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Game Introduction – Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a free to play RPG from Gumi Inc, where it’s up to you summon different heroes and beasts to defy the fallen god Maxwell. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Tips and Strategies

Brave Frontier

Strike a good balance of team members: Your team is the most important part of your adventure. You can recruit up to five team members, but it’s a good idea to make sure you have reserve team members on hand. This ensures you won’t get too comfortable with who you have available and can tailor specific members to upcoming battles. Study elemental caverns and dungeons and ensure you find the best team configuration for each.

Gems and Zel make the world go ’round: You need Zel and Gems to keep playing, so maximize your net worth. You can log in to Brave Frontier via Facebook to continue earning gems and additional items, which can be used to summon new team members and allow for new fusions. There are plenty of smaller, additional challenges you can use to acquire Gems as well as Zel, so don’t minimize their importance!

Brave Frontier

Mo’ Zel, Mo’ problems: Zel is an important currency in Brave Frontier. You’ll want to pick up as much as you possibly can, so to maximize your chances of rolling in the riches, follow a few simple tips. Instead of fusing Jewel Units, sell them for the big bucks. Equip some items that boost your Zel drop rate for a period of time instead of those that augment damage or health — the Zelnite ring is a good start. Use your enemies as pincushions and hit them as many times as you can get away with before wiping the floor with them completely. Combine these strategies and you’ll be swimming in riches in no time.

Be smart about item usage:  Hold onto a specific amount of different items, as you never know what kind of status effects (like poison) you might run into. When your best healer is knocked out, you’re going to need to fall back on these items to get through tight spots. Poison, sickness, weakness, and injury are only a few of the status ailments that could befall your team, so always have the appropriate healing item at the ready.

Combo wisely: Brave Burst attacks are hard-earned, so preserve them until you reach especially difficult bosses or other challenging encounters. If you know you’re just about to reach a boss battle, save and then unleash to take a big chunk of damage out of your opponent’s health bar.

Brave Frontier

Go dungeon-diving: Explore the Vortex Gate dungeons as often as possible, and rack up those two-star units for an impressive arsenal. You’ll earn Metal Gods and other fusion units to implement along the way, but only use one or two for each teach member. You can sell the rest. Make sure you also make use of honor point summons to collect as many units as possible for evolving characters or leveling them up.

When the going gets tough, get healing: Never enter a dungeon without a dedicated healer. This goes for missions as well. While you could stick to items and cures, this will ultimately save you Zel and a lot of frustration in the long run.

Hack arena battles: You’ll undoubtedly eventually want to match up against other players via arena battles. What happens if you get matched up with someone you don’t want to face but want to retain Arena Orbs? Click the Back button, and then Enter when you enter the Arena initially. You’ll be able to back out if you weren’t ready.

Brave Frontier

Be fusion-friendly: When you fuse units that are the same type as the base unit, you’ll get a whopping 50% additional XP in return. Take a Water type and fuse with another Water type for a flashy bonus. Fusion fodder units aren’t limited, so pick and choose your fusions wisely, and you’ll find yourself coming out on top.

Keep your town updated: Return to town and make sure you keep going back often. Sell Jewel Ghosts and get Zel in return. Use Metal Ghosts to grind for XP. Take a look at the newspaper, and take part in the synthesis area to earn items you might need — like cures!

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