Bowmasters Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Bowmasters is a fun physics-based shooter from Playgendary. With a plethora of different characters to duel and shoot at, there’s plenty going on here. Gamezebo’s Bowmasters tips, cheats and strategies will help you get to grips with things and show you the ideal way to gain more coins.

The Basics

Bowmasters Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Shooting is the main thing you’ll be doing here, and it takes some guesswork at first. The first shot is generally a tester shot. You can see where your opponent is but a lot of the time, you’re going to miss at first. I typically go with full power and a 12-15% angle depending on the distance I need to cover. Remember what settings you tried, then start moving them around. Did your shot go way too far past the opponent? Lower the angle a bit. Did it not reach them? Increase the angle. It’s a fairly straight forward process. In regular duels, it’s fine to keep power at 100%.
  • Different weapons mean different things to consider. Normal, straight projectiles such as flags, arrows, and javelins provide the most headshot damage. You have to be super accurate though, otherwise you’ll miss your target. Circular projectiles such as the tomahawk or chainsaw are heavier and slower. You’ll need to keep your power up and your angle quite high to pull off a good shot here. On the plus side, it’s much easier to hit your opponent as just a glancing blow will cause some damage.
  • Special weapons can be tricky. The magic card, for instance, can unleash a series of cards in the general area, all by tapping on the screen. They won’t cause as much damage as a javelin to the head, but it’s good for if you’re struggling to get a clean shot. These area-effect weapons are ideal for the bird hunting modes.

How to UnlockDifferent Modes

Bowmasters Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • At the start, you can only play against the CPU. Hone your skills here.
  • Win 7 times and you unlock Bird Hunt. Bird Hunt has you shooting down birds to gain coins. This is where those special attack characters come in handy, giving you area based weaponry. Keep an eye on what weapon is available to you each time you take a go, and plan accordingly.
  • Win 10 times and Apple Shooting unlocks. This made has you trying to shoot an apple off of someone’s head. Use straight projectiles for this, otherwise you’re doomed to fail.
  • Winning 15 times unlocks playing against a friend, while 20 times gives you the tournament mode which is a great way to earn some extra coins.

Keeping Those Coins

Bowmasters Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Coins are awarded for winning duels, performing headshots, and gaining a fatality reward. The latter is done through hitting your opponent when they’ve already run out of health. It’s a good way to gain some easy extra coins, especially as you should have a rough idea of what the right angle is by then.
  • The Bird Hunt mode is great for gaining even more coins. Work on hitting the timer power ups to gain more time, then try to hit as many birds as possible. The money racks up fast.
  • Never turn down a chance to watch a video. It’s dull, but invariably you’ll profit a lot from doing this. Usually either through coins or new characters.
  • If you run out of health in a duel, you can watch a video or use coins to get another chance. Never waste your coins here! Watch the video instead.

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