Blocky Highway Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Blocky Highway is an endless driving game from Dogbyte Games. In this game, you zip down the highway in cool block-style cars and score points by avoiding traffic and wrecking other drivers (when appropriate). Gamezebo’s Blocky Highway tips, cheats and strategies will help you become a true-blue road warrior (that drives a schoolbus).

Keep an eye out for green arrows


As you scoot along in Blocky Highway, you may notice green arrows appearing on the road from time to time. Follow these beacons, as they’ll direct you onto the back of a trailer, or under a flying helicopter. From there, you can ride in style. Nothing will be able to hurt you, and you can collect coins.

Also note: When a helicopter or truck drops you off, your car flashes for a few seconds. You’re invincible during these moments, so take the time to bash some fools off the road.

When you’re on the back of a trailer, you can hit cars with impunity


When a truck slams into a car, the truck tends to come out on the winning end of the confrontation. That’s true for Blocky Highway, too. When you’re on the back of a truck, you can steer into other cars without consequence. In fact, you should, as doing so can help you achieve mission goals.

Honking the horn can get people to move over — but use it carefully


Leaning on the horn in Blocky Highway is fun, but it also serves a purpose. When you blast it, nearby cars may move over (after signaling their lane change — how nice!)

Honking is a good way to get slowpokes out of your hair, especially if you’re playing on hard mode and traffic is going in both directions. That said, drivers take a long time to change lanes, and you never really know which direction they’re going to choose. You could easily end up ramming into them. Be careful.

Watch for exclamation marks above your car


When you get near train tracks, you might see exclamation marks flash above your car. This means there’s a train coming, and you should take precautions. Namely, prepare to jump on the red ramp placed in front of each track. It’ll spring you over oncoming trains.

Black cars can’t hurt you


If a car is black and “charred,” it’s already been damaged and it can’t hurt you. Feel free to “nudge” them out of the way.

Use Crash Mode’s final hurrah to beef up your score


When you wreck your ride, you enter “crash mode” and everything slows down. Use this opportunity to steer left and right and take down other drivers in your vicinity. Doing so earns you points, which can be the push you need to break a previous record.

For extra fun, try bouncing off the roofs of cars in a Mario-style chain. You’ll score a pretty significant amount of points if you manage to keep it up for a bit.

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