Bounty Quest Mystery Walkthrough

Bounty Quest Mystery – Introduction

Bounty Quest Mystery is a Facebook game developer by Nimbus Games whereby players solve daily Hidden Object Game and unlock geographical clues that lead the player to a weekly Cash Prize Contest.

This quick start strategy guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Bounty Quest Mystery, courtesy of Nimbus Games. Tip #1: The Bounty Quest begins each week on a Monday…

The HOSS (Hidden Object Search Screen)

A new HOSS becomes available to play every day. Hidden within the picture are many items and on the right of the screen is a list of the items you have to find. Clicking on the items in the picture will remove them from the list. Below the item list are three magnifying glasses, these are your hints. If you are stuck and can’t find an item on the list, simply click on one of the hints and the object will be reveal itself for you to click on. Once you have found all fifteen items, you will unlock a set of clues.

Daily Clues

Each day of the week (Monday through Friday) there are five clues that all have the same answer. The first one is free, the other four cost two Gold Pieces each to buy. The answers to the daily clues gradually progressively narrow down a geographical area to reveal a real physical address. There is only one clue on Saturday and the answer to this clue is the full physical address. Answering clues during the week will help the player ‘zero in’ on the final address on Saturday.

Here’s the breakdown of the clues:

  • Monday’s clues are for a US Region
  • Tuesday’s clues are for a US State (within the US Region from Monday’s clue)
  • Wednesday’s clues are for a City (within the State from Tuesday’s clue)
  • Thursday’s clues are for a Quest Object (more about that later)
  • Friday’s clues are for a neighborhood (within the City from Wednesday’s clue)
  • The answer to Saturday’s clue (there is only one) is for an actual physical address. This clue is time locked and unlocks at 9am Pacific. When you answer this clue correctly you will be eligible to enter the Weekly Cash prize Contest. (If you are over 18 years of age and a US resident).

Weekly Cash Prize Contest

Entering the Weekly Bounty Quest is easy. Type in the answer to Saturday’s clue and then click to verify. If your answer is correct you can enter the contest right there and then. This part of the game is simply a race. The first players to answer the clue correctly and enter the contest after 9am will be the winners. Nimbus Games is initially sharing out the prize money between first, second and third places.


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right? So there are no new HOSS to play or any clues to solve. If however, you need to play some more, there are all of the screens available from the contest from two weeks ago including the answers to that week’s clues and the winners. On Monday, an entire new contest takes place.

So what’s the Quest Object for?

Nimbus Games plans to include a physical element to the game in the near future and that is the introduction of a physical prize as well as an online entry prize. Yes that’s right, you or a member of your team can actually race to the location to win an even bigger cash prize. To add to the fun, in order to win, you will have to bring the Quest Object with you from Thursday’s clue.

Then on Monday, the whole thing begins again, an entire new contest takes place.

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