Book of Legends Tips Walkthrough

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Book of Legends Tips

Check out our tips and tricks for Book of Legends.


  • Click on any item in the list to see its silhouette on your PDA.
  • After you’ve made enough money to travel, you can still stay in your current location and keep doing jobs until all your clients are satisfied.
  • I found it easier to wait until you had found all the clues in an area before starting the jobs. You can click around and have your pick of jobs and choose the ones that will get you bolthe most money.


Potomac River

  • The game shows you where the funnel is. The firs gas can is to the right of the boat seat with the basketball on it. The second gas can is on the far boat, on the right side in front of the two white barrels.
  • Click on the funnel in your inventory, then on the gas tank as the game prompts. Then, click on each gas tank and click onto the funnel to fill the tank.
  • Click on the panel labelled “Start” in front of the steering wheel to start the boat.
  • Click on the paper, scissors and market.
  • Click the throttle to the left to move the boat forward until the piece of transparent paper lines up with the real tower on shore.
  • Take the binoculars and click on the tower on shore.

Oval Office

  • Click on the large portrait of George Washington.

Find three missing parts of the table and put them back in the right spots.

  • Click and drag the octagons into the spaces in front of the desk, left to right. A panel will open revealing a key. Take the key, and click it onto the safe to open it. Click on the object inside the safe to take the $5 bill.

Lincoln Memorial
Find a way to block the view of the onlookers.

  • Press the orange button

Find the Mason symbol

  • Click on the large Freemason symbol etched into the stone pedestal under Lincoln’s foot

Gather cleaning supplies

  • Click the orange button again to remove the privacy curtain

Washington Memorial
Find water which fights the fire.

  • Click on the red fire hydrant partially obscured by the bushes.

Find a way to access the fire hydrant.

  • Click on the hedge clippers on the right side of the screen. With the clippers selected, click on the bushes covering the hydrant three times to uncover it.

Find something to remove the fallen branches

  • Click on the rake on the left hand side of the screen, then click on the hydrant. Click on the hydrant again to receive a key.

Find where the key fits.

  • Click the key on the lock on the drain to open it.

Capitol Building
Shine five lights on the place of verdict.

  • Click on the five lamps in the scene to turn them all on.

Find the judge’s tools and use them in the right spot.

  • Find the soundblock (circled in red) and place it onto the podium (circled in yellow), then find the gavel (circled in red, lower left of the screen) and click it on the soundblock three times.)
  • Take the scroll from the secret compartment that opens.

Library of Congress

Examine the library for something odd.

  • Click on figurine, then click on the fragment that turns up when you click it.

Find the rest of the plaque and something to re-join them.

Find out how to use the Baphomet plaquete.

  • Click the plaquete onto the Baphomet figurine
  • To listen to the riddle, click both light controls on by clicking on the green On button inside each monitor on each side of the screen.
  • Click on the book that falls onto the podium.


Oval Office – Kurt – Find missing items – $200

Oval Office – Kurt – Find from a list – $200

  • Find eight pieces of evidence that thegovernment is hiding UFOs. Find 8 photos with Aliens in the Oval office.

Lincoln’s Memorial – Willy Green – Find from a list – $230

  • Find all the items that the tour group left behind in Lincoln’s Memorial and put them in the garbage can.

Washington Memorial – Kurt – $230 – Find from a list
Find missing objects from visitors of the Washington Memorial.

Capitol Building – Kurt – Put it Back

  • See screenshot. The folder isn’t visible until you put the briefcase back. It goes on the couch next to the briefcase.

Library of Congress -Willy Green – $210 – Find from a list
Print the list of items from the laptop

  • 1. Click on the laptop.
  • 2. Click on the paper in the lower right corner.
  • 3. Drag the paper over to the printer.
  • 4. Click on the green PRINT button on the laptop screen.

Capitol Building – Mr. Sneaky – $250 – Find same

  • Find six pages of the documentation (red)
  • Find stapler and staples (yellow)
  • Put the document on the podium (blue)

Kurt – $190 – Find from a list

Washington Memorial – Kurt – $230 – Find from a list

Washington Memorial – Willy Green – $230 – Clean and fix

Prague Orloj
Find all Masons symbols.

  • Set the Orloj (clock) to the right time.
  • Click on the brown clock hand (yellow circle) until it moves over to the “7”
  • Click on the secret compartment that opens up (blue circle)

Saint Vitus
Find the incorrectly capitalized letters from the riddle.

Find out whereto use the letters.

  • Click on the red carpet.
  • Follow the instructions to click on BAPHOMET in order.

