BRAAAINS Walkthrough

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Braaains is a Facebook game developed by Broken Bulb Studios. Be the head of a zombie army and exhume them at the graveyard, equip them with weapons, clothes and enhancers for them to fight against other zombie players. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Braaains by referring to this quick start guide.

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Braaains – Game Introduction

Braaains is a Facebook game developed by Broken Bulb Studios. Be the head of a zombie army and exhume them at the graveyard, equip them with weapons, clothes and enhancers for them to fight against other zombie players. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Braaains by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Know your Neighborhood

The objective? Fight and win! With the use of your zombie army, you need to prepare and know what you have and can use in your neighborhood. There are several buildings that will help you strategize.


This is where you recruit zombies to join your army. Go to the graveyard and exhume one to start. There are several personalities you can choose from but don’t bother yourself too much on what to pick unless one tickles your fancy.


They all cost the same and you can choose to buy with coins or brains. You can even change their name once you’ve purchased them. Take note that zombies will get expensive when you buy every time.


All of your zombies are stored (or live) here once they are exhumed. This is where you can equip, train and customize your zombies. All of their stats will also be shown here.

Weapon Shop
This is your arsenal to purchase items your zombies can use during fights. You can buy them with coins or brains. Picking the right weapon is key to winning fights and the stats for each item are seen here. Cost, speed and damage points are shown and an overall attack score will be the basis of your decision what to pick.

Clothing Shop
Need some armor? This shop will list available clothes which you can buy to help defend your zombies. Buying expensive clothes will be to your advantage since the defense points are higher.


Now who said you can’t gain some advantage over your rival zombies with some enhancers. To add more points to health, agility, and strength to your army, purchase a couple of enhancers in this shop.


Heal your zombies for a price. To keep on fighting, you need to restore their health.

Science Shop

Cook up some extra attack points by purchasing items in the science shop. Surprise your opponents with some sludge ball or acid rain before the fight begins. You do need to accumulate “zombonis” to be able to purchase here.

Mad Scientist

Ask help from the mad scientist to give you some coins to spend on your army. Here is where you can get more brains and even exchange some to coins.

Train your Zombies

Each zombie must be trained to prepare for battle. Go to the warehouse and pick one zombie. They start out as a private and work their way up to general.


To train them you need brains to spend for each skill point. At the earlier levels, it is recommended to focus on health to sustain each battle. As an example, shown on the image above, you have 10 brains to spend. You can spend most of them on health then equally distribute the rest to the three remaining skills. Each skill point will add a point to your overall skills score, which will increase your ranking.

Here’s another tip: Check what weapon your zombie has before spending for skill points. Say, if you have an item that has high damage points but slow speed, you can add more agility points.

Remember, depending on the number of zombies you have, try to spend some brains on each one so you don’t leave one taking the heat all the time during a battle.

Equip Zombies with the Right Weapons

Buying the right weapon to use before a fight is crucial to winning. Go to the weapon shop and check out the merchandise. Of course, earlier levels will only give you a few to choose from. Choose one that has the highest overall score, to be safe.


Picking the bat over the belt is better because its speed and damage points are higher. Once you reach higher levels, the rule that a more expensive item is better doesn’t mean it is. Look at your zombie’s skill points and decide whether you’d like to equip your zombie with a weapon with higher damage points then you compensate them with skill points.

Go back to the warehouse and click on a zombie to equip them with the newly bought weapon. Having a higher ranking zombie get the high valued weapon makes sense but you achieve a balance between your zombies, to make sure you still have more zombies left standing in a battle.


Scroll through the weapons available and click on equip. You can also put on some clothes, which acts as your zombie’s armor. It’s the same drill. Pick clothes that have high defense points and get that right balance across all zombies.

Pick your Battles

Clicking on the sheriff’s vehicle will bring you to the list of rival zombie armies around the world. When picking opponents, the basic rule is to pick one that is of the same level as you to level the battle field. You can, however, pick a lower level opponent.


Start off with zombie armies (enemies) first until your army is ready to take on a boss. Pick one that has less or the same number of zombies. Before you fight, click on the name and this will show you their current stats. Though it doesn’t show much in terms of skill points or what enhancers he has, pay attention to his zombie’s stats.


As shown above, a rival has 3 zombies, 1 is a lieutenant and the rest are privates. If your zombies are higher in ranking, then that is a consideration to fight against him. Scroll through the zombies and look at what weapons they have and check out their clothes. Go back to the shops if you need to and compare whether you have higher defense or damage points. If so, then you’re good to go and almost sure to win the battle.

Science is at your Side

Purchasing items from the science shop is recommended when you have enough “zombonis”. It gives a head start to damage your enemies even before the battle starts.


It’s recommended that you wait until you reach higher levels and receive more zombonis from friends so that you buy an item that will last longer. Buying the sludge balls is cheaper but it will only last an hour. You can purchase it in case you intend to play during the duration so it doesn’t go to waste.

Help Zombie Allies to Gain Rewards

Visiting your zombie allies by helping them out will let you gain experience points and coins. There are a few mini games (and are randomly picked) that you can play. From match up games to leading a zombie train, the number of points depends on how well you play.


Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Braaains. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.