoke Trail – After unlocking his Star Power, Leon will have an increased movement speed whenever his Super is active, allowing him to move much quicker while invisible.


This strange desert dweller is the last of the cactus people – as far as we know.

Health: 2,400 – 3,360

Attack: 480 – 672

Weapon: Needle Grenade – Spike throws a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions.

Super: Stick Around! – Spike invites all seedlings to a cactus party! Enemies caught in the area take damage and get slowed down.

Star Power: Fertilize – After using Super, Spike regenerates 500 health per second by staying in its area of effect.


When Brock’s not lighting up the battle with rockets, he’s lighting up the dance floor with his smooth moves.

Health: 2,800 – 3,920

Attack: 1,100 – 1,540

Weapon: Rockin’ Rocket – Brock lets fly with a single Rockin’ Rocket that really goes the distance.

Super: Rocket Rain – Brock only wants to see you bathing in Rocket Rain: an explosive deluge that takes out enemies and obstacles.

Star Power: Incendiary – Brock’s main attack rockets set the ground on fire on impact. Enemies in the area take 240 damage per second!


Pam is an iron-willed lady who keeps the extended Junker family in order.

Health: 4,400 – 6,160

Attack: 260 – 364

Weapon: Scrapstorm – Pam has a straightforward way of dealing with scrap metal: suck it up and blast it at the bad guys!

Super: Mama’s Kiss – Sometimes you can get dinged up while brawling. Pam can kiss it all better with the help of her healing turret!

Star Power: Mama’s Hug – Whenever Pam hits enemies with Scrapstorm, she heals herself and nearby friendly Brawlers for 30 health.


Health: 4,000 – 5,600

Attack: 260 – 364

Weapon: Double Deuce – These double barrel shotguns fire two staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage.

Super: Barrel Roll – Darryl jumps into his barrel and rolls around, bouncing off walls and damaging any enemies he hits.

Star Power: Steel Hoops – Darryl’s super Reinforces his barrel, reducing all damage he takes by 30% for 3.5 seconds.


Barley just wants to be a regular barkeeper. Grind his gears though – steam comes out and bottles start flying.

Health: 2,400 – 3,360

Attack: 600 – 840

Weapon: Undiluted – Barley lobs a bottle, breaking it and spilling the contents. Its corrosive contents damage enemies standing in the puddle.

Super: Last Call – This one’s on the house! Barley hurls a flurry of fiery bottles, covering a huge area in flames. Get out of there, bad guys!

Star Power: Medical Use – Barley takes a swig from every bottle he tosses, regaining 200 health from each main attack.


What’s in the cards for you? This mystic from a far away land has come to read your fortune. It simply says: DEFEAT!

Health: 3,200 – 4,480

Attack: 380 – 532

Weapon: Triple Tarot – Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!

Super: Gravity – Tara’s greatest illusion draws her audience inexorably in. Everyone caught in the attraction will bump heads painfully!

Star Power: Black Portal – Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara appears and attacks her enemies.

Tier Two Brawlers


Bull Blanco is like a bull in a China Shop. A bull with a double barrel shotgun.

Health: 5,200 – 7,280

Attack: 400 – 560

Weapon: Double-Barrel – Bull can’t see ten feet, but he doesn’t need to! His double barreled shotgun can blow off a barn door with ease.

Super: Bulldozer – Bull has always been headstrong. So he puts his head down and bulldozes through opponents and obstacles.

Star Power: Berserker – When Bull falls below 40% health, his reload speed doubles!


Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile.

Health: 2,800 – 3,920

Attack: 300 – 420

Weapon: Six-Shooters – Colt lets his long-range revolvers do his talking for him. He never seems to run out of lines.

Super: Bullet Train – Colt spins his chambers, rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything.

Star Power: Slick Boots – Colt gets slick new boots that put a spring in his step, increasing his movement speed!


This enigmatic creature just appeared in town one day. Nobody dares to ruffle his feathers – not anymore.

Health: 2,400 – 3,360

Attack: 280 – 392

Weapon: Knife Toss – Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by these blades will take damage over time.

Super: Swoop – Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing.

Star Power: Extra Toxic – Crow’s poison saps the strength of enemies, causing them to do 10% less damage while the poison is active.


Dynamike is a retired miner who misses the favorite part of his old job – blowing stuff up!

Health: 2,800 – 3,920

Attack: 760 – 1,064

Weapon: Short Fuse – Short-tempered Mike is always moments from blowing up, just like the two lit sticks of dynamite he tosses.

Super: Big Barrel o’ Boom – A big-bada-barrel of dynamite blows up just about everything. Enemies get knocked back on impact!

Star Power: Dyna-Jump – Dynamike can now use the concussive force of his attacks and Super to propel himself in the air, even over walls!

El Primo

El Primo was hit by a meteor from outer space, giving him superhuman strength and unrivaled charisma.