Charles Bridge
Repair the broken telescope

  • Collect the four telescope pieces (red circles) and drag them onto the broken telescope (yellow circle)

Collect 10 coins for the telescope

  • Collect the 10 coins as shown, and drag them onto the telescope. When finished, click the telescope again to look at the bridge.

Golden Lane
Find all the parts of a golden mask.

National Museum
Unlock the Pharaoh mask and find out what’s inside (find the keys)

  • Find the seven keys and click them on the pharaoh mask. The mask will open. Click on the object behind it.


Saint Vitus – Kurt – Find from the list – $150

Saint Vitus – Will Green – Find the same – $140
Find 10 silver coins.

Charles Bridge – Mr. Sneaky – Find same – $130
Find 7 books

Prague Orloj – Find front the list – $130
There are two screens of items to find.

Prague Orloj – Miss Barnaby – Find from a list – $150
Find stars
Find a way to reach the stars which are too high

  • Click on the controller (red circle) to learn that the green button is missing.
  • Click on the green button (yellow circle) and drag it over to the controller.

  • Find 10 stars

National Museum – Miss Barnaby – Take photos – $130

National Museum – Willy Green – Put it back – $200

Golden Lane – Kurt – Find from a list – $120

Golden Lane – Willy Green – Clean and fix – $140
Find a rag (Red circle)

Arc of Triumph

Cool off the lights

  • Click on the electrical control box (red circle, lower left screen) to learn that it’s locked.
  • Click on lever and square bar (yellow circles), then click the contraption onto the tool bx ox to open it. Click on the toolbox again to turn off the lights.
  • Click the four red bulbs (light blue circles) and click them onto the four lamps (purple circles) to turn them all red.
  • When you’ve finished, click on the control box again to turn the lights back on.

Louvre Gardens
Examine the fountain for a service valve

  • Click on the red box in the lower right part of the screen (red circle). You’ll need to find a key.
  • Click on the keys (yellow circle) and use them on the red box.

Fix the Valve with the missing parts

  • Click on the three missing parts (red circles) and click them onto the valve to repair it.

Check the inside of the fountain

  • After the fountain drains, click on the Virgin Mary statue.

Notre Dame

Find a way to let the sun shine in

  • Click on the knife, then click on the hanging sheet.

Find out what’s under the tile

  • Click on the pickaxe, then on the tile. Click on the tile area again to examine what’s in the hole.

The Pantheon
Find something to paint on.
Find items to apply to the pendulum.

  • Find the three items (yellow circle) and click them onto the swinging pendulum (blue circle)

Find the symbol

  • Click on the symbol, then click in the compartment it reveals.

Eiffel Tower
Look for missing suns.

  • Click on the five suns (red circles) and drag them into the archway (yellow circle).

  • Investigate the niche that opens (red circle)
  • Then find the three saints (yellow)


Eiffel Tower – Mr. Sneaky – $120 Find from the list

Eiffel Tower – Nick – $100 Find same

Louvre Gardens – Mrs. Barnaby – $100 Take photos

Notre Dame – Kurt – $100 Find from the list
Photograph 9 statues.

Louvre – Kurt – $90 – Find from the list

The Pantheon – Mrs. Barnaby – $90 – Take photos
Take photos of 10 roses

The Pantheon – Kurt – $110 – Put it back

Notre Dame – Bishop – $90 – Take photos
Find 10 symbols of a rose.

Arc of Triumph – Mrs. Barnaby – $80 – Find same


Rio della Verona
Find all Mason symbols.

  • Find items that will help you reach the lever.

Collect the 3 items, the click on the lever (yellow).

Bell Tower
Find Leo, Cancer and Scorpio

  • Find three Saints (yellow) and place them on the right Zodiac signs (red)
  • The secret opening in the middle of the Zodiac circle will open to reveal a key. Take it.
  • Use the key to open the right spot.

  • Use the key to open the cage door (red)
  • Find a crank and put it where it belongs (yellow)
  • Find out what the bell initiated (green)

Venice Library
Find all Masons symbols and symbols of Roses and Suns

Push the numbers corresponding with the Roses, Masons and Suns.

Venice Catacombs
Find a torch and put it in the hole on the wall.

  • Click on the matches and click them on the torch to light it.

Find four rings.

  • Once the rings are in your inventory, click on the four chains on the wall to attach the rings.
  • Click the rings in the following order: Diamond, circle, triangle, square.

Basilica San Marco

  • Find the missing parts of the saints. Then, when you’ve found all three items, you’ll have to put them back in its right place. Look at the screenshot, where we’ve shown you where each item is and where to put it back.
  • Note: you first have to collect the three items, then select each one individually by clicking on it in the inventory, then placing it back into the scene.

