Bola Walkthrough

Bola – Game Introduction

Bola is a Facebook game developed by Three Melons that lets players manage a soccer team by training its members, joining tournaments, signing deals with sponsors, customizing its own stadium and challenge friends and other players in the world while making a profit. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Bola.

Bola Interface

You’ve inherited a soccer team from your grandfather and it’s time to take the reins. To familiarize you with the game’s interface, below is a screenshot for your reference.

At the top of the screen, you’ll find your team’s logo and name, how much you have in Bollars, MelonCash, number of fans and what level you at.


Bollars are rewarded when you join tournaments or play against another team through ticket sales, sponsorship payments or simply winning the match. This is used to purchase upgrades and decorative items. MelonCash is the premium currency used to buy high end items.

The number of fans is considered as experience points. As you progress, certain activities will reward you more fans. Mousing over the bar will show the number of fans you need to have to move to the next level.

At the bottom, the Play icon is where you can choose from 3 modes: Social matches, Tournaments and Practice.


A social match is when you’d like to challenge a friend and you both play (not real time) to win. Playing in a tournament gives you more rewards and fans and some have requirements before you can play against another team. In practice mode, you play against your own team members and get the lowest rewards. This is recommended if you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with the controls.

Lastly, the gift icon is used to send gifts to friends.

Your Team’s Identity

Creating a brand for your team is important. In Bola, you can pick your team’s name and customize your team’s logo. Clicking on the Administration building will let you change your team’s identity.


By default, the window will take you to the team identity screen. You can now change your team’s logo by changing its colors. The 1st color will change the left side, the 2nd one will change the right and lastly the 3rd will change the star’s color.

Here’s a tip: Look at your neighbor’s logos first then change the colors to make it unique.

Manage the Team at HQ

Your headquarters is found beside the billboard. This is where you will find your team and player stats, hire a coach and change your formation.

You can click on each player and find out their individual stats which will be useful in your overall strategy to win matches. Looking at the image below, Juan Pablo Garcia’s stats appear at the top. The boxes on the right side of the graph show any upgrades you may have purchased to increase his points. In this case, points have been added on all attributes which will last approximately 45 hours.


You can switch players from this screen. Take note that some players are not meant to be placed as forwards or goalies. An exclamation mark will appear if you try to put a goalie, whose attributes are different from a forward, within that spot.

Hiring a coach will give you a chance to pick from different formations. More coaches will be available once you’ve reached the required level.

Join a Tournament

There are 5 available tournaments to choose from and each has certain requirements before you can join. In the screenshot below, to join the Port tournament (easy level), you need to have 15,000 bollars, 200 fans and you’ve won the Welcome tournament.


The amount of bollars and fans you gain after the match depends on the trophy you receive. You can win either the bronze, silver or gold trophy. You need to reach the goal stated on the trophy to win it. In this case, winning the tournament will reward you a bronze trophy and you’ll be declared as the champion of the match.

Take note that after every match, you will need to wait for a few minutes (a timer will appear) until you play the next one.

How to Play a Match

Once you start a new game (tournament or social match), you’ll see each team’s stats, how much you’ll earn, the attendance rating and your stadium’s current seat capacity. You can also change each team’s uniforms before it starts.


The objective of the game is to score as many goals within the match. You have two half times to win it. Each is about 45 seconds long. You have control over each player in the team and below are the game controls to move each one through the field.


Move your players in the field to score a goal. You can control most players except the goalie. The miniature field at the bottom also serves as a guide when playing and your opponents are represented with red dots. A player’s upgrade will also appear in the small boxes just above their name.


Sponsor Benefits

Signing a team with a sponsor is highly recommended. It’s a way to earn more bollars during the contract period to help you train your players by purchasing upgrades and expand your stadium to earn more in ticket sales.

You can choose a sponsor within the administration building. In the example below, Social City has been chosen as a sponsor. All contracts expire after 8 days and your team is rewarded 10,000 bollars daily. Remember you’ll be rewarded only when you play the game.


An extra 1,000 bollars is rewarded when you finish a game.

Upgrade Players

It’s important to continuously train your players to win more matches. You can increase their attributes by purchasing upgrades at the Gym. Each upgrade will affect one player at a time. Take note that some have a time limit and are expensive. Earn more bollars first by playing games or get a sponsor deal before purchasing them.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for Bola. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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