Blossom Blast Saga Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Blossom Blast Saga is a new match-3 game from King. In the game players must bloom various types of flowers, collecting points when the flowers fully bloom and burst apart. The catch is that when a flower blooms, it triggers the flowers next to them to grow a little more as well. Because of the close proximity to one another, it’s common for one flower blooming to trigger half a dozen other flowers to bloom as well, clearing out vast swathes of the game board in one flowery swoop.

Even though you’ll be up to your knees in flower petals by the end of each round, Blossom Blast Saga gives players plenty of challenges to overcome. Our Blossom Blast Saga tips, cheats, and strategies are here to help new players get to blooming their scores right on up the charts.

Give Them Some Space

Blossom Blast Saga Tips Cheats Strategies

Always remember: in Blossom Blast Saga, a long strand of little buds is better than a small group of almost-blooming buds. If your strand is long enough, regardless of the maturity of the bud, your strand will shake. When it is shaking, this indicates that you’re about to form a mega bloom which will blossom and clear out quite a bit of space for more buds to fall into and fill up.

The scores you get from the mega blooms are crucial towards attaining 3-star score levels, so always keep in mind that if you see enough of the same color together, link them for some fast and easy mega points.

Water for Winners

Blossom Blast Saga Tips Cheats Strategies

In the upper-left of the user-interface is a water bucket that counts down the remaining amount of turns you have. While it may be tempting to hold off on finishing a level to burn your remaining turns down for a few extra points, finishing the level asap is highly preferred. When you complete a level, the remaining turns are splashed down out of the bucket and trigger the flowers they land on to immediately bloom. This will clear out way more flowers than you would have with your remaining turns, which means more points than you could have hoped to acquire on your own.

Bring Them Home

Blossom Blast Saga Tips Cheats Strategies

When you are tasked with blooming a certain amount of buds next to the countdown buds, an easy way to complete this is to just drag two or more similarly colored buds into the countdown bud to instantly reduced the countdown by the number of buds dragged into it. No blooming required.

In the above example you’ll see that the countdown is at 4, and by dragging those two purple buds into it, the countdown will be reduced to 2.

Aim For The Middle

Blossom Blast Saga Tips Cheats Strategies

Because of the nature of how the blossom mechanics work, you should always try to end your flower chain in the most central location possible. This will result in the maximum amount of buds being affected by your blooming flower. The more flowers affected, the higher chance that your score will benefit from it. Simple as that.

Unleash Your Inner-Link

Blossom Blast Saga Tips Cheats Strategies

There are some levels in Blossom Blast Saga that feature pots. These pots can be shattered and removed by blooming flowers beside them. When you remove a pot from its position, the buds will fall through to the bottom below, as if the pots were holding them up.

It’s a weird mechanic, but knowing that going into each game can be used to your advantage, as you’ll know just which pots to clear out to be the most efficient with your remaining turns.

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