  • Find four keys and put them in the lock.
  • Click on the panel again.

Basilica San Marco – Mrs. Barnaby – $260 – take photos
Take 10 photos of comets.

Basilica San Marco – Kurt – $250 – Find from a list

Venice Catacombs – Mr. Chafer  -$250 – Find same
Find 5 bugs.

Bell Tower – Mr. Chafer – $250 – Take Photographs
Take a photo of 5 birds.

Rio della Veronica – Mrs. Barnaby – $240 – Find same
Find 10 Venetian masks.

Venice Library – Mr. Sneaky – Find from the list  $240

Rio della Veronica – Kurt – $260 – Find from the list

Bell Tower – Kurt – $240 – Find from the list

Venice Catacombs – Kurt – $230 – Find from the list

Venice Library – Mr. Sneaky – $220 – Find same

  • Click the copy machine (red circle) to learn that it’s not working.
  • Click on the extension cord and printer paper (yellow) and drag them onto the printer

  • Find all eight maps
  • Drag the finished map onto the photocopier.


Dragon Pavilion
Find the parts of the second dragon.

  • Put the pieces in their original place (red)
  • Examine the rock opening (yellow)

Empress Rooms

Find the teapot and put it on the warmer.

Find five tea leaves and a spoon and put them in the teapot.

  • Click on the teacup on the right side of the screen, then click on the teapot to collect the tealeaves. Finally, click the full tea cup onto the guardian statue on the left.
  • When the cabinet below the guardian opens, take the white flower inside.

White Lotus Social
Hit the practice dummy with all seven weapons.

  • Pick up each weapon (red) and click on the practice dummy in the center of the room (yellow).
  • As you hit the dummy, it will gradually rise up until a small compartment is revealed underneath. Click the blue object inside the compartment.

Emperor’s Hall
Assemble a long lighting pole for lighting the lampions.

  • Click on the pole, yarn and candle holder to assemble the lighting pole. Click the lighting pole on the steaming pot to light it, then click each of the five yellow lamps across the top of the screen to light them.
  • Finally, click on the carpet (green) and click it on the center wall.

Dragon Pavilion – Kurt – $550 – Find from the list

White Lotus School – Mr. Sneaky – $550 – Find from the list

Emperor’s Hall – Kurt – $540 – Find from the list

Empress Rooms – Mr. Sneaky – $510 – Find from the list

Tower of London

  • Find an extension cord and plug it in (red)
  • Examine the display case (yellow)
  • Find the lightbulb and put it into the display ase (green)
  • Finally, turn on the light to the display case (blue)

  • Find the throne components and put them back where they belong, then take the crown from the compartment that opens in the bottom of the throne.

Westminster Abbey

  • Find the stained glass window pieces (red)
  • Find a solder and blow torch (yellow)

  • Click on the hole in the window to fit the stained glass piece (red)
  • Then, click on the projection on the floor.

Find four quills

Buckingham Palace

  • Click on the candle and then click on the candle-holder (red)
  • Click on the match-book, then click on the candle in the holder to light it.

  • Examine the mirror on the far wall. Click on all the mirrors. Click on the pedestal. Click on the secret compartment on the wall.

Under Big Ben

  • Find four torches
  • Place the torches in the torch holder.
  • Find the key that fits the keyhole and click it on the center of the floor (blue)

  • Find the documents from last Mason’s speech (red)
  • Make charcoal using coal and iron file (yellow)

Tower of London – Mrs. Barnaby – $250 – Find photos

Buckingham Palace – Mr. Sneaky – $230 – Find from the list

Under Big Ben – Mr. Sneaky  – $220 – Find from the list

Under Big Ben – Mrs. Barnaby – $260 – Find same

Westminster Abbey – Bishop – $240 – Clean and fix

  • Fill the three censers with frankincense from the six boxes
  • Frankincense (red); Censers (yellow)
  • Finally, click on the matchbox (green), then on each of the three censers to light them on fire

Westminster Abbey – Mrs. Barnaby – $250 – take photos

Buckingham Palace – Bishop – $230 – take photos

Smithsonian Museum

Find the wisest of Greeks.

  • Click on the statue of Athena (red)
  • Click on the keypad below. You have to enter a keycode.
  • Click on the security guard’s jacket (yellow) to receive a code scratched onto a piece of paper. Enter the numbers into the keypad, then hit ENTER. My numbers were 846715.
  • Return Athena’s armor, shield, spear and head (green).

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