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Game Introduction – Boom Beach

Boom Beach is an action strategy game from Supercell. Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with some tips and hints to brave the skies and last as long as possible in this punishing arcade experience.

Tips and Strategies

  • Collect the coins at every possible turn from your buildings. Every few minutes, your money generating buildings will be ready to be collected from. If you don’t collect from them, they will not generate any extra money.

Boom Beach

  • Upgrade your buildings. When you decide to upgrade your buildings, they will become more durable, hold more resources, gain experience points, and increase the production rate.
  • Use diamonds to speed up the process of upgrading, but keep in mind that these cost money to acquire. You can also acquire them by completing achievements.
  • Explore new areas. When you are in the overhead map screen, there are areas of it that are covered in clouds. Tap on the clouds, and you can spend coins to reveal what is hidden behind them.

Boom Beach

  • Reinforce your ships. Once you have attacked a foe and lost some troops, you will be able to reinforce the ships so that they are more protected for the next battle.
  • Capture as many villages as you can. When you send out troops out to the various villages and conquer them, they will then earn money for you regularly. Once captured, you can tap on the villages you have captured to see at which intervals you will collect money from them.
  • It would also be a good idea to build a Vault in your base. Resources put into the Vault will be protected from theft by your online opponents. Only 25% of the resources stored outside of the Vault will be protected.
  • Build defenses around your base. To make sure your base is protected from other players around the world, you’ll need to build defenses so that they will not be able to conquer your village with ease. You can place mines, mortars, etc. around your base so it’s protected even when you’re not around.

Boom Beach

  • Scout the enemy bases before attacking. When you are ready to attack an enemy base, you are given the option to “Scout” the base before attacking. Doing this is a great advantage because you will be able to see what kind of enemy army you are dealing with.
  • Selectively place your troops. When you are attacking a rival village, you can pick and choose when and where you place your troops on the beach. Come up with a plan of attack, and then execute it by selectively placing down troops as necessary. You don’t want to waste all of your troops in one go if you had the opportunity to become the victor if you had planned it out better.

Boom Beach

  • Check your achievements. The achievement list in the game provides you with general goals you can complete. When you complete an achievement, you’ll need to come back to the list and claim your reward. The rewards come in the form of Diamonds, which are extremely valuable in the game.
  • Retreat when necessary. If you feel you do not have the upper hand and believe you have little chance to succeed in a battle, you can choose to Retreat. When you retreat, you will retain the troops that are still living, and you can then try your attack again perhaps with a different strategy.
  • Have a variety of troops at your disposal. When you are able to recruit new troops for your gunships, you’ll want to pick from a variety of troops so you have the most versatile army you can have. Some types of troops are better for knocking down buildings and obstacles while other troops might be better at direct combat with enemy troops.
  • Check the map for special chests. Occasionally on the map screen, you will see treasure chests. When you tap on any of the chests, you will find special items such as currency and resources you can use to expand your army or build your base.
  • Use your boosts in battle. When you are invading an enemy base, you will have special boosts available to you that you can use in battle that can give you an extra advantage.
  • Upgrade your headquarters as often as possible. Having an upgraded headquarters allows you to unlock more items you can build in your base. This can be a costly maneuver so make sure you don’t undercut your army before doing this.
  • Head for the headquarters. When in battle, head for the headquarters of the enemy base. Taking out the headquarters will win any battle you are in, so you should try and head for it immediately upon attacking the base.


  • You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Boom Beach. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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