Boonka Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for Boonka.


  • The goal of Boonka is not horizontal removal, but vertical. As long at you remember that, you’ll get a good grip on the basic mechanics
  • Boonkas can be dragged in any direction, and don’t necessarily have to link with another in order for a move to be completed.
  • Initial links can only happen horizontally.  Only once an initial two-block link is formed can you start to build on it.
  • If when you drag a piece you start to make links that you’re not happy with, as long as you don’t let go of the mouse, those links aren’t finalized. Imminent links are shown as boxes before they happen, but all you have to do is re-trace your steps and you’ll be fine, undoing them as you go.
  • If you find that the Boonkas are stacking too high – particularly on the sides – you can grab one and flick it to the middle, lowering the stack and saving the game.
  • The lower and wider your links, the more of the playfield is removed. The best way to survive is to keep the playfield manageable, especially as the Boonkas start to fill in faster from the bottom.
  • If you can link 50% of the Boonkas on the playfield, the game will pause and tell you that you’ve achieved this feat, and give you a big bonus. It will encourage you to link 75% of the field. Do that, and it’s worth BIG points.
  • To lift, all it takes is a pair of pixies, and they’ll take off like a rocket, lifting any linked Boonkas like a tray as well as any loose Boonkas sitting on top of them.

Example 1: Lift with no linked boonkas

The lift before (top) and after (bottom)

Example 2: Lift with a row of linked boonkas, which in this case forms a wider tray to lift more boonkas.

The lift with tray before (top) and after (bottom)

  • Remember, as long as one square of a link is supporting a square of another, it will be lifted when the pixies take off. An adjoining, separate link won’t lift leaving it and all the Boonkas above it behind.
  • Obviously, the lower down you can build a Krosh, the more you’ll wipe away. If you’re stuck waiting for another pixie to arrive, start making links above the Krosh for bonus points.
  • You can also achieve the same effect as a Krosh by making smaller links but ensure each one is supported by one block of a neighboring link. This is where Linkas can come in very handy.
  • You can’t drag any Boonka through a completed link. Since pixies are important for lifting and clearing, be very mindful of where they are sitting in the playfield. Try to keep them as low on the playfield as possible.
  • If a pixie does can get stuck, not all is lost. You can “orphan” a pixie by boxing it completely inside links (or links and boxing it into the wall). If you do, you’ll get a big bonus, and a rainbow will spread over the surrounding linked Boonkas.

trapped pixie

  • The more points you earn, the faster the Grow Meter fills on the right side.  But if you get too greedy with points, you’ll not survive. Often, it’s just best to keep the field until control and win by attrition than going for that huge score.
  • As you fill the Grow Meter, you’ll earn a Sprout every time the meter passes a star. One Boonka will start to sprout grass around it. If you can, this is a good Boonka to make a long chain with, as it is worth extra points.
  • Occasionally, a Boonka will sprout wings. If it can be lifted immediately (i.e. by clicking down once, performing only one move) it’s worth 10,000 points – a very nice bonus. If you can’t, just link it immediately for a cool quick 2,500. Be careful though; if you start your move then let go of the mouse, the wings disappear, and you earn nothing.
  • If you make a lift and you’re left with a cliff on one side that is five Boonkas or higher, you get a Tower Maker. When you do, one of the Boonkas turns into an Icie, which you can either try to match up, or more helpfully, double-click to freeze all the surrounding Boonkas into a giant block of ice. While they can’t be moved, they are easily lifted out as one big chunk.
  • During the Tower (boss) levels, the Skours only start appearing when you allow your stacks to go too high and storm clouds appear. It is possible to complete a Tower without encountering a Skour at all.
  • If you do get a Skour, get rid of it ASAP. They do reduce your score, but some of those little buggers can really hamper your ability to move or are immovable obstacles, so lift them as quickly as you can.
  • Most of all, relax. Because the clearing happens vertically, it is very hard at first to get comfortable with this new mechanic. If you concentrate on making wider lifts or Croshkas at first, you’ll find that you give yourself more room to play around, and discover which method of clearing and racking up points works best for you.
  • If you want to truly master the game, practice in Beanstalk mode, because you can’t lose!


  • You can build extra large,two-by-two blocks, or create a stair-like shape, called a Linka. This allows the chain to grow longer, and will ultimately help you lift more Boonkas off the playfield.

Krosh / Croshka

  • The best form you can make to achieve maximum lift is called a Krosh. It is a long link that goes all the way across the playfield. At that point, every single Boonka above it will be guaranteed to lift (called a Croshka).

Super Croshka

  • Lifting a whole lot of Boonkas with a Krushka turns it into a Super Croshka! You’ll see all the Boonkas that are about to be shot into deep space covered in stars, followed by a satisfying thunderclap, an empty board, and a ton of licks as your score goes up by a ton!


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