Health: 5,800 – 8,120

Attack: 360 – 504

Weapon: Fists of Fury – El Primo fires off a furious flurry of four fiery fists. That’s a spicy jalapeno knuckle sandwich!

Super: Flying Elbow Drop – Leaping high, El Primo drops an Intergalactic Elbow that pounds and pushes away anything he lands on!

Star Power: El Fuego – El Primo comes down like a comet! Enemies caught in his Super will burn for 600 damage over 4 seconds.


Junker Jessie is a hillbilly girl genius who fashions dangerous gun turrets from scrap.

Health: 3,200 – 4,480

Attack: 820 – 1,148

Weapon: Shock Rifle – Jessie’s own invention, the Shock Rifle, fires an energy orb that seeks out up to 3 targets before fizzling out.

Super: Scrappy! – Jessie cobbles together a gun turret out of random scrap. She’s a genius!

Star Power: Energize – Jessie modifies her Shock Rifle to recharge her turrets! Hitting a turret restores 800 of its missing health.


Mortis the undertaker puts people in coffins. Despite his spindly frame and apparent years, he moves with surprising speed.

Health: 3,800 – 5,320

Attack: 800 – 1,120

Weapon: Shovel Swing – Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel.

Super: Life Blood – Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!

Star Power: Creepy Harvest – Mortis can now see and reap the souls of defeated enemy Brawlers. Collecting a soul restores 1000 of his health.


Nita Littlefoot is the latest in a long line of Tribal shamans. Her spirit animal is the Big Baby Bear.

Health: 3,800 – 5,320

Attack: 740 – 1,036

Weapon: Rupture – Nita sends forth a shockwave, rupturing the ground and damaging enemies caught in the tremor.

Super: Overbearing – Nita calls the spirit of Big Baby Bear to manifest and maul her enemies.

Star Power: Bear With Me – Nita recovers 300 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear regains 300 health.

Tier Three Brawlers


Shotgun Shelly loves to run and gun! Her trusty boomstick makes sure no one gets in her way.

Health: 3,600 – 5,040

Attack: 300 – 420

Weapon: Buckshot – Shelly’s boomstick is always locked and loaded. You don’t want to be anywhere in front of this baby.

Super: Super Shell – Shelly’s Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way.

Star Power: Shell Shock – Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!


Bo the Eagle Hunter is the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known. His arrows are simply explosive!

Health: 3,600 – 5,040

Attack: 420 – 588

Weapon: Eagle-eyed – Bo releases a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.

Super: Catch a Fox – Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away!

Star Power: Circling Eagle – Bo gains the ability to spot enemies hidden in bushes from an uncanny distance. Shared with teammates!


Penny is a plundering pirate, who shoots a devastating broadside of gold coins at them scoundrels.

Health: 3,200 – 4,480

Attack: 840 – 1,176

Weapon: Plunderbuss – Shoots out a pouch of fool’s gold. If the pouch hits an enemy, it bursts and coins pepper targets behind the first enemy.

Super: Old Lobber – Penny sets up her cannon! It can shoot at enemies at a long range, even if they are behind cover.

Star Power: Last Blast – When Penny’s cannon is destroyed, it shoots out one last barrage of bombs each dealing 1680 damage.


Piper de la Prim is always the Belle of the Brawl. All class to begin with, she was also top of her class at sharpshooting.

Health: 2,400 – 3,360

Attack: 1,640 – 2,296

Weapon: Gunbrella – Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!

Super: Poppin’ – Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady’s favor though: three live grenades from her garter!

Star Power: Ambush – Like a viper, Piper sets up an ambush whenever she is hidden in a bush, dealing +400 damage (at max range).


After losing his fans to a rival band, Poco fills every waking moment trying to find the perfect riff to win it all back.

Health: 3,800 – 5,320

Attack: 660 – 924

Weapon: Power Chord – Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.

Super: Encore – Poco plays an uplifting melody that heals himself and any teammates within range. Encore!

Star Power: Da Capo! – When Power Chord hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 400 health.


Frank is a hard-hitting dude, and a real physical specimen. His super will shock and awe!

Health: 5,800 – 8,120

Attack: 1,200 – 1,680

Weapon: Hammer Hit – Frank takes a while to wind up his hammer blow, but the hit is so hard it sends a shockwave.

Super: Stunning Blow – Frank’s greatest hit sends a shockwave that destroys environment and stuns enemies for a while.

Star Power: Power Grab – Frank can see and steal the power of a defeated enemy Brawler, increasing his damage by 30% for 10 seconds!


A former Pool Bot made obsolete by a newer model, Ricochet is banking on his amazing angle-calculation skills to become a great Brawler.

Health: 2,400 – 3,360

Attack: 280 – 392

Weapon: Bouncy Bullets – Ricochet’s bullets bounce off everything except his opponents, and can hit them behind cover.

Super: Trick Shot – Ricochet fires a long burst of bullets that can pierce through enemies and bounce off walls.

Star Power: Super Bouncy – Ricochet’s bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +80 damage!

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